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When we think about diva style, we envision bold, 'larger than life', sometimes outrageous, style. So when it comes to makeup, is it's styling supposed to be over the top?  Actually, exuberant is probably the best word to describe the beauty style and it's makeup elements.

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So what does exuberant makeup look like? Think uninhibited use of color, line, and makeup accessories (false lashes, sparkle etc.). Diva style clearly embraces makeup, beauty and fashion.

diva style shown in photo

Fashion houses we see expressing exuberant, lavish style?  As we might expect, Versace, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, and of coarse, Dolce & Gabbana are leading the way.

Celebrities that personify this exuberant fearless style well and also happen to be authentic divas in the truest sense (talented vocalists); Cher, Céline Dion, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Lady Gaga (taking 'over the top' to new heights).

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What is distinct about diva style makeup design is the look of full definition and an apparent skilled, finesse with makeup.  All facial features receive significant makeup attention. 
  • FACEnatural beauty makeup style arrowDefined, radiant, glowing, sun kissed, shimmer.
  • DEFINED EYESnatural beauty makeup style arrowbold glamorous eye definition and styling, above and below the lashes, in any palette.
  • LIPSnatural beauty makeup style arrowLips are defined, full and notable.
  • LOOKnatural beauty makeup style arrow'Over the top' glamour, exuberant style

need graphic
-high contrast color combination
-liquid or gel eye liner; black
-black volume oriented mascara
-optional-false lashes
-co-ordinating eye pencil
-white/pink highlight pencil

-impeccable foundation skin tone match and finish
-skin illuminizer

-lip pencil that coordinates with lip color
-lip color in a vibrant hue

- eye lash curler
-fine eye liner brush
-medium eye shadow brush
-small angled liner brush
-smudge brush
-blush brush
-powder brush
-foundation brush, or application tool
-lipstick brush

This 'Beyoncé ' Palette is an example of playful, glamorous, and impeccable diva style.

makeup palette illustration

diva style text noteThis little illustration shows makeup color placement; smoky lavender, lavender and mauve-pinks for eyes, a mix of blush, sun kissed golden bronze, and highlight effects  on her face, and glossy berry- pink lips.

steps graphic

Defined Face

The objective of applying makeup for any style, not just diva style, is to create an even skin tone.

PRIMER for foundation is optional but still a great way to begin the base makeup application.  It creates a very smooth, even, receptive sub base layer that also minimizes pores, fine lines and oil shine.

step one diva style makeupFOUNDATION - Choose a formulation that does not exceed your coverage needs OR conflict with you skin type.  An application should be applied in small increments to allow for effective blending, and monitoring of reaching objective of even skin tone.

step two diva style makeupCONCEALER - An opaque creamy consistency will allow the greatest coverage when addressing dark circles, shadows, translucent skin areas around the eye zone.  This is also a great choice for blemish coverage staying put (even better with the help of a little powder on top ).  Again, not exceeding your coverage needs will deliver the freshest finish.

step three diva style makeup

POWDER - Translucent loose powder to will set base application and deliver the desired matte finish.

TRY Bobbi Brown foundations if you are looking for brilliant perfection in color and finish.  She has a number of formulations that address all skin type needs, and an amazing array of skin tones from 'alabaster' to 'espresso'.  Bobbi Brown Oil Free Even Finish Compact provides beautiful mid weight coverage.

Benefit  has a beautiful product, that has been a pro favorite for a lot of years, called High Beam.  It is a  luminescent complexion enhancer that creates a radiant glow, and can be used with foundation or as an effect.

Vibrant Color FX

BLUSH, BRONZER, HIGHLIGHTER Sculpted cheeks, sun kissed, highlighted, you name it... all at once.

blush application diagram

step four diva style makeup

BLUSH  -Take a nice soft dome shaped blush powder brush, and with a light hand, sweep blush across your cheek.  Start at the apple with a circular swirl, and sweep out along your cheek toward your hairline.  (Blush will diminish as you move away from application point).
Work the apples only, with a second shade.  (Apples of your cheeks?  Fleshy mound when you smile).

TRY NARS or Bobbi Brown award winning powder blushes.  You will find gorgeous shades like 'Toasty Almond', 'Pale Pink'', and 'Plum' with Bobbi Brown and with NARS, shades like 'Orgasm' and  'Oasis'.

BRONZER -Optional.  There are two placement options; sun kissed style, and sculpting.  For sun kissed, place a light sweep across cheeks and nose, where sun naturally would fall. For sculptural definition, overlap the bottom half of the blush sweep  along the cheek.  Add further definition to create color flow.  Very light handed shading the outer forehead, jaw line and under the chin, helps create an over all flow.

Looking for the best bronzer?  Consider Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder' for natural looking quality pigment color.

step five diva style makeupHIGHLIGHT/ SHIMMER  The idea of highlighting a facial feature is to reflect light and further build dimension.  With that said, many products contain light reflecting properties ranging from a soft shimmer to full on glitter.

Placement of highlight makeup is where you want light to reflect and bring that feature out, enhancing it's dimension; brow bone, cheek bone, décolletage.  It is also a light catching effect for the inner corner of the eye.

