The Best Makeup Brushes

Your Guide To The Short List

To get started on your quest for the best makeup brushes, you will need to answer two questions:

#1 What qualities do the best makeup brushes have?
#2 What ones do I really need?

There are some fundamental qualities that apply to almost all brushes but their tasks will also define some of their differences. If you are here reading this page, you have likely discovered there is a huge selection of brushes available; many sizes, handle lengths, head shapes, bristle cuts and bristle origins AND attached to them, a crazy range in price points.

Don't worry, we'll sort all of this into an order that makes sense, and allows you to make the best makeup brush choices, for your needs.

There are two lists that we will work with.  The first list gives you the 'big picture'. The WHOLE RANGE of brushes available, the zones they work in, makeup techniques they perform, and the qualities you should look for The second list is The SHORT LIST (Check Marked) of 'essential brushes and tools' that will suit the majority of us. I have also included some other handy tools and makeup applicators.

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Best Makeup Brushes Guide

Part I. Important Qualities

makeup brushes in glass containerAs you read through the information via the links below, make note of the ideal characteristics your makeup brushes should have.  For example, shape of and type of bristles, price point considerations such as natural bristle vs synthetic (often but not always a better choice but also more expensive).

By noting further fine details (are the bristle hairs blunt from being unnaturally cut OR is each bristle tapering as a natural hair would) will improve your purchase satisfaction as the quality and performance increase.

Here are some general descriptive words used to describe brush characteristics:

  • Brush Head SHAPE;  square, dome, tapered, angled, slant etc
  • Brush Head SIZE; fine (extra small), small, medium, large, extra large
  • BRISTLES; natural hair -sable, squirrel, goat VS.  synthetic- nylon, taklon
  • BRISTLES; texture-fine, soft, coarse bristles; firm, stiff, dense etc.
  • Brush HANDLE LENGTH; long, short, 'travel size'

illustration of makeup brushes When considering a brush for purchase, try to match the task of the brush and the format of the makeup you will be using (liquid, powder, gel etc...), with the features of the brush you are examining.  Do they mesh?

apple tip iconSynthetic bristle brushes aren't always a bad idea...they suit liquid makeup applications very well since they don't absorb the product. A completely natural bristle brush would.

Best Makeup Brushes Guide

Part II. The Ones Most Of Us Really Need

The WHOLE List ( In General) VS The SHORT List

check markThe check marked brushes on the list below are the Short List Essential Makeup Brushes.



  • Natural Sponge (sea)
  • Latex Wedge/ Foam
  • powder puff
  • Qtips



  • Liner Sharpener check mark
  • Qtips check mark


  • mascara brush/ comb    (clean mascara wand/ spool
     or clean toothbrush will do the trick) check mark
  • Eye Lash Curler check mark



  • Tweezers check mark
  • Scissors


note graphicFor more tips on indispensable, must have makeup tools and accessories.

note graphicWhat About Professional Makeup Brushes?

Professional Makeup Brushes: How different are they from the ones available to us?
Are professional ones available to the regular consumer?

More Best Makeup Brushes Tips...

apple tip iconGenerally speaking, clean your makeup brushes and tools regularly.  This will save your brushes, your makeup, and your skin from destructive bacteria.

Brush Sets- Do you really need one?

apple tip iconBrush sets are a convenient way to go if you are starting from scratch, able to find a set with 'the essentials' best makeup brushes, or you see the need for a more extensive range in brushes .... Why? It saves you the leg work in tracking down brush styles, and you will generally benefit from a price break when you buy in multiples.

apple tip iconStore you brushes in clean, dry, damage proof, user friendly container.

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