Corrective Makeup

Five Tips On Where To Focus

Corrective makeup measures no longer seek the allusive beauty ideals of the perfect oval face, the skinny nose, the chiseled jaw and high cheek bones...thank goodness.

Those steps remove the majority of the population from having real qualities of beauty.  I would argue, the unusual features among us create the greatest beauty. 

Here are five fabulous tips that will get you on the right track when it comes to putting corrective makeup to work for you.

apple tip graphic Corrective Makeup Tip #1 Attitude Check

First of all, we do need to check your attitude, it will make a difference in how you carry yourself.  It's that "glass is half full..." versus "glass is half empty..." perspective on your personal beauty that you want to have working for you. Look in the mirror...what do you like? Focus on them; great eyes, great skin, full lips, great teeth, lovely freckles, big lashes, interesting nose, strong brows... makeup can enhance and bring attention to any one of those things.  And while your showcasing those features you like, you will simultaneously minimize the impact of the things you don't.

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apple tip graphic Corrective Makeup Tip #2 Bring Balance To Dominant Features

In addition to showcasing our liked features, which will begin to minimize the visual relevance of the less liked features, there are also makeup placement strategies that can bring balance to facial features that overwhelm our appearance.

Strategic corrective makeup can conceal dark circles, irritated skin uneven skin, and bring color to a dull complexion. With a little strategy in placement, makeup can soften overly sharp features, even create space between close set eyes or the reverse, appear to lessen space between wide set eyes... there is lots makeup can do to bring balance to overwhelming features.

apple tip graphic Corrective Makeup Tip #3... Corrective Makeup Product Knowledge

Knowing what kind of makeup does what will go along way to custom fine tuning your unique concerns. Technically, corrective makeup would include the following :

  • Camouflage-this item is like a liquid foundation but the color is meant to counter overly red skin undertones, overly yellow undertones, overly purple/blue undertones, with its complimentary color which would then achieve a neutral base to apply foundation to; green corrects red, purple corrects yellow, peach corrects blue. (Smashbox products shown right).
  • Concealer-is meant to be a fairly good match to your skin, have some good coverage qualities and its weight will also give it some staying power...if you are covering dark circles, a slightly yellow tint of your skin tone is ideal, if you are covering blemishes an accurate skin tone match is ideal etc Also, consider a good fine detail concealer brush for accurate cover up.
    Try Laura Mercier Undercover Concealer Pot.
  • Eye Brightener-is a more recent type of corrective makeup that is light weight, hydrating and has tiny light reflecting particles in the liquid formulation that will lighten, waken the under eye contour area. (Smashbox product shown right).
    Trick/ Tip; Nude Eye Pencil lining the inner rim of lower lid, will brighten and whiten tired eyes.
  • Foundation-Is the most common makeup used to even out skin tone and your skin type will determine the ideal formulation. A good rule of thumb? TAKE THE TIME TO FIND YOUR PERFECT MATCH....and then follow the less is more approach, using only as much as necessary to deal with your unique coverage needs.
    Try Clinique Superbalanced Makeup
  • Primer-This product is post cleansing, moisturizing and before makeup of any kind. The idea behind this slippery gel like substance is to create the perfect canvas to build upon with makeup as it fills and smooths uneven surface, crevices, and diminishes the appearance fine lines, and pores.
You will find some of these product recommendations on my Best Makeup Products Shortlist.

apple tip graphic Corrective Makeup Tip #4... Corrective Makeup Strategy Knowledge

You are here so you are being proactive about equipping yourself with corrective makeup strategies knowledge.  We all have those days when we look in the mirror, see the things we don't like really and mislead our perceptions into an exaggerated sense of how noticeable these 'flaws' are.  Try to let go of the 'nit picky' details that actually make you you; freckles, big lips, thick brows, because all those things have makeup solutions if you choose not to embrace them.

Instead, deal only with elements that truly dominate your face, overwhelm your appearance and wear on your self esteem. For example rosacea is a real problem and a concern that can diminish ones sense of attractiveness. Luckily there are ways to deal with rosacea, diminish the red, as well as, deal with the restorative health issues. Your fathers nose, is a tricky one...but not out of reach; great eye makeup and a beautiful smile will derail its impact (look at Barbara Streisand).

apple tip graphic Corrective Makeup Tip #5 Work On That Smile Of Yours

Teeth whitening is a corrective measure that always brings good things.  Number one is the tendency to smile more often which does wonders for your connections with people, but it also visually freshens a complexion.  Add to this benefit a color boost to your complexion, eyes and lips and you won't look back on this beauty correction.

You don't have to whiten your teeth into a neon shade of white (that strips the enamel and creates sensitivity), BUT working on removing stains and improving the whiteness of your teeth by even several shades will be a very rewarding measure. You don't have to go to the dentist, although they provide the most informed, fast and effective service through laser technology. There are home bleaching kits, widely available plus drug store products. Do your homework on this one and read customer testimonials.

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