Anti Aging Ingredients

A Quick Study To Get You Started

Effective anti aging ingredients do exist. That much is true. However, they exist in a context.  That means very specific conditions have to be in place before you, as a consumer can benefit from them.

This is especially true in topical applications of skin care. These ingredients also have varying degrees of scientific understanding in relation to them...some have been proven, some are still being studied and remain only possibly beneficial, and some are completely unproven.

What many cosmetic companies like to do is skip that very important context and jump right to show casing the ingredient on their products. Unfortunately the result is very misleading.

Almost always these 'special' anti aging ingredients come with a big price tag...AND negligible to mediocre results.

If you are going to get value for your money (i.e. NOTABLE RESULTS), then you may need to CONSIDER KNOWING MORE ABOUT THE PRODUCT THAN IT'S CLAIMS.

Anti aging ingredients may have impressive properties BUT that does not mean you will benefit from them. The key is to buy them in their proper, EFFECTIVE topical form. In other words, look into the conditions that have to be in place to deliver scientifically proven benefits...

For starters

  • what is an effective ingredient content percentage?
  • does it need a certain pH?
  • what is its shelf life?
  • product storage temperature?
  • is the format appropriate?...

Yes, all of this requires a little homework, I know, but what about the mornings and nights, weeks upon weeks of time you are faithfully applying this stuff and facing the real prospect of NO

I think you would be surprised to find how many times cosmetic companies tout the benefits of an ingredient, without having enough of it OR in a correct format in their own formulation (vitamins and antioxidants are a great example of this).

Here are just some of the active ingredients that are popularly referred to in anti aging products in relation to skin care.

Note: If you want greater depth on this subject with excellent unbiased scientific information, clear recommendations and even home formulations, visit this site. Skin Care Information, Research and Reviews.

Anti Aging Ingredients

Algae, cytokinin and other plant based extracts

(also known as seaweed extract).

In brief...
Functions as an emollient helping to restore moisture to skin. Potential antioxidant benefits. (Ref:

Alpha Hydroxy Acid

(AHAs; gylcolic, lactic, tartaric and citric).

In brief...
Creams and lotions that have a varying degree of concentrations of AHA are used to treat fine lines, irregular pigmentation, age spots and even potentially reduce size of enlarged pores.

Amino Acids

In brief...
* Building blocks of proteins and relative to cosmetics for their structural and binding properties.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

In brief...
Potent antioxidant with preventative as well as
restorative qualities, reduces fine lines, brings radiance to the skin and will 'boost' levels of
other antioxidants.


(Vit C & E are examples of antioxidants).

In brief...
*Damage reducing substance, specifically damage by oxygen which carry free radicals (attack and alter structure of our molecules).

Anti Aging Ingredients continued...

Beta Hydroxy Acid

(Salicylic Acid)

In brief...
Derived from plants and *sometimes prescription required. Products containing Beta hydroxy acid will help exfoliate skin, improve texture and improve acne.

Coenzyme Q10


In brief...
Naturally produced in body with therapeutic benefits, as well as an effective antioxidant. (Ref:


In brief*
Exists in our skin as support structure to skin...deteriorates with age. Topical applications cannot deliver that function but can act as moisturizing agent. (Ref:

Copper Peptide

In brief
* Very effective ingredient that possess' antioxidant properties, regenerative properties, and promotes collagen and elastic production to firm, soften, smooth skin and remove damaged tissue.

Glycolic Acid

In brief
* Exfoliant function (Ref:

Green Tea, White Tea

EGCG (green tea antioxidant), catechins

In brief
Powerful antioxidant with damage fighting, energizing, renewal properties still being studied. Topically, sun protection benefits have significant support (important to have significant present of EGCG in product as well as good carier to penetrate skin). Beware of many skin care products touting benefits but not in effective presence.

Hyaluronic Acid


In brief...
Found in abundance in human and animals, part of tissues with role of lubrication....used for aging skin losing the presence of hyaluronic acid for treating wrinkles and in conjunction with Vitamin C to assist in its penetration.


(Bleaching cream, lightening agents).

In brief...
*Higher concentrations require prescription. Products containing hydroquinone will lighten dark spots/ age spots and other pigmentation problems.

Anti Aging Ingredients continued...

* Idebenone

In brief...
Organic compound that is synthetic analogue of conenzyme Q10 that has been used in the treatment of degeneration of skin (wrinkle) and antioxidant benefits.


(Kinerase is brand name).

In brief...
Plant based ingredient that promotes cell division and has been used in anti aging primarily as a moisturizing agent.

Marine Collagen

In brief...
Potential in stimulating collagen production, as well as cell turnover.



In brief...
Key ingredient in Strivectin-SD that is said to stimulate the production of collagen.

Anti Aging Ingredients continued...


In brief...
* Breakthrough


(Derived from Vitamin A, alternative to overly sensitive response to Tretinoin)

In brief...
Reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, improves texture, tone, color and hydration levels of skin.


(StriVectin SD)

In brief...
Skin structure repair benefits originally discovered and used in repair of stretch marks.

Titanium Dioxide

In brief...
* Excellent sunscreen ingredient as effective UV block.


(Renova, Retin-A, etc *prescription required)

In brief...
Derived from Vitamin A, prescribed to treat mild to moderate acne, fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

Vitamin A

(Retinol, Retinal forms of Vitamin A)

In brief...
Potential anti aging benefits of skin renewal, improvement of texture and fine lines.

Vitamin C

(L-Ascorbic Acid only form with topical benefits).

In brief...
Proven to stimulate synthesis of collagen (support structure of skin which deteriorates with age and sun exposure), helps reduce the look of fine lines, scars and wrinkles. Be aware certain conditions must be in place for this ingredient to be effective; stable condition, NOT exposed to air (oxidized Vit. C, not only ineffective but potentially harmful to your skin), and high percentage.

Vitamin D

In brief...
* Regulates cell turnover, commonly used in prescriptions to treat psoriasis.

Vitamin E


In brief...
Oil soluble antioxidant, and emollient.

Zinc Oxide

In brief...
* Acts as a sunscreen with physical barrier properties (also anti irritant, think diaper rash creams)

*Reference: Primarily-,

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