Cosmetic Travel Bags

Tips On Making Good Choices

Cosmetic travel bags , cases and luggage designed for beauty tools and products, are incredibly handy pieces for traveling. Not only do you stay organized, everything is easily accessible and in special compartments avoiding damage.

When you 'short cut' on this type of organization, you often end up with the 'short end of the stick'; crushed expensive makeup, and/ or beauty product spilled and/or exploded in your suit case.

So, to avoid short changing yourself, consider using beauty product organizers and makeup cases that have been designed specifically to endure the rigors of travel.

apple tip graphicWhen it comes to cosmetic travel cases, think in terms of design logic and durability of the material used. Casing shell and hardware like hinges, screws, and handles need  to be functional and durable for both repeated use and travel 'wear and tear'.

Here are some more tips on features to look for in beauty travel bags:

The needs of one individual may be very different from the next, however, these quality standards really are for everyone (budget is usually the biggest factor that creates range between us).

  • functional deep design that can accommodate cosmetic dispensers in upright position
  • large opening for packing ease and access 'en route'
  • side pockets, elasticized loops for securing and organizing
  • comfortable durable, carrying handles including removable shoulder strap
  • metal hardware, strong zippers
  • firm durable body casing for protection (opting for hard casing will increase the price but ensures protection of contents)
  • lightweight

There are lots of brands and price points. The links below will take you to an online store called Luggage Online. These guys are always offering a deal of some kind, quality brands with price points that accomodate our wide ranging budgets, free shipping and easy returns. In the very least, if you look around the site you will get a greater understanding of the quality issues, materials and pricepoints that correspond with them.

Below you will find a little sample of the types of cosmetic travel bags and the price points that correspond with them. All three offer top quality and warranties.

image coming soon...
Briggs & Riley Baseline Luggage Executive Toiletry Kit
High quality hardware and case materials.
Warranty: Lifetime
Price: $59.00 (full price)
BRITTO by HEYS USA *Butterfly 12in. Beauty Case
Hard Polycarbonate Casing
Warranty: 7 years
Price: $200.00 (sale price)
(*Graphics one of  many designs available.)
Hartmann Wings Cosmetic Case
Framed, Leather Details, Premium Hardware
Warranty: Absolute Assurance Guarantee
Price: $595.00 (full price)

Briggs & Riley offer functional design and quality materials, Heys is a well known American maker of quality luggage with some pretty fun pieces as will as more subtle, and Hartmann is one of the top quality luggage makers in America, around since 1877. There are many more options including Bric's Luggage, a top of the line Italian maker of luggage offering both soft and hard cased, beautifully designed travel bags for cosmetics.

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