Concealer Makeup

How To Get The Very Best Results From Your Concealer


Traditionally in makeup application sequence, concealer makeup and skin tone camouflage were applied before foundation. However, this sequence was serving the necessity of heavier coverage for film and photography.  At this time, many professional makeup artists agree that concealer should come after your foundation application.


Often once foundation has been applied, it is very successful at diminishing the appearance of discoloration or blemishes.  Concealer then provides the heavier duty touch up, for areas that require a little more attention. 

When applied first, concealer makeup tends to be over applied (for most of us, the makeup philosophy of 'less is more' is most appealing).  An 'as needed' approach, is in fact, the key to a flawless makeup finish (fresh, flawless, natural looking).



Generally speaking, concealer is a term that describes makeup product that is creamy and opaque in nature.  The more opaque the product, the greater its covering capacity, but also, it will tend to be drier.  What are often referred to as camouflage palettes, are multi toned very opaque, concealer that is a lot less creamy, than a concealer stick.   Starting with well hydrated skin will be very helpful in the application of these products.

Also, the nature of your own skin's needs will determine the type of concealer makeup product you use. I would strongly encourage you to choose specialized concealer product for each type of skin issue. You will be amazed at the results you can achieve.

Here are five formats that you will typically find concealer makeup products in.


Concealer Makeup In A TUBE

Consistency?  Liquid to cream.

Ideal for?  The eye area or on dry skin zones.

Tool?  Dot direct from tube with wand, apply to clean finger or use concealer brush (synthetic bristles, small flat head).

apple graphicApplication Tip?
Gently dab with pad of ring finger or consider a concealer brush for clean, effective blending.

Good Product Choice?
Prestige Brand-try Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer
Drugstore brand Neutrogena 3-in-1 Concealer for Eyes, SPF 20


Concealer Makeup In A STICK

Consistency?  Solid to dry but creamy.

Ideal for?  Eye area , around nostrils, and other medium coverage needs.

Tool?  Dot direct from stick, apply to clean finger or use concealer brush (synthetic bristles, small flat head)

apple graphicApplication Tip?
Gently dab with pad of ring finger or consider a concealer brush for clean, effective blending.

Good Product Choice?
Prestige Brand try Shiseido The Makeup Concealer Stick
Drugstore brand suggestion Maybelline Cover Stick.


Concealer Makeup In A POT

Consistency?  Solid to creamy more opaque.

Ideal for?  Heavier coverage needs, blemishes, dark spots.

Tool?  Dab and blend with concealer brush (synthetic bristles, small flat head)

apple graphicApplication Tip?
Consider concealer brush for precise, clean, effective blending

Good Product Choice?
Prestige Brand try Laura Mercier Undercover Concealer Pot
Sephora Buildable Cover Concealer.


Concealer Makeup In A PENCIL

Consistency?  Solid to cream to dry.

Ideal for?  Spots/blemishes or lines.

Tool? Pencil

apple graphicApplication Tip?
Consider concealer brush for precise, clean, effective blending

Good Product Choice?
Prestige Brand Shiseido The Makeup Corrector Pencil
Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil.


Concealer Makeup Camouflage Palette (NEWER)

Consistency?  Solid, opaque.

Ideal for?  Creating an exact skin tone match (multi shades allow for custom blending).

Tool?  Use concealer brush (synthetic bristles, small flat head, blending well).

apple graphicApplication Tip?
Ensure eye zone is well hydrated prior to application.

Good Product Choice?
Prestige Brand Paula Dorf Total Camouflage
OR budget friendly,
Sephora Collection Concealer Palette.

Find many of the above product recommendations on my Best Makeup Shortlist.


CAMOUFLAGE, in beauty terms, most accurately refers to makeup products that act to  visually counter overly dominant tones in a complexion (like red, or yellow, or blue).  This is achieved by using the dominant tone's complimentary color which neutralizes their overwhelming presence. Green camouflage for dominant ruddy red complexions, peach/ orange camouflage for blue purple dominant tones, and purple camouflage for extremely yellow tones to a complexion.

There are also products that are in a concealer makeup format, but called camouflage.  These are often multi shade concealers for custom blending a skin tone match.  With the above Sephora Collection Concealer Palette, there are camouflage tones incorporated as well (yellow and lilac).

Here is another great product that is sure to bring satisfying results if you struggle with overly dominant skin tone issues in your complexion.  EASY TO USE WITH AMAZING RESULTS Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer.



Choosing the right concealer for you...

Consider these things when choosing the best concealer makeup for you:

1. Skin Type Assess your needs i.e.. acne prone, genetic disposition to dark under eye circles, broken capillaries in skin etc. and then choose concealer makeup formulations that meet your needs (you may need two or more depending on the type of coverage you need).

2. Color - Match as close to skin tone as possible, especially important if you don't wear foundation. If you are stuck between two shades, a touch lighter should work.  Also, for the eye area, a slightly more yellow undertone in the concealer shade, to address dark under eye, blue/ purple tones, is more effective. 

To address a variety of tone issues with your skin,  try something like Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage which comes in two tones which can be mixed to address the range of coloration you are dealing with.  Or an even more extensive camouflage palette, like Sephora's.


How to apply concealer makeup...

Use an appropriate tool.  A synthetic concealer makeup brush for the fine work and initial blending.  A clean finger pad, to press into the skin (the warmth of the finger helps this thicker consistency type makeup).

EYE ZONE- First rule of thumb, apply as needed. This zone is especially prone to fine lines and dryness so the less makeup to potentially collect there, the better.
Place under lash line, under inner corner to slightly below dark circle. Blend by gently patting in an arc along bone, to mid under eye area.

Technique- Blend with over lapping dabs using a clean 'ring' finger pad  OR use concealer brush.

NOSTRIL- brush with concealer brush around side of nostril over broken capillaries or redness.

BLEMISH/SPOT- conservatively dot spot and then use brush to blend.  ADD a touch of translucent loose powder.  Then continue sequence as needed.


Make sure you set the concealer...

apple graphicConcealer Makeup Tip: Powder follows the completion of all the moist applications.

Applications i.e. foundation, concealer, cream blush/ bronzer etc.   Powder acts to 'set' those makeup applications giving them staying power, as well as providing a base to dry applications to follow i.e. powder blush/ bronzer, eye shadow and liner etc.

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