Three Great Eyeshadow Styles

Endless Possibilities...

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Eyeshadow styles seen in the magazines and on celebrities are wide in variety, but most of what you see, really can be narrowed down to three application sequences.

We will look at these three basic sequences step by step. The first is a classic sequence and likely the most common system. The second style which is more dramatic, switches this sequence around. The smokey eye makeup sequence uses eyeshadow, but the look overall is dominated by eyeliner.

Even if none of these eyeshadow styles suits your own, you will find that knowing how these three are structured, will give you the building blocks to do pretty much any look you want. The possibilities are endless.

note graphicSome handy terms to know in eyeshadow application for color layering and creating dimension are highlight, shade, contrast and drama:
  • highlight -to bring forward, to catch light
  • shade -to send backward, recede into space
  • contrast -the difference between the two; highlight and shade
  • drama- the greater the contrast, the greater the DRAMA

Three Eyeshadow Styles:     1. CLASSIC  2. DRAMATIC   3. SMOKY

eyeshadow application sequence Diagram: ©

Eyeshadow Styles

The Classic Sequence

  • this eyeshadow style is the most basic and popular way to layer eyeshadow
  • 2-3 colors are used to create dimension; light medium, deep tones
  • how you wear your eyeliner will really set the tone for the style you are trying to achieve
  • color choice will increase or lessen drama

KEY Makeup & Tools:

  • Black, Black-Brown Eyeliner pencil- good quality, 'smudge-able'
  • Trio of neutral eyeshadow color, with light, medium, and dark shade
    A great neutral palette to try out ? CARGO Essential Eyeshadow Palette Warm/ Neutral
  • Brushes & Tools: Medium Eyeshadow Brush, Angled Eyeliner, Eyelash curler, Mascara comb

eye makeup brushes Diagram: ©

1. Start with your medium color and medium eyeshadow brush, sweep from upper lash line to brow bone, blending into brow bone. Sweep under lower lash line for added definition.

2. Using your deepest color and the tapered end of the medium brush, sweep along the crease area in horizontal arcing shape (natural fold of tissue above eye and under brow will guide your brush). Blend well.

3. Highlight the outer brow bone, and inner corner of eye with lightest color.

4. Take a soft blending brush and blend over entire lid area.

5. Take a sharpened dark neutral pencil, and use short angled strokes tightly place at the lash line and in between the lashes.

6. Take an angled brush and sweep along the liner, as close to lash line as possible, and work the strokes together until they appear to be a single precise softened line at lash line (there should be no patches of bare skin between line and lashes).


7. Set liner with dark shadow, using the angled liner brush by pressing the shadow into the liner, shifting it little by little along the lash line.

8. Finish with a couple of coats dark brown/ black or black mascara. (For best shaping of lashes, work and separate lashes with wand during the application.)

Eyeshadow Styles

The Dramatic Sequence

  • this eyeshadow style is more notable in presence of makeup (not low key) and glamorous.
  • the drama of the color used can be in choice of color (brighter choices) and/or contrast of light to dark in color choices
  • there are many ways to create a dramatic eye, the above is a popular celebrity/diva style/ cats eye.

KEY Makeup & Tools:

  • Black Eyeliner pencil- good quality, 'smudge-able' OR GEL Eyeliner
    TRY Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner Black Plum Ink shown below
  • Playful variety, contrasting colors, of eyeshadow
  • False Lashes (*optional)
  • High Volume Black Mascara
  • Brushes & Tools: Med. Eyeshadow Brush, Angled Eyeliner and/or Fine liner brush, Eyelash curler

1. Start with your deepest color and with your medium eyeshadow brush, apply to area from upper lash line to crease area.

eyeshadow styles cat's eye2. Now extend color slightly beyond outer corner of eye by placing the brush head just above outer corner (handle end towards face) and sweep towards center of upper lid on approximately 45º angle to horizontal.

3.Take your medium color, and same brush and work crease area into brow bone.

4. Use lightest shade to highlight brow bone and sweep under lower lash line (can use medium shade for more lower lash definition).

5. Using a black gel eyeshadow (easiest) and fine liner brush, OR black pencil in combination with angled brush, and black shadow, line the upper lash line. The line is fairly thin at the inner corner and begins to wide in thickness from the lash line, with its widest thickness at the outer third.

eyeshadow styles diagram6. Beyond the outer third is the slight curl created by an angled brush (or free hand with fine liner brush). When you turn the angle point from inwards to outwards, with a little flick of the brush, a curl or 'tail' is created (3. in diagram).

*Note: The beauty of an angle brush head is its ability to create thin to thick lines controlled by how much you are turning the brush in your fingers. Experiment and you will see.

7. If you are using gel eyeliner, it has great staying power. If you used a black pencil, set it with black eyeshadow using your liner brush by pressing the powder into the lash line.

8. Lots of coats of black mascara on top lashes. A couple of coats on lower lashes but make sure the ends are pinched off with your fingers so you don't end up with 'cabaret' in place of Hollywood glamour.

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