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Some degree of eyebrow shaping is a beauty MUST for most of us...it really can make or break your look.

How? I don't mean changing their shape *necessarily, or even plucking them extensively...the choice word here is OPTIMIZING their shape. Optimizing your brows can include everything from the minor wrangling of stray hair growth, a little bit of filling out from overly 'optimized" brows, taming overly wild 'natural' brows or even separating a 'uni-brow'.

For some people, adjusting the shape and thickness of their eyebrows can bring about very dramatic results...especially if there face shape is overwhelming their appearance.

Ultimately, in the process of optimizing your eyebrows, your goals are:

1. Clear shape definition for a stronger compliment to your eyes (removal of stray hairs create clean edge to brows)

2. Creating balance to your face shape (length, thickness, angle of line can balance overwhelming features)

3. Expression of your personal style (underscore fashion-beauty aesthetic)

You don't have to reconstruct your brows, just groom them a little. Here are some basic rules of thumb, keeping this task really simple.

apple tip graphicGood set up, good results...

A magnification mirror, bright light (bright natural light ideal), effective gripping tweezers (suitable for grasping a range in hair coarseness) and a clean toothbrush (you can recycle your flat bristled toothbrushes, clean them in hot soapy water or use a lash/brow brush if you have one).

apple tip graphicTake it slow...

Have a game plan (see points below); brush your brows straight up so you can see individual hair base and pluck one hair at a time, using close range but checking as you go from more of a distance so you can keep track of the overall look in relation to your face.

eyebrow shaping diagram Photo/Diagram: ©beauty-and-makeup-tips.com


  • a. A vertical line extended to your eyebrow from the outer side of your nostril is APPROXIMATELY the start of your brow (a. on the diagram above right).
  • b. A straight line extended diagonally from the outer side of your nostril, along the outer corner of your eye, is the approximate end of your eye brow (b. on the diagram above right).
  • c. Determine the thickness of your brow, imagine a boundary line that falls under your brow that determines the brow thickness and remove the strays underneath.
  • d.& e. The arch should occur above the outer third of the eye (universally flattering and balances face proportion)

GENERALLY, if you apply these rules of thumb, you should have a groomed tidy brow.

apple tip graphicDon't pluck hairs above brows.  Just beneath and at ends...one hair at a time.

Eyebrow Shaping - Style Expression

Just like makeup, the design of your eyebrows can be an extension of your personal style

Design elements such as eyebrow thickness, height of arch, placement of the arch, angle of the line of your brow will all create degrees of drama.

apple tip graphicBig changes need a pro. If you are looking for a big change, it may be best to go to an esthetician who can advise you on your plan and help you make it happen.

TOOLS ... Eyebrow shaping essentials:

  • tweezers, sharp small scissors for trimming too long hairs
  • stencils can be great for achieving a very specific shape.
  • pencil and powders for shaping and filling.
  • eyebrow brush for placement
  • brow mascara/ gel for keeping brows in place
  • eyebrow shaping kits that provide all the pieces, headache free

Last word on eyebrow shaping?

Eyebrows are an important detail in your overall makeup impression, so take make sure they are complimenting your eyes and face. Anastasia, a famous eyebrow grooming products company out of Beverly Hills, has many products and tools to make it easy to shape and style your eyebrows.

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