Choosing The Best Foundation

Your Guide To A Flawless Finish

Making the best foundation choice for your unique needs is the first step to achieving a *flawless finish.   This begins with a little, actually a lot of, sorting through of both the type of foundation makeup products, AND the extreme variety of cosmetic brands available.

(*A term made famous by a very talented makeup artist named Laura Mercier and 'coined' over a succession of many gorgeous fashion magazine covers.)

The bonus to such great variety?

There is something for everyone. We all range in not only coverage needs and budgets, but desired finish style too. Some of us may want barely there, as natural a look to the skin as possible, and some of us may like the look of extreme perfection, not a hint of a dark circle or uneven skin tone. 

You may have heard this expression before, 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'... Each of us has our own beauty style ideals. Ultimately, remember when it comes to applying foundation makeup, LESS IS MORE (the appearance of excess is never attractive so try to be guided first, by your individual need).

Achieving A 'Flawless Finish'

photo of flawless makeupIn an ideal foundation application, your finish results in an even skin tone that is shine free but still dewy, in harmony with the skin tone of your complexion and overall tone (visual flow down to neck, and beyond),  and still reveals a sense of your natural skin.  It is also void of streaks, patches, caking, deposits in facial creases, etcetera.

A tall order ?  No, not if you work on this key check list.


check symbol1. FORMULATION to YOUR skin type.
check symbol2. COVERAGE to YOUR unique needs.
check symbol3. SHADE CHOICE to YOUR skin tone.
check symbol4. GOOD APPLICATION TOOLS & TECHNIQUE for YOUR foundation formulation.

THEN CHECK IN NATURAL LIGHT... the least forgiving light for makeup mistakes.  If it looks good in this light, you are in the flawless zone.

With that said, some of you may feel a little overwhelmed. Have no fear, flawless is doable. Once you get a handle on the formulations available, what you need, a good choice in product, and tools to use with that choice (found below), many of these category issues, will fall into place.

Best Foundation:

check symbolFormulation And Coverage

Foundation makeup, as you know, come in a large variety of formats, but generally speaking there are SIX ; liquid, cream, compact, stick, powder, and tinted moisturizer.



Normal and combination skin types.

Smooth satiny finish with sheer to medium coverage.

apple tip iconAPPLICATION:
Apply as needed and in small increments, blending as you go.

A quality foundation brush, clean ring finger or a sponge (* a damp sponge will increase sheerness).

Best Foundation PRODUCTS?
Try prestige brand Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition
OR great drugstore brand L'oreal True Color Match.



Dry skin or a climate situation with poor humidity.

A smooth dewy finish with medium coverage.

apple tip iconAPPLICATION:
Begin central to the face, dot a little at a time with a damp sponge, *blending well as you go.

A latex free sponge ( I like wedge shape for their versatile size and shape of edges).

Best Foundation Products to consider?Best Foundation PRODUCTS?
Try prestige brand Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation
OR great drugstore brand Revlon ColorStay Mineral Mousse Makeup.



Oily, combination oil skin or for a preference of heavier coverage.

Smooth, silky, slightly matte finish with medium to slightly heavier coverage.

apple tip iconAPPLICATION:
Placement is strategic, zoning in on uneven tone, *blending well into the skin.  Keep an eye on maintaining an even tone.

A compact sponge/ rounded edge sponge, often come with the compact.

Best Foundation PRODUCTS?
Try prestige brand Bobbi Brown Oil-Free Even Finish Compact
OR great drugstore brand Neutrogena Healthy Skin Cream Powder Makeup.



Oily or combination skin or as a lighter weight concealer (great for spot foundation for normal skin with minimal coverage needs, such as eye zone).

A matte, more opaque finish.

apple tip iconAPPLICATION:
Using finger pads, place and pat blend for spot coverage or brush for all over even tone, *blending well.

The stick itself, a synthetic brush and/or very clean finger pads

Best Foundation PRODUCTS?
Try prestige brand Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick
OR this great brand with a mid-range price tag Stila Perfecting Stick Foundation



All (except super dry skin).

A matte natural looking finish, considered easiest to apply

apple tip iconAPPLICATION:
Using a light hand, central start smooth outward, i.e.. bridge of nose and outward across cheeks etc.
-If mineral makeup, use recommended 'buffing' action

A large powder brush, a kabuki brush for mineral makeup.

Best Foundation PRODUCTS?
Try top mineral makeup brand BareMinerals Powder Original Foundation SPF15
OR great drugstore brand L'oreal Bare Naturale Mineral Foundation.



