Anti Aging Makeup

Ten Great Products You Don't Want To Underestimate

Why do you need make a switch to anti aging makeup at forty?

Why wouldn't you?... Taking advantage of some great products that provide a working remedy to some problematic skin issues is just plain ol' common sense.

Like it or not, your skin is changing and those subtle skin issues of your thirties, have made a not so subtle expansion of territory.

  • expression lines may now have 'mapped out' your face
  • fine lines have increased and some have attained official 'wrinkle' status
  • texture changes as a result of reduced natural hydration levels
  • uneven skin tone, sun exposure photo damage and pigmentation problems may be present
  • enlarged pores are present
  • thinning skin shows greater shadowing in eye area
  • skin firmness and elasticity are diminishing
  • the odd 'breakout' due to hormonal swings
  • natural cell turnover (exfoliation) slowing down and adding to dull appearance of skin

NOT TO WORRY! A few changes in your product line up, replacement of a couple of steps in your makeup application regime and you will be back on track.

TEN BRILLIANT Anti Aging Makeup Products:


Anti Aging Makeup- PRIMER

Many cosmetic companies now offer a primer, or pre-foundation makeup step.

Actually the word 'primer" is originally a craftsmen or trade or art related term, used in reference to the first step, prior to your main application, and is corrective in nature to create an ideal working surface.

What will it do for you? If you need or want a high polish professional finish to your makeup, primer will not only create a great canvas to apply your other makeup to, and create a smooth receptive blending surface, it will help retain the moisture in your skin, minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines.

Products to consider that get top marks in professional circles include, Smashbox Photo Finish or Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, SPF with Dermaxyl™. I have used the version with SPF15 plus Dermaxyl and was impressed with the formulation; lightweight gel like that smoothes easily over the skin refining pores, minimizing fine lines and matifying shine ( I can't say I know if I benefited from the topical Vitamins A & E or the grape seed extract and green tea combination for antioxidant protection, but its nice to know I am trying.)

Other anti aging makeup primers to consider are Stila, NARS Primer With SPF, Clarins Lisse Minute Primer (Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch).


Anti Aging Makeup- LUMINIZER

Liquid luminizer has low key light reflecting properties that can act as a highlighter to cheekbones etc, can be worn mixed into formulations to give an all over radiant glow to the skin.

Again I mention the Smashbox brand, but they seem to have their finger on the pulse of anti aging makeup concerns (or just the pursuit of photo ready flawless skin). With most products named as if 'on set' for the full studio feel, this one is called 'Smashbox Artificial Light Luminizing Lotion, Prism'. This one can be used in your moisturizer, foundation or spot locations for highlighted effects.

Luminizing agents have been combined with concealer to create under eye brightener like Smashbox Under Eye Brightener, Photo Op (Self Magazine 'Healthy Beauty Awards 2007'). I have personally tried this product and find it light weight, easy to apply and effective at delivering a fresh look to tired eyes.

Many other variations of luminizing products have been created, here a few -Laura Mercier, Stila, Benefit High beam, Benefit Moon beam



Foundation, tint, concealer formulations really have gone high tech with all of what they can accomplish, including aging dilemmas with their anti aging makeup formulations.

French Lab produced Remede Translucent UV Coat SPF 30, Shade 2, Medium light weight, sheer tinted UV lotion (*link to merchant for more product details) with an sun protection factor of 30, titanium dioxide and light-diffusing powders for a flawless finish.

Another good example (and also French) Clarins True Radiance Foundation with gold pigments creates an illuminating effect.



What is the difference between camouflage and concealers and how are they anti aging makeup?


Camouflage is based on the artistic theory that complimentary colors i.e. yellow counters strong purple skin undertones, green on ruddy/ red skin, and peach on blue undertones, will act to counter the presence of that color and create a base for a perfect foundation & skin tone match. Smashbox formulations have a line that has combined their camouflage with a primer so you have the benefits of smooth texture, perfect receptive canvas and skin tone color correction for a flawless finish; Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer (is one of three corrector colors).


