Cosmetic Cases

Organizing Your Mini Beauty Spaces

Cosmetic cases...I always find it interesting when someone pulls out their cosmetic case.  It can reveal so many things about a personality. Well at least a makeup organization personality. 

 "The Collector"...

The Collector seems to travel with every cosmetic item she owns and it is usually stored in a large, single compartment, dusty looking cosmetic bag, overflowing with makeup products, and not completely zipped up. There is no rhyme or reason to the arrangement of makeup, the age or condition of the makeup, or brand for that matter... and there is a lot of digging going on.

"Polished Put Together"...

She is the girl with the small makeup case that fits in her stylish purse. It is not only NOT bulging, it has a zipper that opens and closes with ease. When she unzips her case in the ladies room, it contains a small, handpicked selection of cosmetics that she extracts with ease.

Somewhere between those two profiles...

The truth is, most of us are somewhere between the two.  We can relate to "The Collector" to some degree AND most of us want to be the "Polished " person. (If you were always 'polished' and organized well... God bless;-)

The point is, we could all benefit from improved organization.

So how do we get there?  Your in luck. Cosmetic cases come in all shapes, sizes, patterns and price points so their is no excuse not to sort through your beauty clutter and make your beauty spaces function better.

Also, with the wide range in patterns and styles, makeup cases are another fun way to express your personal style. See below.

MAKEUP BAGS -makeup bags are usually soft with a zipper closure and come in a set of multiple sizes;

  • FUN-There are so many fun ones out there with playful patterns;  Hello Kitty, Tokidoki, Harajuku Lovers are all brand names with fun themed collections.
  • CHIC-There are styles that are simple, elegant and very chic looking. Sephora Collection makes some very nice sets like this
  • FUNCTIONAL-They also make highly functional features like clear plastic so you can easily spot what you are trying to retrieve.

MAKEUP CASES- Makeup cases are usually more firm walls, 'casing', with a lid. Again, many styles and themes to choose from.

  • Small single compartment cases.
  • Here are some other options on cosmetic travel cases.

PROFESSIONAL STYLE COSMETIC TRAIN CASES-Briggs & Riley Baseline Luggage Executive Toiletry Kit Multi compartments and levels in a large scale format. Professional quality will be more pricey because of hardware, and materials used for travel and durability.

  • Sephora Collection Brand makes a variety of train-style cosmetic cases.

apple graphicGet Organized Tip: You can start by getting rid of the old stuff... AND the almost empty stuff, the broken stuff, the makeup brushes that shed bristles every time you use them. Gently clean your brushes and tools with a mild shampoo (and do this regularly).

apple contour graphicLast word on cosmetic cases...Finding a good fit for organizing your makeup items will really deliver a lot of functional ease to your makeup routine.  Not only will you enjoy being organized, your beauty products will stay in much better condition.

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