Choosing Your Best Blush

Key Tips For Glowing Picks

To whom the ultimate  #1 top spot for best blush belongs to, is always debatable.  Just the variety in products, formulations and finishes create a situation where you are not comparing 'apples to apples'.

What you will find below are the best blush contenders for top spots according to the experts and fan support...AND even more important, you will be able to pick the best blush for you.

Choosing a blush that accommodates your skin type, is good quality, long wearing, and meets modern style objectives, really makes a big difference in the overall finish of your makeup application.  It is ESPECIALLY important to skin as it starts to age.  I had this epiphany not too long ago. 

I found myself applying too much eye makeup in attempt to improve my satisfaction with the end result of my application.  It took a while but I figured it out.  No amount of eye makeup was going to replace the 'fresh face'/radiant factor I lacked.  Perhaps it was a combination of less play time outdoors and more sun care measures BUT it was most definitely *changes in my skin due to aging. 

*As your skin ages, it becomes less efficient at exfoliation creating a dull texture.  Your natural color fades and the texture of your skin loses that 'fresh' factor. In fact, I would now argue the success of a makeup application is most dependent on the appearance of your complexion (clean, fresh finish and believable color).

Best Blush Tips For A Gorgeous Looking Complexion

Best Blush Tip


Improve Your Face Makeup And Color Technique

As I have mentioned, a gorgeous glowing complexion is probably one of the strongest beauty elements of the face.  Before the makeup, a good skin care regimen is critical to the health of your skin, but your makeup will also make or break the look of your complexion.  Don't make the mistake of rushing through the makeup steps of foundation and color because you think they are minor elements to your overall makeup look.

Instead, brush up on good foundation, bronzer, blush, etc. technique.  Good skill will achieve a finish that allows your skin to show through, has a color match to your natural skin tone that visually flows with your overall skin tone, and delivers fresh radiant color.

Best Blush Tip


Choose Quality Products And Tools

Use GREAT products!...The best blush for your skin type and tone applied with appropriate tools will make TIP #1 very EASY to achieve.

The best blush short list below is a great place to start as it has products with one or more of the following attributes; beauty editor favorites, top pro makeup artist staples, award winning formulations, consumer number one choice blush, and/or have beauty cult status.

Short List of Best Blush Makeup Products


  • presence of color based on quantity applied
  • solid but creamy texture for easy blending
  • apply sparingly with sponge or finger tips after foundation application before powder  application first to apple of cheeks and then out along cheek bone (concentration of color diminishing as move toward hairline)
  • preferred choice for normal to dry skin types, especially in colder weather

arrow graphicStila Convertible Color

-For cheeks and lips, award winning sheer creamy blush in gorgeous shades. Award winning including InStyle Best Beauty Buy Cream Blush every year since 2005.

Another option for your best blush considerations?

arrow graphicBobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks is a similar multipurpose color application to Stila's "convertible" and comes in spectacular shades like earthy blushed rose and bright pastel pink.


  • presence of color based on quantity applied
  • solid but pressed powder texture
  • easy application with quality blush makeup brush (avoid using little applicator blush...bristles harder and smaller span place too much color) in circular motion at apple and sweep out along jaw (concentration of color diminishing as move toward hairline)
  • preferred choice for normal to oily skin types, especially in warmer weather

arrow graphicNARS Powder Blush

- Award winning, universally flattering shade is a peachy pink that looks great on most skin tones, also 'Outlaw' Beautiful blush with some shimmer, for creating that sculpted cheekbones look
FYI- Winner of InStyle magazine's Best Powder Blush award, 2008; Winner Best of Sephora 2007, 2008

Another powder option for your best blush considerations?

arrow graphicLaura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Blush is velvety, sheer and natural looking, in shades like Rose Petal and Tender Mauve.


  • solid or gel but with 'wet slip' present
  • very sheer natural finish
  • quick blending after placement needed to ensure natural look
  • better application when skin moisturized

arrow graphicTarte Cheek Stain

- Awesome 'instant fresh', ultra natural looking cheek blush with yummy scents to match the delicious colors...Blushing Bride is plum shade which suits many, probably all skin tones; Dollface is a very sugary sheer pink which I love in combination with my bronzer.
FYI- InStyle's Best Beauty Buys in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007
* Self, Healthy Beauty Award 2001, Best Blush (flush); Cosmopolitan, Best Beauty Booty, Best "I really work out every day" blush

Another cheek stain option for your best blush considerations?

arrow graphicBenefit Benetint (rose tinted) or Posietint (poppy tinted) easy to use, long lasting sheer tint for lips and cheeks, that creates a gorgeous, natural looking glow.


  • color/ highlighter/ shimmer
  • finger tips blend into apple of cheek for pinched cheek natural look or along cheek bone, collar bone, brow bone, depending on the color and light reflecting properties
  • better application when skin moisturized

Special Blush/ Bronzer Effects Cream To Powder:

arrow graphicNARS The Multiple

- Super sheer gorgeous colors, multi purpose concept, I love  the sculpted highlight effect to cheek bones, brow bones etc  My favorite colors are Maui and Antibes, but each color is so gorgeous it really is a matter of taste...Copacabana is a very popular shade.
FYI- A staple found  in the case of every professional celebrity makeup artist

Another color effects option for your best blush considerations?

arrow graphicBenefit High Beam is a luminescent pink liquid that creates a dewy glow to the skin.


  • color that emulates the look of a tan, to degree wished
  • powder easiest format used with a blush brush and a light hand
  • applied before blush when used as sculpting color (along side of face, under cheek bone
  • applied after blush when placement is for sun kissed effect (tops of cheeks, nose forehead in places where sun naturally hits your face).

arrow graphicGuerlain Terracotta Moisturizing Bronzing Powder Compact (original formulation and a variety of new formulation all great)

PRODUCT COMMENTS - I love this stuff (and so does everybody else-it is  a yearly award winner).  It is so easy to use with a big powder brush, and creates a believable sun kissed look, in an instant.
FYI-Original Formulation-Winner of Allure magazine's 'Best of Beauty' Best Bronzer Award for 2007.; CEW Best Classic Prestige Makeup Product 2007

Another bronzer option for your consideration?

arrow graphicBenefit Hoola is a good natural looking bronzer.

Last word on best blush...

As you know, there is a much bigger list of pretty good blush products out there in the market place, with price points a little easier on the wallet (as usual, the very best products often come with a bigger price tag).  So, if that puts the best blush out of your reach, remember what they were chosen for and look for blush/ color product products that have similar qualities; highly pigmented color, sheer natural looking shades, application ease, high performance effect, and long wearing.

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