Health And Beauty

How To Have A Life With Energy & Vitality

Your physical health and beauty have an incredible link.

Lifestyle habits, good or bad, effect our inner physical self and if not immediately, they eventually reveal themselves in your outer appearance; your complexion, eyes, lips, teeth, hair, nails, body shape, energy, etc. all speak volumes about your state of health.

AND no amount of great makeup or fashion prowess can cover poor physical condition... health and beauty go hand in hand.

A lifestyle loaded with healthy habits will also impact your energy level, your attitude, and your vitality; your verve, vim, vigor, spark, energy, juice or as in Chinese philosophy, your Chi (your life force).

At a chemical level, your body releases endorphins via the pituitary gland as a result of physical exercise and that produces feelings of well being... but that's just the beginning.

When someone has vitality, there is a

'joie de vivre'

(French saying expressing 'zest for life').

It's a beautiful thing...inside and out.

Do you want that joie de vivre?

You are on your way by taking stock of where you are at, right now... and hey, most of us don't need a health care professional to tell us we are out of shape, over weight and eating poorly... we know. Once you decide what you want to achieve, then either you can make a plan, or even better, a health or fitness advisor can help you devise a fitness and nutrition plan that will have you on the road to successfully and healthfully meeting your goals (talk to your doctor first if you have been inactive or overweight for a long period of time, and/or you have health issues).

So What Is A Healthy Weight?
The use of a body mass index chart or calculator will determine a very important starting point on your road to a healthy weight and fit body.

Get these four components of physical health and beauty under way, and you will be sure to feel that beautiful spark in your  life:

Health AND Beauty Step 1: FITNESS...

Get active if you are not... And exhausting shopping excursions, housework and/or chasing after your kids don't count (hey, I know all those things can be tiring but they don't produce a healthy fit body). Get a hold of some time for YOU that incorporates an intentional workout. What do I mean by intentional?...One that has been picked out, scheduled, and suited to you, your personality, and your goals. How you workout can be in many forms but it should address improving your cardiovascular health, your muscle strength and flexibility.

Your options are endless... just start!

Choosing Your Fitness Program

Health AND Beauty Step 2: FOOD...

Eat healthy. Fuel your body with energy efficient, antioxidant rich, low fat, low sugar, low salt, quality, naturally derived food. Its not that hard and you will see & feel the difference. Once you have healthy eating habits in check treat yourself to that special something every once in a while don't have to be militant, just diligent.

Its a good idea to consider age appropriate supplements for everyone in your family, especially if you know your dietary habits aren't always on track. Even healthy choices may not add up to the appropriate nutritional serving (example? women getting enough calcium, children vitamin D and C etc.).

Easy To Learn Calorie Formulas: How Many Calories To Lose Weight?- Understanding how many calories to lose weight is the key to any weight loss success and this easy guide makes it simple.

Free Weight Loss Tips : Understanding The Fundamentals Is The Key To Success-Get the fundamentals of weight loss, plus great info on popular weight loss programs, with these free weight loss tips.

Health AND Beauty Step 3: FOCUS...

Find focus... have some fun. Life can get pretty hectic with all the needs that have to be met; children, family, work, your home, events etc leaving you feeling overwhelmed , short on time, left out and likely, stressed out.
A. Clear out the clutter that robs you of time for life's priorities.
B. Map out a schedule that invests your time in what is important in life like quality time with your kids, spouse, family, friends, and YOU and one that keeps you on track.
C. Stick to it! The return will be priceless.

Health AND Beauty Step 4: GO...

Get Going! more excuses. Life is too short to wait for a more convenient day to start giving yourself, your family, your friends quality attention.

I guarantee that the moment you start injecting a little QC (quality control) into your daily life, good things will start to happen. Here are a handful of quick, simple ways to inject quality, goodness and energy into your lifestyle; health and beauty tips, click here.

Are you looking for health and beauty supplies? Here are the results of a little homework in search of helpful health and beauty products.

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