Celebrity Makeup Artists Tips

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Below you will find fifteen celebrity makeup artists tips that are a booty of free, expert, beauty advice 'gold' that have been looted from many resources and compiled into this treasure chest page.  Yo Ho Ho!
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How do you become a celebrity makeup artist? 

Usually with fashion origins these upper tier makeup artists have blazed their artistic trails through photography, runway, film work, and private projects with a long list of private celebrity status clients.

In the wild worlds of fashion and film, they have endured, persisted, and dug deep creatively. It is relatively easy to take the even featured 'beautiful people' of this world and make them gorgeous...where these artists really shine is in their ability of taking the more average looking individuals of this world, and making them appear exceptional (no one knows this better than the Hollywood V.I.P. themselves).

You can't go wrong with these top celebrity makeup artists tips.

Celebrity Makeup Artists Tips

(In alphabetical order...)

BILLY B - Topic Lashes

Billy B uses a technique that moves up the lash from the base with the curler, and places curve in several places on the lashes, not just one squeeze, creating a rounder more natural looking curl to the lash.

Billy B quote image

Celebrity Makeup Artists Tips

SCOTT BARNES-Topic Anti Aging

Famous for makeup magic and taking years off a face with his strategic makeup application Scott's celebrity makeup artists tips include this sequence:

  • blend concealer with foundation one shade lighter than your skin tone to highlight key features i.e.. cheekbones, between eyes, under mouth, then dust lightly with translucent powder
  • apply bronzer to side cheek area and under the chin, leaving center of the face lighter
  • apply blush to apples of cheeks only (not under cheekbone as this will hollow you out and age you)
  • use lip liner that perfectly matches
  • highlighter to add to the glow factor
  • finish with neutral eye shadow, three coats of mascara, and line only under the bottom lashes.²
Celebrity Makeup Artists Tips

BOBBI BROWN-Topic Mascara

This celebrity makeup artists tips have had considerable influence over my own philosophy on makeup ( her desire to really lift up individuals by helping them realize their own unique beauty, her beautiful technique and makeup products are exceptional).

Celebrity Makeup Artists Tips


Jillian Dempsey quote

Celebrity Makeup Artists Tips

PATI DUBROFF-Topic Bronzer

Combine bronzer with pink cheeks...Avoid the look of overly monochromatic bronzer and create a "lit from within glow" by using a 'pop of bright pink'. Dubroff does this by layering bronzer on top of blush. 5

Celebrity Makeup Artists Tips

JULIE HEWITT-Topic Red Lipstick

Fresh Take on wearing red lipstick...Famous for her line of gorgeous red lipsticks (developed for the film Pearl Harbour), here are a few of her tips for wearing red lips; try wearing it with a bronze face for a fresh take, don't over do the blush, and powder around the mouth line to prevent bleeding...especially noticeable with this color.

Celebrity Makeup Artists Tips


This celebrity makeup artists tips for a dramatic smoky eye are easy with beautiful results ;

  • take eyeliner pencil and line at upper lash line,
  • then with blending brush, blend in fast small strokes blending and sweeping out horizontally
  • take blue gray pencil under lower lash line, and dot and blend as you go, carefully using your finger to help blend (optional-take black pencil and line upper and lower rims for really black smoky long wearing look),
  • then take eye shadow in slightly lighter shade and brush it along blended lower pencil area and out horizontally,
  • then take deep plum and brush over blended black pencil on upper lid crease blending out horizontally,
  • finish with blush minerals on outer sides of eye area and black mascara.7
Celebrity Makeup Artists Tips

SONIA KASHUK-Topic Choosing Colors

After years in the fashion/ beauty world, greatness leading to consulting for Aveda and then developing her own very successful cosmetics brand, you could say this artist has an eye for choosing colors. Sonia's celebrity makeup artists tips for choosing color for yourself is to base choices on your hair color (not your eyes)...

Sonia Kashuk quote

Celebrity Makeup Artists Tips

LESLIE LOPEZ-Topic Bronzer Placement

Tip for using bronzer:  Make sure you don't stop at the face...

leslie lopez  quote

Celebrity Makeup Artists Tips

MATIN (Maulawizada)-Topic Natural Looking Blush

His primary beauty focus is always about producing amazing skin.   Here is his trick for picking a natural looking blush, press your thumb and forefinger together and match the color of flush produced; "that's the color of your cheeks when you naturally blush..."

Celebrity Makeup Artists Tips

PAT McGRATH-Blush Placement & Color Placement

Brilliantly creative and inspiring, her celebrity makeup artist tip could simply be put as, when applying makeup, do it beyond function, do it with an idea in mind that is inspiring to you, and is part of a bigger aspiration for yourself...

Pat McGrath quote

She says, if you stick to pink and berry shades when shopping for a color, you really can't go wrong since the idea is to create a natural looking flush and you blend the blush away until you've got one.

Celebrity Makeup Artists Tips

LAURA MERCIER-Topic Camouflage/Concealer

Known for producing a 'flawless face" during her years as a professional, and now for her award winning cosmetics, including her popular Secret Weapon Camouflage, here are a few quick do's and don'ts when using camouflage ;

  • DO use a small flat head makeup brush to apply precise, small feather strokes
  • DO apply to blemishes, age spots and spider veins
  • DON'T use around delicate eye area since formulation is to thick and dry for that area,
  • DO use a creamy concealer for eye area (for very dark circles camouflage can be blended with eye cream to create creamier texture).12

Celebrity Makeup Artists Tips

SHANE PAISH-Topic True Red Lips

He has original style in spades but knows how to create classic looks; To create a true red lip, use a lip liner with blue undertones (line and fill entire lip) ;"it adds depth and looks classic..." and then apply a cream -based lipstick for a "supple" effect...oh yeah, make sure its perfect (that goes any high contrast makeup application to skin color).14

Celebrity Makeup Artists Tips

Paul Starr-Topic Invest into your skin.

Celebrity makeup artist tips? Invest into your skin! A genius for fresh face sexy glamour, he strongly recommends investing into your skin with regular facials, proper diet and exercise ....makeup is simply an accessory but your skin is the canvas. .14

Paul authored a book on his own celebrity makeup artists tips and his top tier actress clientele list, Paul Starr On Beauty: Conversations With Thirty Celebrated Women (2005). Sadly, Paul died in 2008 at the age of 51.

Celebrity Makeup Artists Tips


With many beauty secrets and celebrity makeup artists tips for sharing (she has an ebook called The Makeup Coarse), one of her favorite tricks is this; when trying to get the most out of mascara, take two different mascara's, apply one coat of each, and you should have the perfect results you are looking for...she swears by this trick.15

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