Eye Makeup Brushes

Ten Brushes With Infinite Style Possibilities

Eye makeup brushes are specialty tools that can deliver professional looking results with ease...
Don't underestimate just how big the style potential available to you is when you are equipped with well designed, quality eye makeup brushes.

These amazing brushes have been thought through on every detail and designed to cater to the exact nature of its purpose....bristle texture, length, shape and size all geared to specific products, zones of the eye and desired effects.

Here is your chance to 'brush up' on types of eye makeup brushes and 'get a handle' on their qualities. ( Sorry, I couldn't resist..)

Terms Used To Describe Brushes:

There are many variations to the shapes, lengths, densities, firmness, coarseness etcetera that brush bristles come in.

eye makeup brushes diagramIllustration: Makeup Brush Heads

The illustration above lists a handful of terms and corresponding head shapes to help you navigate through the types of eye makeup brushes and their various applications.

eye makeup brushes photoEye Makeup Brushes

The photo right shows six of the ten eye makeup brushes included in the list of ten brushes below.

This group covers a big range of  eye makeup techniques that can be achieved.

The ten below are listed from largest to smallest brush head, since that is the general sequence in which eye makeup is applied.

The Top Ten Eye Makeup Brushes:

Eye Makeup Brushes



Primary Job?
It sweeps base eye shadow shade over eye lid area (upper lash line to brow bone) in a few simple strokes.

Design Qualities Needed?

  • large (scale of zone appropriate creates ease)
  • flat, firm but not too stiff
  • soft natural bristles for light weight layering of color
  • square frame tapered top (round taper suitable for shape of eye contour and creates versatility in placement and blending)

apple tip graphicSweep across shadow palette, and gently tap side of brush on palette to knock off excess, before sweeping across lid.

Great Choice?

Shu Uemura Natural Brush 13G

Good Option:

TRY Sephora Brand Professionnel All Over Shadow Brush - Large #21

Eye Makeup Brushes



Primary Job?
Medium head size performs more specific color placement on the upper lid; lid area between lash line and crease, the highlight area on the outer brow bone and the brush tip can work the the crease.

Design Qualities Needed?

  • medium 1/2 inch width (approximately)
  • flat tapered-round head (round taper suitable for shape of eye contour and creates versatility in placement and blending)
  • slightly more firm soft natural or soft synthetic or blend of both (facilitates cream shadow too)

apple tip graphicWork flat side to tip edge horizontally along lid area A. (lash to crease) on 45ยบ angle. Apply deeper shadow tone in crease with tip, flat sides pointing up/down, in an arc-shape path, back and forth working the color into the crease.

Great Choice?

Laura Mercier Eye Color Brush

Good Option:

TRY Sephora Brand Professionnel All Over Shadow Brush - Small #22

Eye Makeup Brushes



Primary Job?
Applying shadow to the crease (area that recedes under brow bone/above lash line), working the crease, blending.

Design Qualities Needed?

  • round shape with tapered dome tip
  • flexible soft long bristles for blending and distribution of pigment

apple tip graphicApply deeper shadow tone in crease with tip, moving in an arc- shape path, back and forth working the color into the crease.

Great Choice?

Nars Eye Contour  Brush 

Good Option:

TRY Sephora Collection Professionnel Rounded Crease Brush #13 

Eye Makeup Brushes



Primary Job?
Specific small lid placement, highlights, and crease contour. Placement under lower lash line too.

Design Qualities Needed?

  • small 1/4 inch width (approximately)
  • soft natural bristle hair
  • square frame tapered top (round taper suitable for shape of eye contour and creates versatility in placement and blending)

apple tip graphicHighlight outer brow bone and inner corner of eye with light shade to aid depth of color, and brighten the eye.

Great Choice?

Nars Small Dome Brush 12 

Good Option:

TRY Sephora Brand Professionnel All Over Shadow Brush - Small #23

Eye Makeup Brushes



Primary Job?

Blending color layers together, softening distribution of pigment.

Design Qualities Needed?

  • large 3/4 inch
  • wide head, dense very soft natural bristles

apple tip graphicWork zones together starting from inner corner zone A, lash line into crease, and then into brow bone.

Great Choice?

