The Electric Toothbrush

Comparing The Best And Making A Choice

Although not new in concept, the electric toothbrush has undergone considerable technological advancement. There are a number of impressive products out there in the oral care market place, but what makes one better than the other?

When one is relatively unfamiliar with the technology of any given product, it is hard to measure whether that technologically improved product have any real benefits worth paying more for. As with the electric toothbrush, are "rotating", "oscillating", "pulsating", "sonic" toothbrush heads worth paying more for?

Benefits to technologically advanced electric toothbrush?

Generally, benefits like greater efficiency in cleaning your teeth and gums, far better plaque removal, whiter teeth due to higher powered stain removal etc. are qualities these new generation of electric toothbrushes share. This sounds great, but how do we know its true?

Of course we take a look at the product information being presented and weigh the credibility of the information. But another effective way of getting a sense of the benefits of a product are through customer testimonials. In other words, if the product information offers genuine customer feedback, its worth reading. You can determine whether the benefits of an electric toothbrush are something worth paying for, see if the feedback of the customers who have purchased it, or if something reported you can relate to.

apple graphicIn the chart below, are the results of extensive homework I have done for you, highlighted in brief, comparing the top brushes out there. I have compared both the general and unique features of that individual product, benefits as outlined by the company, the cost, any warranty offered, and a sense of the benefits as outlined through customer feedback.

Comparison Of The Top Brands:

Electric Toothbrush Top Brands: Oral B Braun Toothbrush Sonicare Toothbrush Ultrasonic Toothbrush Cybersonic Toothbrush
Cutting edge action /feature: -"3D Excel Brushing Action" -"fastest pulsating toothbrush in the world"
-"simultaneous oscillating rotating head with pulsation"
-"next generation in sonic technology"
-"3X faster than any other leading power brush with help of microprocessor"
-"first in dual frequency sonic technology" combines 1.6 megahertz of ultrasonic wave with the ultrasonic carrier wave of 13 000 strokes per minute." -"break through in sonic oral care" with a faster 41 000 strokes per minute by the cybersonic toothbrush combined with patented Cyberspring™ bristles
- based on concept of musical tuning fork, which will vibrate at a specific harmonic frequency"
Customer Feedback: positive very positive positive not available
Warranty: limited 2 year warranty limited 2 year warranty limited forever warranty limited 1 year warranty
Guarantee: money back guarantee within 24 months 28 day no risk guarantee none stated none stated
Price of cutting edge model: third most expensive of four most expensive of four least expensive of four second most expensive of four

note graphicImportant Note: The above information is subject to change as models change. Please follow through on more "fine print" on the model(s) your are considering.

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