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Dr. Harold Katz is known as the bad breath dentist in California... for real. He is not only a highly regarded dentist, he has successfully developed proven oral hygiene products through his research in bacteriology and putting his research successfully to the test in breath clinics all across California.

Dr. Katz has an extensive line of effective products that he painstakingly researched and developed. Since 1994 he has successfully treated over 22 000 individuals through his Californian breath clinics alone. Click here for more on his background and success.

This bad breath dentist in California bases his research and solutions on solid scientific knowledge...

We all have the presence of helpful bacteria on our tongues, to assist with the breakdown of "proteins found in specific foods, mucous or phlegm, blood, and in diseased or "broken-down" oral tissue."


Proteins consist of amino acids, and when specific amino acids that are especially dense with sulfur come into contact with these helpful bacteria, a compound called volatile sulfur compounds (VSC) are formed. These compounds are the culprits behind the bad breath odor and bad taste.

According to this bad breath dentist in California, beyond poor oral care habits as a source of bad breath, dietary habits can greatly impact the prevalence of bad breath. Certain foods tend to produce VSCs more readily than others and are divided into four main categories;

1. Drying Agents ie. alcohol (some mouthwashes contain alcohol which worsens the problem of bad breath).

2. Dense Protein Foods (depending on the person)

3. Sugars (ie. like even found in breath mints which mask breath and worsen sulfur production)

4. Acids (ie. coffee, citrus juices)

*The above two paragraphs information were resourced from Dr. Katz's articles "The Truth About Bad Breath & What the Symptoms Mean" and "Foods that may lead to Bad Breath due to volatile sulfur compounds".

Other culprits behind the presence of volatile sulfur compounds (VSC) include dry mouth, allergies, and medications, to name a few. This  dentist is an excellent resource for answers and solutions.

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