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Whether you're here for some quick makeup tips on an application technique or here to get the complete, 'step-by-step' guide to a makeup style you love, this site is designed to be a great beauty resource to you.

  • organized and thorough explorations of most topics of makeup
  • detailed steps
  • diagrams and illustrations
  • photos
  • best product suggestions
  • professional makeup tips and tricks

Having a really good handle on the basic techniques is not only the key to great looking makeup applications, but very helpful to learning advanced techniques, keeping up with beauty trends and developing your own 'one of a kind' beauty style.

Work with the time you have, learn what you can and start taking those big steps forward, towards the beauty style you've always wanted.

Just remember the old saying

'Rome wasn't built in a day...'.

With every step you take, your beauty style will continue to grow. Something beautiful is on your horizon.

Part II - Philosophy Behind The Writing.

My makeup philosophy 'in a nutshell'? Makeup should be three things; fun, expressive, and true to who you to how much synergy your style choices have with you and who you are.

After working as a professional model with exposure to many talented individuals in the art of makeup, hair, fashion, photography, AND years of sharing beauty advice, I have come to realize something really important;

the most powerful beauty in real life, comes from the presence of it's authenticity in the individual.

Wearing makeup is not about the pursuit of perfect beauty.  There is no perfect beauty.  If you are chasing perfect beauty, you are chasing an illusion.


Makeup should be fun.  Somewhere a long the way we got off track, and stopped seeing fashion magazine ads and editorials as artistic sources of style inspiration.  Instead, they became a beauty standard. The problem with using those resources as a standard is, the beauty you are trying to measure up to, is unattainable.

Ask any model, makeup artist or photographer.  Each image you see is the product of a 'fleeting moment', of right light, right angle of the face, right makeup, right graphics, right props... the list of "rights" goes on.


Whatever you wear, including makeup, it should reflect  your own personal, creative expression. Expressing yourself just simply feels great and provides a big boost to your confidence.

True To You

Makeup design and application skill are important and need to be good, but they are secondary to how much synergy your style choices have with you and who you are.

This site is here to not only help you build your beauty skills with makeup tips etc., but also, to build a beauty style that actually works for you. It's for natural beauties and divas alike.  Inspiration is everywhere.  Bring your ideas, I will be here to help.


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June 2016

Wishing you all a wonderful summer! I have been amazed at the great response to this website's new look and I would like to let all of you know how much I appreciate your support:)

I want you to relax when you visit, so enjoy this west coast beach sunset as you soak up the beauty info. Grab some quick makeup tips or give your look a complete overhaul.

Something beautiful is on your horizon.



Yasmin, Editor

P.S. Visit my Facebook or Twitter pages. I'd love to hear from you.

P.S. The mystery girl strolling the beach? My sister Sarah, who has been my "go to" model over the years. Thanks Sis!

JUNE 2016


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    Key Beauty Measure Any Time Of Year.

    Give yourself a refresher on great skin care.

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