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I have been fascinated with the art of makeup since I was about fifteen years old.  I would obsessively pour over my Vogue, Seventeen and Elle magazines studying faces, examining the colors and designs, and practice replicating the looks on myself.

Besides just loving the creative, artistic nature of this hobby, I was also a 'late bloomer'. I think this creative outlet helped me handle where I was at with a little more patience and HOPE.

When puberty finally arrived, and I finally got to enjoy high school from a different vantage point (about six inches higher:).

Modeling at nineteen.

When I graduated form high school, I headed off to university with plans in the business world. That career path was not a great fit for me and instead of struggling through more accounting, I opted to take a modeling opportunity that would allow me to work and travel overseas.

Important Take Away

With this opportunity and a daily view 'behind the scenes' of the fashion world, came an important insight. Perfect beauty, at least the kind that you see in a photograph, is an illusion. Those beautiful fashion magazine editorials with, what appear to be, almost super human models, are artistic endeavors designed to inspire you.

Even I don't wake up looking like Cindy Crawford.
- Cindy Crawford -

Exposure To Talented Artists

During those modeling years I also had the privilege of direct exposure to very talented professional makeup artists and stylists.

What did I learn over the hundreds of hours sitting in makeup chairs? A wealth of information about the art of makeup, beauty and style.

Back To University

Life as a model is usually a short one, and I did return to university. Ultimately I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree with major areas of study in Fine Art, Physical Education and Biology. I also have a Bachelor of Education.

A few of my photo mementos from those days...

portfolio momento 1 portfolio momento 2 portfolio momento 1 portfolio momento 1
Photo: Blair Cruise Photo: Pierre Lavigne Photo: Serge Barbeau Photo: Manon Boyer

Teaching 'Beauty'

Funny how our lives play out sometimes. As much planning as we do, we can still end up in a great situation that is completely random. After I had my first child, I found myself at home trying to figure out how I could make a 'work life'  work around my little boy (and ideally, happen from home).  The Internet at that time, was growing in leaps and bounds as a great information tool, and around that same time a great website business concept came to my attention;

Write about what you know, what you have a passion for and can offer a lot of knowledge and experience in.

From my early teens years to present time, I have been a popular beauty resource to family and friends.  Giving people a beauty "boost" has returned a lot of happy smiles, and personally, great reward and satisfaction. Sharing and teaching (and developing a web business), seemed like a great fit for me. I have been at it now for ten years:-)

All my best!

Beauty Editor, Smart Beauty And Makeup Tips

P.S. Site Build It is the amazing business software that brought and continues to bring, this website to life.  I have a real home business, earning real money, and I write about a subject I know well, and REALLY enjoy sharing.

The BIGGEST bonus?  Work flexibility.  Every day I get to keep my sons #1 on my priority list.


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March 2017

Well, if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, the winter cold continues (the good news is, spring is just around the corner). Keep your skin protected with a heavier moisturizer than you would use in the warmer months. You can cut back on the spf number, but don't cut it out. If your home geography is really sun deprived, consider a daily dose of Vitamin D.

I would like to let all of you know how much I appreciate your support:) Please enjoy this west coast beach sunset as you soak up the beauty info. Grab some quick makeup tips or give your look a complete overhaul.

Something beautiful is on your horizon.



Yasmin, Editor

P.S. Visit my Facebook and Twitter pages. I'd love to hear from you.

P.S. The mystery girl strolling the beach? My sister Sarah, who has been my "go to" model over the years. Thanks Sis!

MARCH 2017


    Blush Tips

    Fresh radiant skin is not only gorgeous, it is so much more comfortable. Regular exfoliation in your skin care routine and a little help from blush makeup application, will keep you glowing through the winter months. Check out this great guide.

    Great care and tips for beautiful lips.

    Great product information and makeup application tips.

MARCH 2017


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