Five Quick Health and Beauty Tips

'Kick Start' Some Healthy Habits

Don't undersestimate the powerful results these simple health and beauty tips concepts can bring. These five may not appear earth shattering, but taking action with them will bring about powerful quality to your life and dramatic improvement to your health.

Health And Beauty Tip #1:  When under the sun... wear sunscreen.

Fun in the sun really can't be beat but make sure you are using some sun sense. A quality sunscreen and protective clothing like a hat, sunglasses and long sleeve lightweight shirt go a long way to protect you from over exposure dangers like burns and heat stroke.

Sunscreen needs to be full spectrum UV protection.  Ensure UVA and UVB coverage with quality ingredients like tinsosorb S, mexoryl SX , avobenzone (Parsol 1789) and titanium dioxide (remember SPF just deals with UVB).

Health And Beauty Tip #2:  Keep it fresh... go play outside.

Regular participation in outdoor sports keeps your fitness plan fresh. Not only do you benefit from the cross training effects, your focus isn't at risk of obsessing over issues of vanity. Your fitness is being taken care of while your focus is on  play, in the moment, and in balance.

Physical activity brings an important sense of living in the present AND immediate fun (not to mention a little freedom from the mental clutter). Let the present begin to dominate and the future will begin to hold possibilities.

Health And Beauty Tip #3:  Smile... you are on your way to happy!

Just the physical act of smiling releases endorphins that improve the health of your body and your sense of well being. Not to mention, a beautiful healthy smile is one of the most powerful proponents to beauty.

According to a national study conducted by Harris Interactive Nasdaq (global leader in marketing research) , the number one thing people notice first upon meeting someone was their smile (94% !). This study also revealed that the majority of us believe an attractive smile is paramount to your professional life success, making friends and finding a mate. 87% of individuals polled believe that nice teeth are important to their self esteem.

Health And Beauty Tip #4:  Choose fresh... avoid packaged and processed whenever you can.

Not always easy to do, I know... but foods that are package usually have been preserved to extend their shelf life, which means additives that steal any quality. Go bright on nutrition. The brightest colors in fruits and vegetables are super foods loaded with antioxidants.

If you can't get your garden greens fresh regularly, try using a supplement that can mixes right into a glass of water and provide you with the nutritional benefits.

PLUS, a new nutritional element worthwhile to understand;

Aim for a high ORAC serving...

ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity and is a new standard of measurement jointly developed by the National Institutes on Aging and the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging. In simple terms, ORAC measures how well a food or drink renders free radicals inactive. Since free radicals can damage healthy cells in the body, the higher the ORAC the better".┬╣ Lucky
Health And Beauty Tip #5:  Get to know a doctor... and keep in touch.

Its so important to have a doctor that comes to know you, and has a sense of your health from a bigger picture (this will happen over time in the course of regular, routine visits). Keep on top of annual doctors visits, PAP tests, mammograms... no, none of it is fun, but it does put your mind at ease and 'red flags' potential health issues with follow up measures, avoiding conditions difficult to treat down the road.

Before any big NEW exercise regime, if you know you are out of shape and haven't been active for some time, it is probably a good idea to consult with your doctor.

┬╣Lucky in relation to Garden Greens-AcaiSplash Energizing Mixed Berry Drink

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