Normal to dry

Natural, light weight, glowing finish

apple tip iconAPPLICATION:
Gently massage into face to meet desired needs, if it has an SPF, ensure even coverage, and *blend well.

Clean fingers.

Best Foundation PRODUCTS?
Try prestige brand Stila Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer
OR great drugstore brand Kiss My Face Tinted Moisturizer.

Best Foundation:

check symbolShade Choice

With a makeup-free face, examine your skin tone in natural light.  You already likely know if you are warm, cool or neutral skin toned. Foundation, and other base makeup, is also usually grouped into warm, cool and neutral tones.

Not sure what your SKIN TONE is?

Here is a quick test:

Take a look at the under side of your wrist. Are your veins more GREEN or BLUE?




Within your skin tone grouping you should be able to come within a couple of shades of a match by viewing the shades and yourself in a mirror. Often this is easiest at drugstore or cosmetic counter.  Place at least three shades on your jaw line if this is your first time picking a foundation. View the shades. The perfect shade should blend and disappear into your own skin tone.

Keep in mind that some product lines may not have a perfect match for you.  I love MAC but I have not found the perfect match foundation for my skin tone.  On the other hand, in the Bobbi Brown foundation products, I have found a perfect match.

Once you go through this process, it will be much easier to shop for your best foundation matches in the future.

apple tip iconBest Foundation Tips:

  • Generally speaking, most skin tones will best suit foundations with a yellow undertone.
  • Don't try to get away with an off shade. If you have made, the purchase and at home find the shade is off, return it, or replace it.
  • As seasons change, so does our skin tone (i.e. seasons with greater daylight length will generate warmer skin tones)

Best Foundation:

check symbolApplication Tools And Technique


Start with a clean slate...

Start with a clean slate, following your skin care regimen, for the best and freshest looking results.  Make sure your skin is well hydrated.  It will make the foundation application much easier, with nicer results.

apple tip iconConsider primer as a pre- foundation step.

The benefits? Primer creates a smooth, even texture, minimizing pores and fine lines, and a perfect base layer for foundation (foundation just glides on).  One that I have used and recommend, is one of the original pioneers, Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer.  It now comes in a variety of formats including one with sunscreen.



best foundation tipsRemember the objective is an even skin tone.  Foundation application should be designed to meet your individual needs.  Experts say, just enough to achieve the objective of an even skin tone because the ideal is to still get a sense of your own skin.

I. Place a dime size dot, working one zone at a time, starting central at cheeks, eye zone, forehead, cheeks and chin.

II.  Blend zones as you go, smoothing and working into skin quickly.  The ideal tools? For liquid foundation, a quality foundation brush for initial application, with final blending using finger tips.  Stick? Finger tips, patting into skin.  Compact? Sponge and finger tips.

apple tip iconCome up with a system that is efficient to your needs and thorough.

Suggestion: Smooth outwards in short, quick, overlapping strokes, across cheeks, gently under and over eye area, towards the temple and into hairline. Move down and outwards into the jaw line and optionally, to the neck area and then do the other side. Next start at the chin, over the mouth, upper lip, around the nostrils and over the nose area, up through the bridge and then between the eyebrows and blending out the last zone, the forehead area and into the hairline.

*NOTE: Generally, if you place the foundation central to the zones, as you blend you will have less as you move outward, so by the time you are approaching the hairline and jaw line, you have minimal foundation to spread.



Following foundation application, look for areas that need heavier coverage i.e.. dark circles or blemishes.

Using an appropriate tool like a concealer brush, gently dot area to be covered if using finger tips, or brush on in strokes.  Blend well with clean ring finger or concealer brush.



Setting the foundation/ concealer base so it lasts and getting rid of shine, are the primary objectives of powder.

apple tip icon

  1. When the powder is applied is also dependent on when the moist/ creamy formulations of the makeup applications have been completed (powder follows most wet/moist applications).  For example, if you plan on applying cream blush, don't dust your cheeks with powder yet.
  2. *In most cases, the best tool is a large powder brush with a slightly dome shape bristle line for even disbursement of powder and working with the contours of the face.

    Application Tip: For a light even matte finish, sweep across the face. For a heavier duty finish, dab for more powder placement.

Last word on best foundation...

Don't forget to check your application in natural or very good light.  As you already likely know, natural light reveals all about the skin.  If your makeup is looking good in this light, you are on track to a flawless quality makeup application.

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