Celebrity Makeup Tips

Are They Worth Listening To?

That's a big 'yes', celebrity makeup tips are worth listening to. Their tips are often the equivalent of the 'inside scoop' on the best beauty products, techniques and tips.  I would consider a candid tip from a star being interviewed, a pretty valuable recommendation (provided, of coarse, that they aren't a spokesperson for the brand mentioned). 

I didn't always have this view. In fact, I would have thought the opposite only a decade ago.  Prior to that, Hollywood celebrities had a tendency to be tacky, quirky, and not quite up to speed on current fashion;  makeup, beauty, hair, clothing, or whatever... I wouldn't have even considered any beauty advice or celebrity makeup tips.

Things change. Hollywood has become cool, fashionable, and celebrity style in general, something to be watched on and *off screen.

What happened?  Style experts and some sort of recent collision between Hollywood and the fashion industry.  These days it is common place for actresses to consult with style professionals to work out their beauty style, and get their best look working for them (and on the flip side, its also common to see multiple celebrity faces at top designer fashion shows in Paris, London, New York...).

celebrity makeup artist tips

(The above quote was by the late Paul Starr, professional celebrity makeup artist and author,  taken by Elle Canada Magazine)

Having been a model, I was always curious about the latest faces on the covers of top fashion magazines.  A little over a decade ago  I really began to notice the shift in the growing number of actresses that were regularly dawning the covers of Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar, and others... it was quite  a surprising revelation (normally the turf of 'up and coming' models).

cover shot of celebritesFamous portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz began a theme series of photographs in the mid nineties that continues to this day, for Vanity Fair Magazine, called The Hollywood Issue .

THIS PHOTO: Using my copy of Vanity Fair March 2004  capturing two (of three) parts of an elaborate fold out cover, illustrating this phenomena of the rise in Hollywood beauty power and powerful beauties.
*Note: This image, has been used without permission, and includes the addition of text information.

*OFFICIAL PHOTO reference and credit - This cover shot was photographed by ANNIE LEIBOVITZ for VANITY FAIR MAGAZINE APRIL 2004 AND called : “SEND IN THE GOWNS” with Julianne Moore, Jennifer Connelly, Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Watts, Salma Hayek, Jennifer Aniston, Kirsten Dunst, Diane Lane, Lucy Liu, Hilary Swank, Alison Lohman, Scarlett Johansson, and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

note graphicHere are some great reasons to pay attention to celebrity makeup tips:

Invested In creating an "A List" star image

For an actor or model (and models are celebrities these days), looking good IS their livelihood and they couldn't be more serious about making sure they are at the top of their beauty game. Most high profile celebs literally have a 'team' of beauty professionals they consult; talented makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion consultants, personal trainers etc. that help them put together their beauty strategy to make sure they are maximizing the very best and MARKETABLE beauty image they can.

Here are fifteen favorite makeup tips collected from an exceptionally talented group of top professional celebrity makeup artists to the stars.

Experience "on set"...

Looking beautiful may not make celebrities experts BUT they sure do spend a lot of time with the experts, off set and on set.  Beyond the opinions of experts they also see first hand, sometimes for hours, the talented handy work and products of top pro makeup artists, hair and fashion stylists, not to mention the other creative crew on set.

dressing room door graphicCelebrity makeup tips and beauty product recommendations come directly from experiencing the very top, best of the very best, beauty experts. Whether on set, a fashion shoot, press release, movie launch etc actors and/or models experience a lot of beauty preparation; hair, makeup wardrobe etc. The more prestigious the job, the more prestigious the professional talent doing it.

Money is no object...

Although many of us have budgets that narrow our choices,  whatever beauty products have made a celebrity's "short list", are truly among the best available. Many celebrities have the financial means to try everything from the most expensive cosmetic product lines, to the least expensive. Money is not a limitation so they are not forced to compromise their choice. In saying that, the celebrity makeup tips they offer or the products they use are probably among the top performing products in their category.


Usually we will pay more attention to celebrities that, in some way, we can relate to. Maybe it's their style or personality or maybe something else, but when we see them, something resonates with us and we make note of their hair, makeup, clothing event etc.

For me, my "go to" celebs for style inspiration are  Gwyneth Paltrow,  Jennifer Aniston, and Faith Hill.  (When I am stuck for ideas, sometimes I actually will look up what they have worn to various functions...).  You can too. 

How To Put On Makeup With A Little Star Power!

Celebrity makeup tips will work for you too.

You may think star quality is out of your reach, but many of the stars although attractive, often are not the exceptional beauties you think they are.

This is NOT a slight against them, I am just simply impressing upon you, that their appearance on screen or in print, is a product of tremendous beauty expertise and resources (not to mention, time).

The entertainment industry whether film or fashion, is as scrutinizing as it gets when it comes to delivering beauty to us...and those beauty experts are masters at 'spinning' celebrities into the illusion of perfect beauty.  So, pay attention to celebrity makeup tips when you come across them...they will be gold!

apple graphicCelebrity Makeup Tips first step to star style... Get your mouth healthy and your teeth their whitest!

According to a national study conducted by Harris Interactive Nasdaq (global leader in marketing research) , the number one thing people notice first upon meeting someone was their smile (94% !). This study also revealed that the majority of us believe an attractive smile is paramount to your professional life success, making friends and finding a mate.

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