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Foundation makeup is the starting point of any makeup sequence. The thing is, we all have different coverage needs, not to mention degree of care, as to how well covered things are. I have always kept this phase as light weight as I possibly could. Going beyond what my complexion needs are, has never improved my appearance in real life settings, in fact, I have experienced the opposite.

In my early, overly zealous, makeup days, I wore more than needed and it stole the fresh, radiant appearance of my otherwise healthy complexion... (you have probably seen this phenomena a lot, particularly among young women).  Less is truly more when it comes to foundation makeup.

So, keep foundation makeup simple, keep it fresh, meet your skin's needs and that will keep your overall finish beautiful.

Although the application below is for me, take in the sequence and role of the products below. All steps can be modified by your product choice (to meet the needs of your skin) AND the amount of coverage, to custom fit your own needs.

important to notePRE APPLICATION Always ensure that your skin is clean and well hydrated before you begin a makeup application.  The makeup will apply smoothly and evenly, giving you a more natural finish.

General Foundation Makeup Choice Guidelines:

photo of types of foundation makeupPRIMER is optional but recommended for skin struggling with texture issues (skin conditions, aging etc.), as it creates a surface of even absorption, and assists a smooth finish.

FOUNDATION to meet your coverage needs (lightest coverage you can get away with but still accomplish an even skin tone) and is a great skin tone match.

CONCEALER must be opaque enough to effectively cover trouble spots, blemishes, dark under eye, side bridge of nose, broken veins, etc).

POWDER that is loose, translucent and finely milled is the ideal.

The Foundation Makeup Steps I Use For My Easy Daytime Makeup Look :



Foundation makeupPhoto: ©

Smashbox Sheer Focus SPF 15 in a shade called Luminous, is very sheer, allows for a little range in the skin tone match, provides extra hydration, an SPF 15 and easy to blend (my kind of foundation).  The focus of my coverage needs are my central facial zone, my neck and upper chest area for visual flow of my skin tone.

Apply in small increments with clean finger tips.

  1. Dot under eye, starting at inner corner, blend and smooth, outward and downward
  2. Dot upper eye lid, starting inner corner, blend and smooth toward temple
  3. Nostril area
  4. Chin, forehead and other areas as needed.
  5. Repeat other side of face.
  6. Apply under chin, blending under jawline, outward, and down neck.
  7. Apply central upper chest if concern.


Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick in Sand to spot cover areas in need (eye zone in my case).

Sometimes we generally need light coverage but there are zones with heavier coverage needs.  This is how it is for me.  I apply extra coverage to my eye zone to assist in providing a good base for the eye makeup to come ( it also helps address some aging dilemmas like diminished fat under the skin, and as a result deeper recessions and darker shadowing above and below my eyes).

I use my ring finger and gently dot and pat under my brow bone down to my lash line, dot and pat-blend at the sides of the bridge area of my nose, and under my eye from inner corner, blending out to half way (avoid excess product around crows feet and laugh lines).

foundation makeup tipFoundation Makeup Tips For Liquid or Compact Foundation

1.  If you are using a liquid foundation or foundation compact, generally speaking apply as explained above, with the tinted moisturizer, placing and blending in small increments. 

2.  Use a foundation brush or wedge sponge to apply liquid foundation.  A foundation brush is excellent tool for placing and working with fast drying liquid foundation in a quick effective manner.

3.  Use the sponge provided or a wedge sponge to apply compact foundation, with over lapping short blending strokes.

4.  Finish your final blending with clean fingers.  Your blending will benefit from the warmth of fingers assisting the foundation product into your skin.



MAC Studio Finish Concealer C30.

Using a concealer brush, I dab in the pot and place with precision, blending with repeated strokes over the spot of concern, and into the neighboring areas.  Continue blending until the concealer disappears into surrounding skin tone.

For me, my zones of concern are usually under eye circles, beside the bridge of my nose, and around nostrils.

Bobbi Brown Concealer Brush for precise placement and blending.)



loose powder makeup and powder brushPhoto: ©

Lancome Photogenic in Buff.  Not colorless but provides added coverage and I like the texture.

Using a big fluffy natural bristle, dome shaped brush, I dip into the powder I have sprinkled in the lid of the powder jar, tap off the excess, and brush carefully my eye zone, my nose, my chin and fore head. 

Bobbi Brown Large Powder Brush is fluffy, soft dome shaped for ideal application.)

Loose powder makeup tipLoose Powder Finish Foundation Makeup Tip:

If you are like me, with aging skin (fine lines, crows feet, expression lines etc.), use a light hand with your powder application.  Be especially careful not to place too much powder over those areas, as they will emphasize lines, and deposit in those lines.

Foundation makeup should be as close to resembling your skin, and as  difficult to detect as possible.  Make really thoughtful product choices in terms of suiting your skin's coverage needs and being as close to a perfect skin tone match as possible. 
For more on choosing the best foundation for your needs, click here.

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