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This shortcut to great health and beauty products won't be everything to everyone, BUT if you are looking for a short cut through a wide ranging field, here you go. The products mentioned below are ones that stand out, have great reputations, are proven effective in their particular area of expertise.


Health And Beauty Products That You Can Count On


Attitude/ Motivation/ Knowledge

Sometimes its a little more than knowledge that's needed to get us to change unhealthy habits to healthy habits... the list of great books to read is endless so I will tell you about the more celebrated mainstream books I know are well written, effective, and popular.

Good reading, self help etc... Stephen Covey's 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People 15th Anniversary Edition by Stephen R. Covey (Powerful Lessons in Personal Change -life management, priorities, satisfaction), What's Age Got to Do With It? by Robin McGraw (Hardcover - Thomas Nelson Inc) Anthony Robbins (reaching your dreams, being your best), Bill Phillips Body For Life (Body Transformation, Life Transformation)...

You can also go to Oprah's website ( articles on a wide range of topics that deal with improving your life habits.


Nutrition- plays a big role in our quest for a healthier lifestyle (of coarse) ...if you are not fueling your body properly you can't expect it to perform well.   In addition you can run into motility issues, vitamin deficiencies and illness. The below are not the complete answer but they can assist you in 'upping' your protein, your fiber, and yes, your energy.

  • High Fiber / Protein / Energy Bars -if your not sure where to start, take a look at these quality brands to meet your needs Clif Bars, Kashi Go Lean, FitSmart Protein Bar (choices based on specific need & flavor preference),
  • supplements- multi -vitamin (age appropriate), antioxidants , greens & berries , Omega 3 and other fish oils , calcium, glucosamine/ chondroitin joint support, vitamin C, Folic Acid....
  • sports nutrition shakes-high protein shakes; whey protein is a one good option ...

Weight Loss

Books by Bob Greene (Oprah's Personal Trainer specializing in exercise physiology, fitness and weight loss);
The Best Life Diet by Bob Greene (Paperback - Revised; Updated),
Dr. Mehmet Oz ( Cardiovascular Health & overall wellness,;
You on a Diet by Mehmet Oz (Hardcover - Free Press)
and Dr. Phil McGraw;
Ultimate Weight Solution by Phillip C. McGraw (Paperback - Reprint)

Programs...there are many...what are you up for? Would you like your weight loss results for good? Then you have to make a change across the board...nutrition, exercise, finding balance in your living habits (healthy habits need to over ride the unhealthy ones and DOMINATE!)

Health And Beauty Products continued...


A HEART RATE MONITORIS A MUST to ensure you are hitting heart rate targets and getting important cardiovascular and fat burning benefits (or if you are someone at greater risk who needs to play close attention), plus a whole lot more helpful functions.  You can go with one by well known brand Timex  Iron man line or go to the top with Polar, where you can create fitness and weight loss training plans.

Fitness Equipment -Regardless of what size a home gym you are shopping for (exercise room or a closet), practical, value priced, and quality made are components we are ALL looking for. Look for products that have clear cut manufacturer's warranty, great customer service, and a customer satisfaction guarantee.

Although every company has their special products, it doesn't hurt to start your quest for the perfect fitness gear with long standing companies like Bowflex who will likely provide you with the most ideal combination of service, price and quality.

One item in particular that I can attest to (especially helpful for those with a closet size home gym) are the space saving select tech free weight system.

Health And Beauty Products...

Looking for fun, motivating, fat burning workout dvds? Try Beach Body Products; Home Fitness Programs- Insanity: The Asylum, Turbofire, Hip Hop Abs (I have done this one and its good)...they can be found on their own website or the  Home Shopping Network.

Playing Outside...

Whether its on a mountain bike, at a tennis court, on a golf course or a beach, great gear can make all the difference...take your time to size up sports equipment that will deliver an enjoyable experience. They don't have to be top of the line, or what the pros use...unless of course you are a pro or great at the sport and their specifications are manageable.

It is always a good idea to get a little direction in sporting goods store by someone who has some real experience and knowledge (not always the case). Choosing items appropriate to your size (skis the right length with your goals in mind, grip size of a tennis racket), ability (golf clubs that suit your needs), and also leave you room to grow in your ability will get you on your way to rewarding outdoor play time.

More health and beauty products...


Care for and protect your skin always but especially outdoors...

Add to outdoor play some good old sun sense; UV protective clothing, full UVA/ UVB spectrum sunscreen (titanium oxide, avobenzone, mexoryl, tinosorb are all ingredients that will ensure this), sun glasses and a hat.

You can find lots of great information on skin and sun care on the navigation bar to your left, but for a quick health and beauty products, inexpensive, broad spectrum, sweat proof, durable sunscreen pick, try Banana Boat Sport Performance Sunscreen Lotion Spf 30: 8 Oz or Banana Boat Sport Performance Sunscreen, Lotion, SPF 15 - 8 oz


Oral Care...last category of health and beauty products on the page but should be at the top of your list when it comes to healthy beauty 'first things first'.

For concerns regarding health teeth and mouth, try this frontier, innovative dentist's products for excellent oral care information and solutions.

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