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If you love the creative outlet fashion and makeup bring, here are some eye makeup application tips (and other makeup techniques) that will help you in your quest for high adventure on the beauty frontiers.  

What your makeup style  will look like in the end, is really about what fashion and style motifs intrigue you and how you will personally express those ideas using makeup. No rubber stamp here. The only common ground between you cutting edge beauties is your desire to push the fashion envelope and be style leaders.  Otherwise, every look is distinctive and based on your own beauty aesthetic.

This step by step makeup application guide is meant to be a resource of good technique and products ideas, which will ultimately provide you with the tools to complete your vision.

Celebrities that really know how to underscore their cutting edge personal style; Milla Jovovich, Eve , Gwen Stefani, Agyness Deyn.  It comes as  no suprise they love designers like Dolce & Gabbana, John Galliano, Marc Jacobs, John Paul Gaultier, Mui Mui, and Alexander McQueen.

Cutting Edge Beauty Face And Eye Makeup Application ...

cutting edge eye makeup illustrationIllustrations left and above

This style is ADVENTUROUS, creatively inspired and fashion forward.  Your palette and eye makeup application technique choices can completely alter your style from day to day.  This is just one GORGEOUS idea;

  • bold
  • unconventional palette
  • reverse emphasis eye makeup application focus on lower lid.

Choose Your Palette

This makeup palette is just one of many possible unconventional, yet beautiful,  compositions of colors (I had Milla Jovovich from the movie 5th Element in mind for this palette. Your own coloring will alter your color choices).

cutting edge palette illustration

It likely won't suprise you that the makeup shades in this palette can be found at NARS and MAC.


Begin With Your Face

As with any look, the objective here is still flawless skin.

1. Begin with foundation to create a perfect canvas for your inspired work of makeup art and as sheer a foundation as your complexion can afford and a perfect/near perfect match to your skin tone ( a good indicator of a great skin tone match is the foundation should disappear into your skin as you blend).

TRY MAC Studio Fix Fluid (or Powder) with SPF 15 for long wearing capabilities.

Does your skin texture need a little help? TRY Smashbox Photo Finish Primer.

2. Cover blemishes and under eye circles.

TRY NARS Duo Concealer for a perfect skin tone match.

3. Whether minimizing shine or pursuing a matte overall finish, use loose translucent powder and large quality powder brush. Disperse a light dusting to remove any shine without excess depositing in creases or looking to dry and "cakey".

TRY NARS Loose Powder


Create Dimension With Color:

You likely have a preference in blush format i.e. cream, powder, or tint. I would definitely recommend using multiple shades of color to layer, blend and create dimension.  My rule of thumb is to use a more natural tone skin match along the main cheek area adding a brighter pop of color at the apples.  You can then further define this zone by highlighting the cheekbone with some product with light reflecting properties.

TRY NARS for all your facial color inspiration. The above color palette includes Powder Blush 'Desire'  for apples of cheeks, and The Multiple 'Copacabana' for highlight on cheek bone.

graphic of apple Don't forget that using good quality tools make all the difference in the world in terms of a professional looking polished application.  A good set of quality makeup brushes will not only create technical ease, they will increase your creativity.


The Eyes...

The Eye makeup application has an asymmetrical design style and an unusual yet beautiful combination of colors (often the signature of cutting edge beauty).

Two Eye Makeup Application Tips:

graphic of apple   1. Just as magazine fashion editorials exaggerate a trend, to make a visual point, exaggeration of lines and colors OR lack of line or color will bring dramatic effects.

graphic of apple   2. Cutting edge style, despite its pushing of boundaries, is still operating on the structure of basic design principals ( harmony, balance).

TRY NARS Eye Shadow Duo Compact, 'Rated R' with its beautiful cobalt blue and chartreuse combination. AND Strada (Amethyst infused with gold). Both shown in palette above.

As shown in the eye makeup application image above, line the upper lashes close to base of lashes with fairly slim line in black and apply a much thicker line below lash line.

TRY NARS 'black moon' Eyeliner pencils and NARS 'Smudge' eye makeup brush.

If dramatic lashes are part of your eye makeup application plan, make sure you use an eyelash curler before your mascara application (in fact it is always a flattering step).

TRY top pick Shu Uemura or opt for budget friendly Tweezerman Classic.
TRY NARS Larger Than Life Mascara, Black.



As with this entire style, anything goes but it still needs to work.

The above palette includes MAC Lip Liner 'Beet" (vivid reddish- pink), MAC - Pro Longwear Lipcreme - 'Goes And Goes' (Blue Violet), and/or NARS 'Revolt' Lip Gloss (sheer grape).

Behind these lips?  A bright white, healthy smile will go a long way to bring power to your beauty style.


word on eye makeup application with some cutting edge style...

These eye makeup application tips will help you identify some style techniques, source ideal tools to express your style and narrow down some makeup products that will bring your creative self to life. The right palette and tools go a long way to nurture creativity.

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