Modern Glamour Makeup

(That 'Cool Girl' Style)

Modern Glamour Makeup has a distinctively cool, fashionable quality that discerns it from the original look of glamour. It still is overt, eye catching and attractive, but far less 'girlie' and far more 'cool'(trade big lashes for smoky eyes and bright lips for nude glossy mouth).

The Look

The makeup look has strong eye definition, radiant skin and defined lips. The edgy feel of the style comes from the inclusion of on trend makeup details and an overall great sense of style.

The modern edge of this glamour makeup and it's 'cool' spin has made this look very  popular, particularly celebrities. It is used by a lot of designers on the runways and in their print campaings. A great example of this is a recent Michael Kors ad campaign that has a variety of images, all of which emulate that well-heeled, 'jet set', V.I.P. lifestyle, apparently 'living the dream'. Other designers who pair this makeup style with their fashion, are Burberry, Donna Karan, Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton, and many, many more.

This look is well loved by, yes you guessed it, celebrities. Poster girls for this look? Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss, Demi Moore, Heidi Klum, Kristen Stewart, and Diane Kruger are ones who presently come to mind. The common thread between them all is their great sense of personal style.

Modern Glamour Key Points, Makeup & Tools

image of modern glamour makeup stylesDetail from image Fashion's Top Makeup Styles.


arrowFresh, clean complexion but not over done, possibly sun kissed.

  • foundation sheer as possible (but still meets objective of even skin tone) and concealer
  • blush that compliments your skin tone ( good options? coral or pink for warm skin tones, rose or earthy pink for cool )
  • OPTIONAL light handed, bronzer dusting in sun kissed zones


arrowHigh impact, skilled application often with some degree of 'smoky' feel (event determines the degree of drama in the application; shopping? dinner? party?)

  • range of earthy neutral tone, browns, plums, grays (flattering to your coloring)
  • pencil eye liner; black, dark brown/ gray, plum (to coordinate with shadow choices)
  • black or black/brown mascara


arrow Defined but lower key, matte or glossy, nude to non-bright shades.

  • nude lip pencil
  • lip natural, nude shade


arrowThis look generally has a very "cool", skilled , stylish feel overall.


  • eye lash curler
  • small smudge eye liner brush
  • medium eye shadow brush
  • blush/bronzer brush
  • powder brush
  • foundation brush, or application tool
  • lipstick brush

Steps To Modern Glamour Makeup:



Great looking skin is a given with this edgy glamour makeup style, so an even, fresh complexion is the objective.



Choose a formulation that does not exceed your coverage needs. An application should be applied in small increments to allow for effective blending, and monitoring of reaching objective of even skin tone.



An opaque creamy consistency will allow the greatest coverage when addressing dark circles, shadows, translucent skin areas around the eye zone.  This is also a great choice for blemish coverage staying put (even better with the help of a little powder on top ).  Again, not exceeding your coverage needs will deliver the freshest finish.



Light dusting of translucent loose powder to set base application.

TRY Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer for the perfect custom blend shade for your skin and its coverage needs.



Optional. To bronze or not to bronze maybe the question, however, radiant three dimensional color is still the answer.

If you opt for *sun-kissed, take a nice soft dome shaped blush powder brush, and sweep across the nose, cheeks and a touch on the forehead, chin, under the chin, and décolletage (achieves visual color flow).

TRY one of Guerlain's Terracotta Bronzing Powder formats.  They are easy to use, foolproof, natural looking and one of the best, if not the best powder bronzer out there.

color palette photo color palette diagram



A natural looking shade of blush on the apples of your cheeks (Suggested shades? Rose or pastel pink, pinky-peach or coral depending on your skin tone.)



Dial up the glamour element for nights out or increase dimension period. Add soft shimmer to highlight cheeks, eyes, and d├ęcolletage (a multipurpose stick like the one by NARS is a great tool for this).

TRY Guerlain Sculpting Blush, NARS The Multiple, multi purpose stick to give a little 3D radiant 'humph' to cheek and brow bones.



Modern Glamour Makeup style does not have to use a smoky eye makeup style, but well defined, great eye makeup application is key to successfully pulling off this look.


diagram of smoky eye makeup techniqueRefer to steps in diagram.

glamour makeup tipThe trick to a professional looking smoky eye really comes down to effective color layering and smudging of shadows, liners etc., to create that soft but dramatic eye.

A darker palette of colors; ex. plums, grays, blacks will create more intensity, and conversely, a lighter palette of colors; ex. beige, golds, browns will create a softer definition of the eyes.

Dial up the drama in the eye makeup by using satin shadows, highlighting the inner corner of your eye and outer brow with a little shimmer, and use the blackest black mascara.

Many cosmetic companies offer great smoky eye kits that include two to three shades of shadow, the smudge brush, sometimes a black eye pencil, and a step by step guide. TRY Lorac Close Up: Real Life To Red Carpet Eye Tutorial.

For a complete detailed breakdown of Smokey Eye Makeup, click here.



As stated in the diagram, use several coats of mascara.

Start with the top lashes, grabbing the very tips with a horizontally held wand and wiggling the want to grip and coat as many lashes as possible.

Immediately follow this with grabbing the base of the upper lashes (with the same wiggle action to grip as many as possible) and pull all the way through the tips.

Repeat with one more coat and 'work' the lashes with the wand, as you coat  (while lashes are still wet they are more easily placed or separated and will not shed mascara dust).



Balanced and groomed. This is not only an important part of not only the eye makeup, but also to the appeal of your makeup as a whole (check out this chart to ensure your brow size and scale is in balance with your face).



The lips in this modern glamour makeup style are lower key than the eyes, and definitely much lower, when compared to the original look of glamour makeup.

Remember, 'low key' does not mean bare and without definition. They are, in fact, well defined, just with non-bold color.  Natural earthy berry, pinks, mauves or nude lip color shades look gorgeous with the more dramatic eye of modern glamour makeup.

TRY Laura Mercier Lip Pencil Natural Lips for a good match to your natural lip or Cargo The Reverse Lip Liner, for those who want to create more full lips, and also prevent bleeding of color.

apple contour graphicLast word on Modern Glamour Makeup...

The impression of 'cool' is created in great fashion style choices from head to toe. Modern glamour makeup is 'cool', well designed, present and reflects style know how. It also helps to have an arsenal of great products that can meet the specific nature of a style detail. Below are some great products that deliver modern glamour details.

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