The Best Makeup Mirror

Key Buying Tips

Choosing the best makeup mirror to suit your needs really isn't too complicated.  Don't put off picking one, as it truly is a must have.

First of all, it comes down to quality features like clear, distortion free magnification (5X is standard), and light settings that simulate daylight.  Daylight is most important and least forgiving of the light settings we are in.  (Office and evening are handy scenarios too.)

Magnification is very helpful tool for personal care.  Whether it is grooming, makeup, completing a fine detail beauty measure such as tweezing, a magnification mirror makes ALL the difference.

*If you have ever over tweezed your brows from grabbing too many hairs at once, or left the house with poorly blended makeup (discovered in the rear view mirror of your the end of your day), over covered a blemish,  etcetera,  I'm sure you can relate to this point.

Secondly, part of your decision making in choosing the ideal best makeup mirror will be based on design aesthetics and meeting the logistical arrangement of your bathroom...or vanity table ...wherever you conduct your beauty regime.  Mirrors can be on stands, mounted on walls with extend able arms, or even suction cups. A hands free option with good lighting is the ideal.

Best Makeup Mirror- Some features to look for:

  • powerful magnification (5X is standard)-distortion free
  • hands free convenience
  • adjustable mirror, or arm
  • variable lighting (most importantly natural/ day light setting)

contour apple graphic imageYou have your own budget to consider but no matter what you can afford, comparison shopping is ALWAYS a great way to find value.  Here is a little homework to get you started on your best makeup mirror.

Simple Human Mini Sensor Mirror offers a magnification of 10X (if you can handle it:-).
(This item sells at Sephora in their small tools and accessories and get's a lot of love from it's customers).

Receive free shipping on all orders over C$50. 

You will have to search these items, but they are worth the effort.

Conair Touch Control Lighted Makeup Mirror, Polish Chrome
-A few feature highlights-hands free on stand, rotates 360°, double sided; a regular and a 7X magnification view, touch control light, 8.5 inch diameter

Zadro Lighted Makeup Mirror With Power Zoom
-A few feature highlights-hands free on stand with option to wall mount , fog free optics, Multiple magnification levels for custom motorized zoom range 1-5X magnification view, rimmed with LED lights for excellent natural lighting, distortion free , 6 inch mirror diameter

Zadro SW35 Surround Light 5x Magnification Wall Mount Mirror Chrome
-A few feature highlights-hands free wall mount extends 15 inches, fog free optics, 5X magnification view, instant light with switch for state of the art surround light technology, distortion free , 9 inch diameter

Kimball Young Magnifying Makeup Mirror 2 Sided B.Nickel
-A few feature highlights-hands free wall mount double sided, swing arm that extends 11.5 inches from wall, fog free optics, regular and 3X magnification view, adjust height of arm and viewing angle, 7.75 inch square viewing surface (without light).

Need one for on the go? This mirror is great for travel; Tweezerman TweezerMate 10x Magnifying Mirror.

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