Anti Aging Makeup Tips

Five Dilemmas, Five Fabulous Makeup Solutions

This little handful of anti aging makeup tips are a simple way for you to make some small changes in your makeup routine, that deal with some of the dilemmas of aging skin, without giving up the great benefits makeup can bring.

Why do we need the makeup 'pep talk' at forty?

It's around forty that we really take an inventory of the changes aging has brought to our skin ( Why forty? This benchmark year in our lives takes stock of just about everything that has, and is going on in our lives, and the over analysis of our beauty going 'downhill' is part of that inventory).

List of 10 Anti Aging Makeup Inventory Musts

The truth is, our skin is dynamic and has always been undergoing change but the negative aspects of aging are far less detectable in our twenties.

Our thirties begin to map out the aging patterns via expression lines, pigmentation issues, fine lines. In our forties, that reckless sun worship of our twenties shows up fully evident in the form of uneven complexion, texture issues, diminished skin elasticity, sun damage, wrinkles and, not so fine, fine lines.

*Special Note:   Nothing beats an age and skin condition appropriate skin care regime to deal with your skin's health. Consider brushing up on what a healthy skin care or anti aging skin care regime entails. If you are having difficulties that you still can't seem to remedy, it is worth the money to get a consultation with a dermatologist (medical doctor who is  a specialist on skin).

Here are five anti aging makeup tips with easy adjustments you can make to your makeup application.


Aging Beauty Dilemma : Skin Texture Changes...

That smooth, dewy skin that was once easy to apply makeup to, is now a little more tricky. Deepening surface lines, texture roughness, larger visible pores, and hydration issues all, not only diminish the ease at which makeup can be applied, they also dull the appearance of our skin.   Any ounce of youthful vibrancy we thought still apparent, becomes difficult to detect . Makeup applies unevenly generally, and collects in the lines! Don't get me started on the eyelids...

tip icon Anti Aging Makeup Tips Solution? Hydrate and smooth.

1A - Hydrate your skin well before you apply your base foundation, especially your eye area. Not only will the foundation go on far more evenly and bond with your skin better, your skin will retain a fresh appearance. Also, well hydrated skin, diminishes the appearance of fine lines and plumps it up.

Product suggestion? Your skin type will determine how rich the moisturizer should be; oily skin-lightweight lotion ...dry skin- richer cream format etcetera.. You can't go wrong with Clarin's age specific skin care programs-40's Or NARS Skincare

1B - Consider PRIMER. Depending on how extreme your skin's texture is with roughness or large pores, there are excellent foundation primers that act to fill in minor lines and pores not only disguising their appearance but creating the perfect canvas to apply your base.

Product suggestion? This award winning primer has made this popular makeup brand famous * Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer SPF 15 From one forty something to another, I have tried it and it is extremely effective.  Another option, though I haven't tried it yet, is Clarins award winning product called "Lisse Minute Primer " (Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch).


Aging Beauty Dilemma : Thinning Skin...

As we age our skin actually thins and becomes more transparent allowing for even darker circles under our eyes. In fact, our whole eye socket really darkens as a result of thinning and the under tissue tones of blue/ purple/ red impact our skin tone.

tip icon Anti Aging Makeup Tips Solution?  Shed some serious light on the matter.

After you have completed your foundation needs (coverage based on need only-less is always more), place a creamy custom blend-able, concealer in these key zones; blue area between inner corner of eye and bridge of nose, under inner corner of eye to occipital bone, under lower lash line, BUT AVOID under eye area below outer corner of eye where fine lines and crows feet are. Follow with light dusting of loose powder for staying power. (Make sure you have used a hydrating eye cream prior for greater blending ease and minimal dryness).

Product suggestions?
Laura Merciers Secret Camouflage,NARS Duo Concealer, and Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit. All have two shades of concealer for you to custom blend a perfect match.  Choose shades that are a perfect match to one, maximum two, shade(s) lighter.


Aging Beauty Dilemma : Dull Looking Skin

With slower cell turnover, sloughing off dead skin cells slows down natural exfoliation which can not only dull the look of your skin, it can also block pores. Add to this uneven skin tone or pigmentation problems and you have a recipe for dull, lifeless looking skin.

tip icon Anti Aging Makeup Tips Solution?  Nurture healthy vibrant looking skin.

3A  Step up the exfoliation process in your skin care regime with a good alpha hydroxy acid, or something with non irritating exfoliating properties (beware of abrasive scrubs).

Product suggestion?
Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive Treatment (there is also a Full Strength formulation, both part of an effective organic skin care line).

3B   Radiant Makeup... You can also use makeup to enhance your coloring. With a little application finesse you can simulate a sun kissed complexion with a flush in your cheeks.

Product suggestion? My favorite, easy to use, touch of sun without a lot of shimmer is Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder.  For a natural looking bronze touch across your cheeks, forehead, bridge of nose (every where the sun leaves a hint of color).  At the apples try Stila Convertible Color For Lips and Cheeks or Tarte Cheek Stain for a dewy pop of fresh luminous color (blushing bride is a great color for all skin tones with a plum-ish scent).


Aging Beauty Dilemma : Crows Feet & Fine Lines

The inevitable evidence of years lived with laughter, tears, sunshine and squinting, finally show up.

tip icon Anti Aging Makeup Tips Solution?  Soften makeup lines and blend well.

Dramatic colors & bold lines, in combination with facial lines can be a harsh mix. That doesn't mean that you can't define your features with color, just make good color choices. Try earthy tones in eye pencils and shadows, and neutral metallics. Smudge and soften lines in the eye area. Blend shadows and blush seamlessly so the evidence of stop and start is not detectable.

Product suggestion? Quality eye liner pencils that can be both precise and smudge-able in colors such as dark brown, gray, blue, black, olive. Shadows richly pigmented and blend-able. Cargo, Christian Dior, Smashbox and Urban Decay Naked are just a few of the many cosmetic brands that have great 'no brainer' shadow palettes in gorgeous neutral tones and pencils too (not only an anti aging makeup tips great product, but a good resource for anyone looking for optimal results with ease).


Aging Beauty Dilemma : Stains & Yellowing Of Teeth

Over time even the brightest white teeth will dull, yellow, darken and become stained with age.

tip icon Anti Aging Makeup Tips Solution?  Whiten your teeth and remove stains.

This cosmetic  measure is a must on the list of anti aging makeup tips.  Keeping your mouth healthy, your teeth and gums cared for , and your teeth white will bring a very fresh element to your appearance.

Depending on your individual need, anything from whitening toothpastes, strips, pro dental in home bleaching kits to laser whitening in the dental office, are available methods to consider.

Product suggestions? GO SMILE Go All Out Kit, Crest Whitestrips Dental Whitening System Strips, Premium , Supersmile The Superquick System, in home professional teeth bleaching kits, and the fastest way to a bright white smile is a laser teeth bleaching session with your dentist.

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