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What are 3D beauty tips?...They are the kind of tips that go beyond the surface. Beyond the band aid advice (although ultimately, they will change the surface too).  They get to the heart and soul of physical beauty.  Do you really want to look your best?  Then get ready to dig deep and make it happen.

By the way, I am not disregarding the value of good 'surface' level beauty tips and habits.  Yes, your makeup, your personal style, can deliver some high impact beauty. This is true. BUT really, it is just 'the icing' on a the cake, so to speak. Upon closer examination, it wouldn't take long to determine that its just one layer deep. we all have experienced, even the most delicious icing can not hide a bad cake.

Here are some multi-dimensional, high impact beauty tips that you can count on to deliver your very best.


3D Beauty Tips

Feed And Water Your Skin

We all want healthy beautiful skin and there are things that we can do to maximize the results of an effective skin care regime.


Adequate water consumption is essential to healthy skin ...not to mention critical to the proper function of ALL systems of your body.  Your skin acts as a window to your internal health, and is your body's largest organ functioning as a protective barrier to your internal environment.

health and beauty tipsA good rule of thumb for water intake?  Usually about 8 X 8 oz. glasses for women. 

If you drink more than that, are there benefits?  The scientific community continues to debate if increasing your water consumption beyond what is considered adequate will actually benefit your skin.  We do know that adequate fluid intake keeps skin hydrated, elastic, and healthy looking.

Good Nutrition Good Skin?

As with water, vitamins and other key nutritional elements, contribute to the proper functioning of all body systems. You need to ensure all your daily nutritional values are being met, as each has a unique and important role in the many complex systems of the body.

3D Beauty Tips Benefit?

With specific connection to your skin, health professionals agree that vitamins and minerals play a key role in what makes your skin healthy, and even, youthful.  Vitamins for skin that are especially effective include powerful antioxidants like Vitamins C, E, A, K, and B complex.

water intake

water tips


3D Beauty Tips

Be Physically Fit.

This healthy beauty tips advice doesn't catch our populations' attention like it should.  What is painfully ironic is, with all our talk of diets and exercise in the last thirty years, the U.S. obesity rate in adults has quadrupled (similar stats in Canada), and what is even worse, is the recent inclusion of obesity statistics for children ( they have almost tripled from 1980 - 2008 in the age group of 6- 11 years old and more than tripled in teenagers).
*reference Wikipedia 'Obesity In The United States'.

beauty exercise tips

3D Beauty Tips Benefit?

Looking good, in shape, muscle tone, vibrant complexion... need I say more?.  There are so many upsides to this little habit called exercise, and it really doesn't take the time out of your schedule, you think.

It does not require a gym, only proper foot wear and a watch.  Do it  3-4 times a week for 30-45 minutes (that's all it takes to see those amazing results in the mirror and know your body feels good because you're keeping it strong and healthy).

25-30 minutes of cardio maintained at an effective heart rate would not only strengthen your heart and lungs, you would be burning fat (at twenty minutes your body digs into those extra fuel reserves-stored body fat- that I am sure you are willing to give up). 

Follow your cardio with some stretching to work your flexibility which allows good range of motion in your joints, and avoids injury

AND some strength training through weights or isometrics (push ups, sit ups, lunges) and you have added some serious toning to your arms, chest, abdominal muscles and quadriceps. Not to mention, great percentage muscle mass will burn more calories at rest and boost your metabolic rate.

... Make this 3D beauty tips measure happen and I am sure you will never look back.


3D Beauty Tips

Be Nutritionally Smart.

This is not about diet in terms of reducing quantity and losing weight.  Yes, we all want to look good.  This beauty tips advice is specifically referring to increasing the QUALITY of the food you eat. 

I think that we, collectively as a society, are becoming more informed about where our food comes from, what in fact creates quality, and what ingredients diminish quality, or perhaps are even hazardous.  We have discovered that good rules of thumb such as eating whole grain, increasing fiber, protein, reducing fat, sugar etc, are positive measures that only scratch the surface of what needs to be understood in the pursuit of healthy nutrition. 

Growing knowledge on issues such as genetic modification of foods, avoiding foods with preservatives, avoiding the deadly ingredients, avoiding processed, manufactured, refined.... the volume of findings and becoming informed can be both alarming and overwhelming. 

You can't give up.   You can be proactive and make changes in your shopping and meal planning habits in baby steps.  You will be surprised at what great steps to healthier living you have made for yourself and your family.

Want to start right now?  Here is an extremely helpful starting point to getting your head around healthier food choices... check out these pages at a website I stumbled upon in my quest to become more informed,, in particular these pages ; Best Foods To Eat For Great Health, Healthiest Fruits List, Healthiest Vegetables List.

