Applying Eye Makeup

(To Stay Put, While You're On The Go)

Applying eye makeup really isn't that hard. With a little practice and experimenting you can figure out what styles you like best, and then get really good at them. The really tough part is keeping the application fresh, polished and present.

If you skip some of the important application measures, it won't take long for breakdown to occur:

Smudges, speckles of mascara dust, eye shadow missing and absorbed, eye shadow deposited in the creases of our eyelids, smeared liner, mascara that has "bled", etcetera.

All description that don't exactly bring the words "fresh" or "polished" style to mind.

Luckily, there ARE some steps you can take and a few little tricks you can learn.


Begin with a fresh clean slate.

Whether it's AM or PM you don't want to be applying fresh makeup over old stuff. So, wash your face and use your regular skin care regime. If you wear moisturizer, give it a few seconds to absorb into your skin.


"Prime" the eye area when applying eye makeup.


The term "prime" is a step in painting and refers to a special layer being placed over the surface to be painted. This special layer provides a smooth, even toned surface that will receive paint evenly and prevent absorption into the porous surface.

photo of base makeupPhoto: ©

Priming is also a concept that works for applying eye makeup, and makeup in general. You can do this through a number of makeup products. One that is actually called 'primer', whether for face or more specific areas like eyes or lips. The other is foundation set with translucent loose or pressed powder.

OR DEPENDING ON YOUR COVERAGE NEEDS you can use all of them together starting with primer.

Smashbox Iconic Photo Finish Foundation Primer is the first, or at least one of the trail blazers that came to market and did very well. There are now many to choose from, but this is one that I have used, and can easily vouch for.

Foundation Or Concealer As The Next Step?

Traditionally you would apply concealer (and possibly camouflage) to the dark circles and areas that needed heavier duty coverage, and then apply foundation over the concealer for general evening out of the skin tone. This step was followed by loose translucent powder to "set" the base for and providing a base for makeup to be applied to and give that makeup application staying power. This sequence tends to look overdone unless you are very careful with your application.

An alternate approach (lighter weight more natural looking) applies foundation first, followed by concealer as needed. Then they are "set" with a light dusting of translucent powder using a big powder brush.

Award winning Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit Beige (kit= creamy concealer + sheer finish pressed powder).
quote box

Foundation- applied to skin and blended with sponge or foundation brush. More fine blending can be done gently with a clean ring finger tip.

Concealer- applied with a concealer brush, again fine blending with a warm clean ring finger tip.

Powder- applied with a soft large powder brush, dipping into powder dabbing off excess on a tissue and then lightly dispersing over facial contours.


Apply Eye Makeup Using This Sequence

  1. EYESHADOW - Applying eye makeup begins with eye shadow, working from light to dark shades. Typically the lightest shade covers from the lash line to brow bone area. The medium shade is used in the crease and blended well into base shadow. Followed by darkest shade along upper and lower lash lines (depending on style preferences).

  2. apple tip iconPlace a folded tissue under the lower lash line to catch eye shadow dust etc., when applying eye makeup. This will save you the appearance of dark circles, specs that smear and give you a cleaner, more polished looking finish.

    Applying Eye Makeup Tips +

    + Apply products in small increments as needed, blending well.

    ++ Use the proper tools to apply your eye makeup, not only does this increase the "polished" factor, it is so much easier.

  3. EYELINER - Liner follows and is worn along lash lines and can be "set" with matching eye shadow (set by pressing powder with angled or liner makeup brush along the line made).
  4. POWDER - An extra, light dusting of translucent powder will help maximize makeup staying power.
  5. EYE LASH CURLER - Eye lash curlers are incredible tools, that will really open up the eye and give your eye lashes serious presence.
  6. MASCARA - Mascara follows...

  7. apple tip iconMake sure you aren't using mascara after its time. If you have flakes or difficulty getting coverage, the mascara has dried out and should be thrown out. A mascara formulation should go on creamy smooth and evenly, with the ability to hang on to the finest of lashes.

  8. BRUSH - Separate lashes with eye lash brush (old clean toothbrush works well in a pinch).
  9. BROWS - Eyebrows need to be groomed after applying eye makeup. At this point I mean, remove any strays, use a proper shaded pencil to fill brows shape, and the brush them into place. Clear or tinted gel is great for placing long unruly brows.
  10. TIDY - After applying eye makeup, you should always follow with a final check. Use large powder brush to sweep any shadow dust, and Q-Tips to clean up excess or misplaced makeup.

word on applying eye makeup...

Makeup, of course, is meant to enhance your appearance not detract from it. Without a good base, the makeup you apply will likely move, collect in the creases, absorb into your skin and leave you with a less than fresh look. Not ideal and definitely avoidable. Applying eye makeup using the above steps, in combination with the use of the great selection of innovative products out there, should leave you with a fool proof fresh look all day long.

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