TRY Again, NARS and Bobbi Brown come to mind for high quality fx in gorgeous shades.  Nars has a Blush & Bronzer Trio that includes a highlighter  (famous shades 'orgasm' peachy pink, 'laguna' bronzer shade and 'albatross' highlight shade.  Something I personally love and use? The Multiple ( a stick format in gorgeous shades with shimmer for cheeks. lips and more).  Bobbi Brown has a beautiful product call "Shimmer Bricks" in a variety of color themes and something called a Highlighter Pen with luminescent properties.

apple tip graphicRemember:  Using a light hand and blending well, are still two key rules of thumb, even with diva style.

Defined, Dramatic Eyes

Glamorous bold eye makeup includes at least three eyeshadow shades, dark pencil, volume and mascara.  You may also include, false lashes, shimmer and whatever else you think will deliver your mood (still in the realm of looking good).

step six diva style makeupEYE SHADOW - Layer your shadows to suit your style.  Remember the basic guidelines of good eye shadow design.  And remember shades are not just colors, they also have a value of light to dark.  The greater the difference of light and dark between shades, the greater the contrast, and the greater the drama created.

eye shadow strategies diagram

Consider a multi color palette to allow for inspiration and creativity. 

OPTIONAL FALSE LASHES - Read instructions that come with your false lashes.  Gently curl your band of lashes.  Apply glue as directed.  Using your application tool, or careful fingers, place along lash line.

apple tip graphicAPPLYING MAKEUP TIP FOR FALSE LASHES- Each company issues their own set of instructions specific to their product, so they should be followed.  However, you can fine tune and improve this tricky technique with some tips.  One is to bend the lash band so it is not perfectly straight on the natural curve of your lash line.  Second would be to consider using a smaller snippet of false lashes at the outer corner, for a less over the top look.

If you are looking for some of the best quality false lashes, consider Shu Uemura's line up.  They are gorgeous and range in styling from natural to luxe to fantasy, all well made.  Make Up For Ever also has a great lineup of false lashes, including individual ones that can be used for more subtle effects.

step seven diva style makeupEYE LINER- Lining your lash line is an important part of achieving the ultimate eye definition in diva style.  Again, line your eyes to suit your style.  You may use pencil, gel or liquid in any color that suits your idea.

apple tip graphicAPPLYING MAKEUP TIP-Make sure there are no gaps between your lashes and liner.  Your lashes should appear to extend from the liner.

There are lots of great pencil, liquid or gel liner options, however, brands that I have used that I recommend areMAC and Bobbi Brown.

step eight diva style makeup

MASCARA - Diva Style wouldn't be diva style without BIG LASHES .

First, CURL YOUR EYE LASHES- A definite must for this look. 
Looking in the mirror, chin pointed toward the mirror, bring open eye lash curler to base of the lashes and  GENTLY, SLOWLY squeeze and hold for a count of three. CAREFULLY  release lashes and slowly remove.

THEN MASCARA - Start with the top lashes, grabbing the very tips with a horizontally held wand and wiggling the want to grip and coat as many lashes as possible.

Immediately follow this with grabbing the base of the upper lashes (with the same wiggle action to grip as many as possible) and pull all the way through the tips.

Repeat with one more coat and 'work' the lashes with the wand, as you coat  (while lashes are still wet they are more easily placed or separated and will not shed mascara dust).

TRY Christian Dior "Diorshow" Black Mascara for high volume and drama.

step nine diva style makeupBROWS - Define your brows, remembering to use guidelines as follows.

Whether diva style or minimalist, it is an important design aesthetic to work with a size and shape that suits the proportions of your facial features.  General rule of thumb, imagine a vertical line from the side of your nostril, extending up to your brows.  This is the approximate start of your brow.  Imagine another diagonal line extending from your outer nostril through the outer corner of your eye and up through your brow area.  This is the approximate finish of the tail of your brow. 

TRY Anastasia Eyebrow products,  including makeup, tools, and stencils, for grooming and  'fool proof' shaping.

Defined Luscious Lips

step ten diva style makeup LIPS - Anything goes with diva style (when done well of course); lipstick, lip gloss, shimmer, sparkle?  It's all up to you. 

Start with a lip balm or primer to create a base for long wearing capabilities and to protect your lips from becoming dehydrated.

Line your lips a well matched liner to your lipstick.  As you line, consider these  lip strategies; line outer edge of small lips, line inside edge of large lips, and balance uneven lips by lining outer edge of smaller lip and leaving the other lip.

With a lipstick brush, go over the lining to soften the hard edge of the line.  Using your lipstick brush, apply the lipstick.

GLOSS -optional fun finish

apple tip graphicMAKING YOUR LIPSTICK LAST-Fill, blot into a tissue, and lightly dust with translucent powder. Go over with lipstick again, dust again.

apple contour graphicLast word on Diva Style...
Confidence is the real key to this style.  You are clearly not hesitating to be the center of attention.  One more thing, the celebrities I have listed, all deliver this style with finesse.  There is not a lot of margin for error and exuberant luxe style can quickly slip into tacky, excess.  Good luck Bella!

shopping bag graphicMany of the product suggestions above can be found listed on my Best Makeup Shortlist.

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