Free Weight Loss Tips

Seven Starters That Will Get You On The Road To Success

These free weight loss tips deliver the fundamentals to understanding the nature of losing weight. Understanding these fundamentals will be key to your success as you learn to navigate through the vast sea of diet advice out there.

There are certainly lots of opinions on diet and exercise programs that make mighty promises on how to lose weight effectively. Many have impressive testimonials from their customers declaring great success but how do you sift through all of these programs without knowing the fundamentals of how weight loss actually occurs?

The basic concept to understand is that food is consumed as fuel for your body, measured in calories and categorized as either carbohydrate, protein or fat.  Referring to this will not only help you understand the approach of a particular weight loss program; 'low carb' (carbohydrate), 'high protein', high fat, low fat, etc., this knowledge will help you quickly throw out "magic bullet" concepts like diet pills and other programs that promise results that defy science and put your health at risk.

Once you have your head around some of the fundamentals to weight loss, you can make a better choice for yourself and build your weight loss plan.

Free Weight Loss Tip #1 Keep Weight Loss Simple In Your Own Mind.

It can not get any simpler than this; food is fuel needed for your body to function and that fuel is measured in calories. In a healthy weight individual the fuel consumed is generally in balance with the fuel burned. Those individuals who are overweight simply consume more fuel than their body burns. As a result, the extra fuel is stored as fat.

Physical weight loss occurs when the individual begins to consistently expend or burn more fuel, than is being consumed on a daily basis, forcing their body to dig into its stored fuel (the fat).

Free Weight Loss Tip #2 Define Your Weight Loss Goals.

You know you aren't happy with your weight, however, what do you feel you would be happy with. Likely, its not just a number on the scale, it involves the feeling of being healthy and fit, increased muscle tone and firmness, losing body fat and so forth.

There are some really simple calculations you can make once you have the formulas, and charts to refer to. These things will help you assess your starting point and provide guidelines of where you want to be. If you would like to know more about BMI or Body Mass Index, an excellent physical assessment starting point, click here.

Free Weight Loss Tip #3 Come Up With A Plan.

You've probably heard this pearl of wisdom before;

"failing to plan, is planning to fail (anonymous)"...

It is so true. Whether through an existing weight loss program or your own plan, you need to map out a plan that you can refer to daily and that suits you. This idea includes planning your meals, thinking ahead for food during your work day, and making sure the right stuff is available to you (and the wrong stuff cleared out).

A desperate feeling in combination with available easy poor food choices is a hard situation to deal with. Most of us don't fair well alone in a kitchen, hungry, without a meal game plan and a bag of chips in the cupboard.

Free Weight Loss Tip #4 Share Your Plan With Someone You Trust.

Weight loss is no walk in the park (as you likely well know). You really do need someone you can count on to be a source of strength, support and encouragement. It is also helps you to stay on track when you are accountable to someone and that someone knows whether you are meeting your plan's benchmarks.

Free Weight Loss Tip #5 Get To Know The Basics About Food.

This actually can be very easy if you start with a reference book that lists an extensive assortment of foods.

What kind of breakdown on food items do you want? Details of quantity; the calorie count, the number of grams of protein, carbohydrate, and fat, plus the amount of fiber, cholesterol, and sodium.

All of these food item details are relevant to knowing what you are eating, give you insight to the health component of your dietary habits and will help you follow through effectively on a weight loss program. You will be surprised at what you learn. Even just simple calorie counting will put you in touch with the reality of your eating habits and shed light on where some of those extra pounds came from.

Free Weight Loss Tip #6 Keep Building Your Food Knowledge

Build on the basic knowledge of food groups, calorie count, fat, protein, carb etcetera and start to understand the quality. What can this food do for you? Consider the benefits brought to your body; i.e.. Source of what vitamins and minerals (meeting nutritional needs)? Does it have antioxidant properties (cancer fighting)? What is it's glycemic index (blood sugar response)? Is it a good fat or a bad fat (what's the difference)? etc.

All of these things will help you pack a lot more healthful punch to your diet habits and weight loss program.

Free Weight Loss Tip #7 Exercise Is The Key AND Will Boost Weight Loss Success.

Exercise done effectively and regularly will bring amazing health benefits;

  • improved cardiovascular capacity ( blood pumping heart and oxygen uptake by lungs),
  • muscle replacing fat,
  • muscle tone and firmness,
  • greater skeletal support etc.

In addition, by exercising you will increase your body's fuel requirements...( i.e. BURN MORE CALORIES). As a result, the decrease in caloric intake combined with increased body fuel needs will result in accelerated weight loss.

There are so many great ways to get active...when the weather is right get, bike, play sports...OR go for some extreme indoor fun at a gym with an instructor (or in your own home with one of the many great exercise dvds available).

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