Concealer addresses color issues by covering them in a skin tone close to your skin tone ( blemishes, dark circles, marks...). Getting multi tone palettes of concealer allow custom blending for a perfect match. Try Laura Mercier Secret Weapon palette duos.



White or flesh tone eyeliner- both white and the new and improved white (flesh tone) when lining the inner rim of the lower lid, create an eye opening, whitening, brightening effect. As we age the white area of our eyes actually dulls and even yellows, never mind a late night. This is another anti aging makeup wonder. Try Paula Dorf Eye Pencil Eye Liner, Enhancer for a product with these benefits.



Likely, as you have aged you have noticed a diminishing hydration level in your skin. Once normal or even oily, is now looking dull and dry.

I now almost always use a stain or cream blush. I can't resist the natural fresh radiant look they create. In fact, you could say I am addicted to tarte cheekstain in Blushing Bride ( a sheer plum color that is great on any skin tone) and Dollface (very very sheer pink that compliments my sun kissed makeup style). For a daytime, very fresh sheer radiant boost to my very dull looking skin, nothing beats this stuff.

When I want to add more polish to my makeup style, I adore Bobbi Brown Cream Blush...Dessert Rose, Clay, Pale Pink are used in combination to create that gorgeous dimensional radiance you see on her models. (The best part is the dewy moist appearance of my radiant skin).

Some anti aging makeup blush products to SERIOUSLY consider Tarte Cheek Stain (blushing bride suits most, if not all skin tones, but many more to choose from), Bobbi Brown Cream Blush or Pot Rouge for lips and cheeks, and Stila Convertible Color.

ALSO Smashbox O-Glow Intuitive Cheek Color is an intriguing concept with its Goji Berry-C Complex that will generate your skin's true blush tone- I have yet to try this award winner, but I will.


Anti Aging Makeup- GROW LUSH LASHES

You may never in your life referred to your lashes as lush, so why worry now?  Well, the maybe not so lush lashes of your earlier years were a non-issue in combination with all of the other fresh details of your features. However, contexts do change (like I need to tell you that).

Likely sparse, is more notably sparse these days and there are some revitalizing products out there, as well as, lash builders and fortifiers. Fresh, full lashes are not just attractive, they are youthful in their quality.



For the same reason as the above 'lush lashes' comments, even if you didn't in your 20s and 30s, anti aging makeup tip, consider revitalizing, filling in, shaping, grooming your brows (whatever your brow need, fill it...).

Brows too can become more notably sparse and can really diminish your appearance.  Anastasia has a great brow grooming, eyebrow makeup products and tools, product line up with small kits to big 'meet every need' kits. There are also conditioners that are revitalizing to brows (and lashes).



LIP PLUMPER- Lips that are full, moist, and berry colored are hard not to associate with fresh and youthful. Especially if there is a healthy mouth full of white teeth behind them. Why not consider both in this list of suggested ant aging makeup products?

There are a number of cosmetic brands that plump up thin lips but most notably Fusion Beauty's Lip Fusion. They have gone beyond the 'bee stung' look of Du Wop's Lip Venom (which although does look bee stung, can become drying after prolonged use), with their award winning formulations.

REVERSE LIP PENCIL- This marvelous little pencil concept stops the feathering of lipstick into vertical lines as well as creates the look of a fuller lip (definitely good anti aging makeup remedy).Du Wop has an award winner and Cargo has one that gets good reviews.


Anti Aging Makeup- TEETH WHITENING

Teeth whitening products may not be considered anti aging makeup but  as far as dentists and insurance companies are concerned, teeth whitening is a cosmetic measure (and one that you shouldn't miss).

Visually enhancing your mouth in general is good of coarse, but bright white teeth (not neon white) anchored into pink healthy gums are DEFINITELY very fresh and youthful looking.  In my opinion a MUST! Likely, if you are reading this page, you can attest that being 40 something brings teeth that show yellowing and staining much more readily than you can recall in your 20's, or even your 30's. (Don't forget your breath).

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