Healthy Teeth

Tips For Good Oral Care And A Lifetime of Service

Healthy teeth only come as a result of proper oral care. Proper oral care may sound very labor intensive or high maintenance but caring for teeth to keep them healthy is pretty straightforward. You just need to get clear on the objectives.

Teeth have the onerous task of several times daily, for as long as you live, grinding down food for swallowing and assisting digestion. As you know this important task fuels your body. Like any important tool that gets a lot of wear, their is regular care and upkeep needed if you want that tool to keep performing its job.

In addition, there are very effective tools available that can make oral care and healthy teeth a breeze, not to mention delivering a mouth that looks as good as it feels. The electric toothbrush, and other power oral devices have come a long way with their high tech oscillating, pulsating, sonic, microprocessor assisted advancements.  Cutting edge brands like Oral B, Sonicare, Ultrasonic and Cybersonic, all have impressive unique designs worth your consideration.

Dealing with bad breath is often presented with humor in television commercials, but in reality this dilemma is anything but funny for those who have it. Click on the following for more on the causes of bad breath and one dentist's proven success eliminating bad breath for his patients.

#1 For healthy teeth, begin with knowledge.

Simply ask your dentist's assistant or your dentist for instruction on proper oral care to ensure that your techniques clean your teeth, gums and the rest of your mouth efficiently and effectively. You can also visit The American Dental Association's website.

For excellent oral care products that have been researched, developed and tested by a dentist himself, click here.

#2 Actually do it. Care for your teeth properly and regularly.

Healthy teeth result from a regular habit of proper oral care. Generally, there are three zones in your mouth to focus your cleaning attention on for healthy teeth;

1. TEETH -Teeth are not only to appear clean for the purposes of being attractive, you want your teeth to BE clean so they can be healthy. Everywhere from the space between your front teeth to the dark corners and crevices of your molars, need to be free of plaque buildup.

HOW? Using a soft bristled toothbrush, brush your teeth gently using short circular strokes (not up and down), and thoroughly using a routine that ensures you have brushed all sides of your teeth. Brush your teeth three times a day, two minimum, especially following meals.

apple graphicConsider an electric toothbrush for highly effective plaque removal and both healthier teeth and gums.

2. GUMS- Your gums need to be healthy and strong to properly anchor your teeth and protect your teethes nerves endings.

HOW? Floss between teeth and carefully down into the gum line, to dislodge food particles and buildup from plaque.

3. TONGUE-Avoid a build up of plaque on your tongue which will over run the defensive role of saliva (to neutralize the acid of plaque). It is also a primary source of bad breath.

HOW? This may sound gross, but there is something called a tongue scraper that removes the build up of plaque on your tongue, OR you can simply brush your tongue with your toothbrush to remove the plaque and feel fresh.

Bad Breath Anyway?

If you believe that you have effective oral care habits and continue to deal with bad breath, otherwise known as halitosis, click here for an excellent resource on getting rid of bad breath, and some proven solutions.

For other great tips and resources for healthy teeth and proper oral care, including effectively fighting serious bad breath issues, click here.

#3 See your dentist regularly.

Your age will determine how often, i.e. children see a dentist more regularly than adults.


The sticky film of plaque will grow, the food caught and left unattended in your teeth and gums, will cause tooth decay and breakdown your tooth enamel, giving way to cavities, inflamed gums, and more.

That's just for starters... These cavities will ultimately grow and if left unchecked by a dentist, and in severe case rot away the tooth.

Whether its food lodged in your gums, a build up of hardened plaque called tartar, trapping bacteria depending on the gravity, can lead to a hidden cavity, infection, gingivitis... none pleasant or minor concerns.

Not only would these experiences be incredibly painful and definitely expensive because now you need a much larger service from your dentist than a check up, it would also be a completely unnecessary experience.

#4 Feel good about your teeth.

Attractive healthy teeth play a very important role in your confidence and the impression you make with others.

If you are satisfied that you care for your teeth effectively, and they are reported to be healthy by a dental professional, BUT you are still not satisfied with their appearance consider whitening your teeth.

It is amazing what a transition teeth make from the realm of dull and unimpressive, to dazzling when this one simple measure is taken.  If you are interested in taking action
a BIG step in the right direction is reviewing this specially formulated system by Dr. Katz (famous Californian dentist for development of extremely effective bad breath formulation called Therabreath).

Dr. Katz has now introduced a teeth whitening system using tray and bleaching gel called TheraBrite.

Some of the great points in favor of trying this "in home" teeth bleaching system:

  • There is excellent product information
  • It is less expensive because you make your own tray, with a user friendly mold system he supplies eliminating the travel time to and from a dental lab.
  • It is glycerin free and thus removes the teeth sensitivity issue.
  • He too uses 21% carbamide peroxide bleaching gel for effective results.
  • The bleaching gel has a pleasant mint flavor, unlike the other bleaching gels out there.
  • He offers a 30 DAY 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

apple graphicLast word on healthy teeth...

There is nothing worse than experiencing an unhealthy mouth. It comes with pain, sometimes expensive dental repair work, and it can be unattractive (it definitely feels that way).  Just these small measures daily will keep those troubles away.

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