NARS Eye Shader Brush 03 

Good Option:

TRY Sephora Brand Double Ended Every Day Eye Brush

Eye Makeup Brushes



Primary Job?

Placing pigment along lash line but also creating varied width lines, and artistry like 'cat eyes'.

Design Qualities Needed?

  • flat narrow angle
  • soft firm natural or synthetic bristles

apple tip graphicFor precise lines, follow lash line tightly, with brush head parallel and top of angle pointed towards inner eye corner. For cat eye style, follow lash line, working from inner to outer corner, and as you approach outer corner, twist brush in fingers to widen the line being placed and flick the end of the line up. (Try it, practice it, and you will see what I mean).

Great Choice?

NARS Angular Eye Shader Brush 04

Good Option:

TRY Sephora Brand Professionnel Angled Liner/Eyeliner Brush #15

Eye Makeup Brushes



Primary Job?

Create clean tidy line and place pigment at the lash line (set pencil liner).

Design Qualities Needed?

  • square with firm flat edge
  • synthetic bristles for wet application versatility; liquid, cream and gel, as well as, powder

apple tip graphicPress product right into lash line and with a little wiggle you blend and soften the line. Don't put too much pressure int the wiggle or you will irritate you skin.

Great Choice?

Laura Mercier Flat Eye Liner Brush Long Handled (shown)

Good Option:

TRY Sephora Collection Professionnel Flat Liner/Eyeliner Brush #16

Eye Makeup Brushes



Primary Job?

Blending out shadow and pencil lines, softening hard lines, and smudging to create smoky eye style.

Design Qualities Needed?

  • tapered round corners flat or round tapered dome both styles will soften and smudge
  • short soft but more stiff bristles for control
  • natural hair for soft smudge of pigment

apple tip graphicSoften sharp pencil lines at the lash line and ensure no gap between line and lashes. Run brush horizontally right along upper and lower lash lines at base of lash.

Great Choice?

NARS Smudge Brush #15

Good Option:

TRY Sephora Brand Professionnel Smudge Brush

Eye Makeup Brushes



Primary Job?

Great control over placement fine lines and other high precision details.

Design Qualities Needed?

  • fine point
  • long, soft bristles for use with wet applications gel, cream

apple tip graphicPlace/draw as tight to the lash line as possible in a fluid controlled motion (takes some practice).

Great Choice?

Bobbi Brown Ultra Fineliner Brush

Good Option:

TRY Sephora Brand Professionnel Pointed Liner/Eyeliner Brush #17

Eye Makeup Brushes



Primary Job?

Placing filler pigment in brow area and blending into brows, softening pencil lines in brow area, setting, and shaping.

Design Qualities Needed?

  • more stiff bristle head
  • coarse natural or synthetic bristles
  • angled shape for placement accuracy and varied line thickness

apple tip graphicWith a sharp eye brow pencil, use fine short strokes in same direction of hair growth Using brush soften lines in short little strokes. Set pencil with matching powder, and stroke into brow. Make sure color appears to flow throughout brow (avoid patch fill approach).

Great Choice?

Laura Mercier Double Ended Eye Brow Brush

Good Option:

TRY Smashbox Angle Brow Brush #12

note graphicDon't Forget  Your LASHES & BROWS!

An important eye makeup tool, technically not a brush, the  Lash Comb/ Brush  is for after mascara application; separating eyelashes, removing clumps placing lashes, etc...
AND for grooming brows; softening pencil and shaping/placing eyebrow hair in style desired.

Lastword on makeup brushes for eyes...

Lash/Brow D.I.Y. brushes:

Try spraying either tool with a little hair product and place those brows to stay. With a little innovative in home recycling of a mascara wand (or a toothbrush), you can create a very effective tool that will serve these functions well... How?  Take the mascara wand from a mascara that you are finished with, clean the spool with soap and water and 'voila!' a great tool for separating eye lashes, removing clumps as well as shaping your brows.  Take a toothbrush, clean very well with soap and water and you have a great tool for shaping brows and softening pencil lines.

graphic of arrowSephora Collection offers a quality line up of good option eye makeup brushes.
Free Shipping on orders over $50. Plus, 3 free samples with every order!

graphic of arrowAlso, you will find many of these eye makeup brush recommendations on my best makeup products page.

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