Your Fitness Program

Making It 'Bullet Proof'

Your fitness program needs to be a little more than a scheduled workout... especially if you are in the early days of a lifestyle overhaul.

If you want to be confident, hopeful, and expectant of successfully achieving your fitness, weight and health goals, make sure you choose a plan that gets you pumped up, motivated, excited, keen....WHATEVER THE WORD you want to use, choose your program well.

Your health and fitness program needs to be life altering 'bullet proof'.

Why? Because it is has to be mind altering.

When you 'step up to the plate', no pun intended, and accept that challenge to get in shape, you are not only challenging your body, you are also challenging your mind and your will. Staying motivated in those early days when everything seems hard and the results are not yet apparent, will be tough.

So choose, or get help choosing, an exercise program that is going to de-program poor lifestyle habits for good and keep you motivated.

They are out there. There are some very fun, effective, and exciting fitness programs that will keep your motivation building and deliver the results you are hoping for.

apple tip graphicIf I can suggest one thing?....Do your homework and don't buy into quick fix, "magic pill" solutions (no matter what the proposed health and beauty benefits). There are excellent safe effective weight loss and exercise programs that can be custom fit to your life's schedule, your personality and will healthfully bring you successful, long term results.

Getting Your 'Life Altering', Bad Habit De-Programming, Winning Health & Fitness Program Off The Ground....

To begin with and generally speaking, the objectives of getting physically fit are to improve your heart health and lung capacity (the cardiovascular endurance component), improve your muscle strength for skeletal and internal support (weight training and isometrics), AND reduce your body fat (lose fat, gain muscle achieved through a combination of "cardio", strength training and a fat and calorie reduced nutritional program).

Oh yeah,...There is one more objective that most of us can honestly admit to, LOOKING GOOD! When you get your fitness program 'off the ground" you won't even have to try FEELING GOOD because you just will. That is the beauty of working out and being active. (You'll see...:-)


Strength training and cardio programs aren't for muscle heads, they are for those of us who want to transform our bodies into the strongest, most fit, healthiest and best looking bodies they can be. If your serious about transforming your body, an excellent health and fitness program to consider is called Body For Life , developed by extreme fitness guru Bill Philips.

His approach to fitness, nutrition and health are scientifically iron clad.  Although not the latest, this program works. (My sister, my husband, and my self went through quite a transformation a few summers ago--in 10 weeks it was a night and day difference...). The 'before' and 'after' photos alone, of hundreds of people are simply amazing, never mind the powerfully written testimonies of what regular people managed to accomplish. 

He has authored multiple books that should be at your local library or bookstore.

Other media that I have personally used and think fun AND effective;
Hip Hop Abs (part of Beach Body) and Winsor Pilates (Guthy Renker). Both purchased from infomercials...

apple tip graphicTake advantage of every opportunity to GET OUTSIDE AND PLAY! (vitamin D, more endorphins, more positive reinforcement of your immediate actions that will keep you repeating them).

apple contour graphicLast word on your fitness plan...

In combination with a  weatherproof fitness program, get outside and play. Whether that means with your kids biking, running, or participating in sports of some kind, 'just do it' (sound familiar-that Nike's tag just seemed to fit).  And try to do "it" 3-4 times per week for atleast 30 min. if you want to see and feel results.


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