Cosmetic Train Cases

The Ultimate In Makeup Organization

Cosmetic train cases, makeup train cases, professional make up cases, etc... If you're a "pro", that is a professional makeup artist, or you are serious about portable, perfect makeup organization, a cosmetic train case should be at the top of your list.

The upfront expense will long be over shadowed by repeated time-saving convenience and satisfaction. The difference in pricing among companies producing train cases and other makeup organizers, sometimes, comes down only to brand. However, some train cases are of superior quality and handcrafted to truly serve the needs of the craft of makeup artistry.

cosmetic cases tipThink in terms of design logic for practical functioning, as well as, durability of the material used, hinges, screws, handles, etc

If you do plan to travel with this type of case, you definitely want to ensure durability. If this case is for home organization, perhaps you can afford to give up a little on the 'ultimate in durability' department. If you are a professional artist, you want the ultimate in organization, space efficient design and portability.

One great way of shopping for a product is to be able to compare your options on details like quality of materials, size and price points. Surfing on line is great way of learning about what you would like to buy.

Here are a few great options on cosmetic train cases online:

photo of rolling makeup case photo train case
SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Rolling Bag size: concentration: formulation: SEPHORA COLLECTION Embossed Traincase ; Silver Faux Croc 14 x 8.5 x 9"

Sephora has updated the look of their famous traincases with and embossed faux croc skin finish. This finish comes in silver (shown above right) and black.

This case would likely not be used by a professional since it can't store all the range in product a pro travels with, HOWEVER (notice the capital letters), it is perfect for you and me and the kind of scenarios we might use it in (home organizer with the potential for some travel applications).

There are two tiers and within each tier multiple stacking trays sure to meet the needs of all your cosmetic arsenal when you travel. Maybe you have no plans to travel with this case, which it then qualifies as a perfect in home makeup organizer.

Are you looking for the Rolls Royce (no pun intended) of professional quality traveling makeup organizers. Take a look at the PRO Rolling Bag Case by Sephora Collection. It's aluminum frame can take 300 lbs of product AND you can actually sit on it! (Shown above left.)

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