3D Beauty Tips Benefit?

By fixing the quality of the fuel you deliver your body, you will have your systems running optimally to fight inflammation, free radicals, prevent disease, and boost your immune system.  On the outside, you will see the beauty tips benefits in your over all shape,  your skin, your complexion, yours eyes, your teeth and feel it in your overall energy level.


3D Beauty Tips

Be Sun Smart.

This beauty tips advice is challenging and so important because, in a nutshell, we need the sun...our planet needs it,  living things depend on it and humans need it too.  Outside of the obvious energy and heat source, and the integral role in plant  photosynthesis (plants create own food via sunlight), our primary source of food,  our bodies need it in the synthesis of Vitamin D, vital in the growth of our bones and teeth.   Our skin and uv light react to generate vitamin D. 

Sun exposure also has another big upside: it causes another biochemical reaction in our bodies, where seratonin is released into our blood streams creating a very pleasant, even 'euphoric' feeling (another source of energy, both mental and physical). 

There are those in sun challenged geographical zones that suffer from something called S.A.D.- *Seasonal Affective Disorder where symptoms mimic those of depression and can do serious damage ; difficulty getting up in the morning, over sleeping, over eating and weight gain, lack of energy, isolating one self from friends and family etc....
*reference Affective Disorder

Unfortunately these days, with the numerous holes in an already thinning ozone, over exposure to the sun can happen fast, it is hazardous, and it can be deadly.

So how do we get the sun we need but also remain protected?

A little measured sun exposure it okay.  Beyond this, regular use of an effective sunscreen (SPF 15-30 and broad spectrum ingredients like titanium dioxide, avobenzone, tinosorb, mexoryl) will protect our skin. Limit our time frames of direct intense exposures combined with protective clothing, hats, and sunglasses.

To ensure you are meeting your daily Vitamin D value, take a vitamin supplement appropriate to you age group ( a no brainer choice like One A Day Women's Multi Vitamin covers your bases well).  Alternatively you can start daily, a tablespoon of cod liver fish oil (dietary sources are limited mainly to fatty fish such as mackerel, salmon, tuna, catfish, sardines, eel).

3D Beauty Tips Benefit?

A lifetime of an upright body, healthy bones and teeth (with a smile on your face.) AND skin that has avoided sun damage, premature aging, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, and has a smooth even texture.


3D Beauty Tips

Be Groomed

Yes, the gist of these beauty tips is about taking care of the important details of your physical well being, but that doesn't mean forgetting the surface stuff.   Beauty tips that take you 3D, are also taking care of skin, hair, teeth, and other categories of what other wise would be known as good grooming habits.  They are important to the impression you make with yourself (most importantly) and with others.

A healthy, hydrated, vibrant complexion

Covered in the first 3D beauty tips advice above and so important to the appearance of healthy beauty.

A bright, healthy smile has got to be one of the most important, high impact, dual function, looking good/ healthy teeth, beauty measures one can make.

Start with 2-3X daily proper cleaning and flossing of teeth and gums for good oral health, and then consider teeth whitening products.  Depending on the condition of your teeth, whitening toothpastes can help diminish stains and many  and the smile results from feeling good about yourself.

Groomed, healthy finger and toe nails.

Sometimes last on our lists, but important to regularly attend to; cleaning, trimming, and shaping a must (avoid in grown nails, over grown cuticles, and provides an accurate window to internal health, not to mention eliminating bacteria havens.)  If you can take this further with styled and polished, all the power to you.

Shiny hair, healthy scalp, good condition.

Regular care, cleaning, conditioning, and proper nutrition are vital.  The beauty power of a good color and cut?  Priceless.

Clear bright eyes.

The result of good sleep habits (7-8 hours should do the trick).


3D Beauty Tips

Be Reasonable With Yourself.

Have goals, be motivated, 'make your mark' in this world, take on these beauty tips...but do it ALL reasonably.  What is the cost of a high stress lifestyle?  Poor sleep, distress, inflammation, premature aging, unhappiness...kind of counter productive.

So, try to achieve your objectives with a reasonable, realistic plan that allows for some balance on route to your goals.  For the most part,  a reasonable amount of sleep, healthy eating habits, regular exercise, limited alcohol and caffeine AND some down time with friends and family . Your skin, your brain and immune system will thank you.

A little too reasonable with yourself (a.k.a. lazy)? Try this:

Spring or not, try this Spring Beauty Overhaul for a quick attitude adjustment. You will be happy to find beauty tips that put a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

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