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Bronzer Makeup
Your Guide To Sun Kissed Style

Bronzer makeup  is a fast, effective, easy and immediate way to bring a radiant sun-kissed fresh look to your  face...a good sunless tanner can deliver great bronze results too of coarse, it just takes a little more finesse and time.  Also if you really want control over your bronze level, you have less with a sunless tanner since its typically something you figure out through trial and error.

When it come to choosing bronzer makeup consider these things:

  • the look you are trying to achieve (sun kissed or all over)
  • the formats of  makeup bronzer available ; powder, cream, liquid etc
  • the type of makeup products you use at present, a good fit with your other makeup ...
  • your skin type i.e.. oily will prefer make up generally in a powder formats

Bronzer Makeup  Tip:  Powder bronzers are the most fool proof in application when it comes to technique...Creamy/ liquid applications take a little more placement and blending strategy.  So if you feel like you have 'two left thumbs' when it comes to makeup application, have no fear with powder bronzer.  You can have a believable sun kissed look with a light hand, a powder brush, and a powder bronzer.  

How bronzed you want to be is up to you and the look you are trying to achieve...
A light application over zones like nose cheeks forehead,  will produce a natural sun kissed look.  If you desire more of a St. Tropez bronze beauty,  then you might begin with a sunless tanning lotion  like Lancome Flash Bronzer  or Tarte Bronzing Beads, before your makeup application. When you then put on your makeup, add emphasis and dimension with bronzer and blush. Remember you don't have to use just one kind or color of blush... remember radiance is all about color dimension (see picture below).

bronzer makeup

Bronzer Powder Cream Stick Liquid
How to use -after foundation that is set with translucent powder, before powder blush -after foundation, concealer etc before powder use -after foundation, concealer etc before powder use -after foundation, mixed with foundation or as suggested by individual product
Placementbronzer makeup -powder bronzer can be lightly dusted  across tops of cheeks nose, forehead, chin, d√©colletage, etc with blush as the final dimension of color -this is a little trickier because placement and blending are crucial.  Start off with the obvious zones; along tops of cheeks and into cheek bone, a touch blended on the top of your nose, forehead sides and down towards temples, a touch on your chin with the overall goal visible balance and natural color flow. -sticks are creamy and have some of the same issues. Again placement and blending are important and not as forgiving as powder.  Remember to use a little at a time, blending and keeping color balanced on face -more like a sheer fluid foundation application blended over entire face, neck, etc but whether color wash or otherwise, follow direction of individual products


- clean blush brush with dome shape for even facial distribution -clean light fingers are fastest, or sponge -use stick to apply and blend well with clean fingers -clean sponge and fingers
Trybronzer makeup


Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder TerracottaGuerlain  (famous)  or CARGO Beach Blush LORAC Portable Paints Face Color, Bronzed (Sandy & Tawny) 1 pr icon NARS The Multiple Multi-Purpose Stick, Palm Beachicon   NARS Body Glowicon or tarte sunburst Beaded Bronzing Lotion( takes a little practice but  fast, fresh natural look).

The number of great  bronzer makeup choices you have continues to grow...the above are just a few of the options you have.  If you really want to explore a huge range of options consider comparison shopping where you can also expect a lot of product information, and reviews.

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