The Latest Holiday Makeup Look

A Classic Show Stopper With A Graphic Twist

This year the classic holiday makeup look of dramatic cat eye and bold lips, gets even bolder! Why? The huge trend of extremely graphic eye lining has upped the ante on daring lines of all kinds! If you don't want to take the dare, no problem. Keep it in it's traditional style, with a more narrow line and lower key flick.

If, however, you want to dial up the graphic element, there are some beautiful ideas hot off the fall/winter shows' runways. Anything seems to go these days, so it will be hard to go wrong.

These are two main style directions that maintain it's classic design lines but take on the new graphic twist. Traditional style but eye liner scaled up with bolder tail, or the popular Graphic Cat Eye trend with a modern geometric twist.

bright snowflakesFirst things first. Gather the makeup and tools you are going to need, remembering the most critical elements to this look; black liner, gold metallic shadow and bright lips (bright shade red, violet, coral, etc.).

number 1 graphicGather the makeup and tools.


black and bright illustrationThe strongest element to the eye makeup is the black dramatic lining of the eye. So with that said, the stronger the black line, the less of a role eyeshadow will take.

If you are going the 'classic' route of this holiday makeup look, get a rich gold metallic eyeshadow. It will provide the perfect backdrop to the black eye liner.

If you are going the dramatic graphic route, choose a nude satin shade.

A spectacular palette to consider treating yourself to would be the new Dior 3-COULEURS GLOW Luminous Graphic Eye Palette Eyeshadow, Highlighter & Liner (2.)

  • eyeshadow duo, liner and highlighter
  • 'new generation fusion eyes shadow formulas enhance your eyes with an eye shadow base, a highlighter, and a liner for a perfectly glowing runway ready look'
  • (You also can create a gorgeous soft smokey eye with this palette).

An awesome, award winning set to cater to all your shadow moods?

1. Gold 2. Nude 3. Liquid Eyeliner


Gel Liner like Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner create that fluid, slick sheen of black that a liquid eye creates, however, it is applied with a fine eyeliner brush (as in top image above) and is FAR more forgiving if your hands are a little shaky.

If you are determined to use a liquid eyeliner, for full effect results, Dior has a rich, creamy one called Dior Style Liner Noir Black 094 (shown). MAC has a product called Fluidline Blacktrax Liquid Liner that is the product of choice among many makeup pro.

One more option I will mention is Lancome ARTLINER - Precision Point EyeLiner Noir if you are looking for one that can perform extreme fine point precision, and intricate design work (I have used it and it does create super precise skinny lines!).


Many shades of brights on lips will work for this holiday makeup look, do express yourself in violet, coral, fushia, or be classic in red.

Dior Addict Lipstick Bellisima (shown) is a beautiful option. Long wearing, hydrating, sheer color that is build-able (can't beat that;-).

Want to keep it bright but take it into a different style direction, try this spotlight catching, lip plumping gloss called Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Evening Rose 756 (rose red with micro glitter or Little Red Dress 856(true red with micro glitter).


  • Medium Eyeshadow
  • Angled Small Eyeliner Brush
  • Fine Liner Brush
  • Lipstick Brush
  • Eyelash Curler
  • QTips
  • Makeup remover


Whether you opt for prestige or budget brand, choose the blackest mascara you can find. Dior Diorshow or Maybelline Great Lash are two good choices. You may want to even consider waterproof formulations.

OPTIONAL False Lashes, Inc.Parties are always a perfect excuse to give false lashes a try (for me too much in a daily routine). So if you really want to take this look to its limits, there are many types of lashes available, including inexpensive options by Sephora.

However, great mascara can go a long way, and save you a lot of hassle (they can really be tricky sometimes). A great option, and an awesome touch would be opting for individual lashes and strategically placing them at the outer end of the upper lash line.

number 2 graphic Holiday Makeup Look Application
Neutral Even Skin Tone

Even out skin tone with as sheer as possible foundation.

apple tip graphic HOLIDAY MAKEUP LOOK TIP Golden Rule Of Foundation:

Less is ALWAYS more. Excess beyond your own unique complexion needs quickly become detectable, and well, excessive in appearance. For a refresher on a flawless foundation application, step by step, click here.

This flawless holiday makeup look has an overall neutral toned complexion with a soft, dewy glow (definitely not matte dry). There are a number of ways you can achieve this effect. One way starts right here, at the foundation stage.

There are foundation options with luminescent qualities (light reflecting properties), or you can buy a luminator that you mix into your regular foundation (liquid), or you can dust with a powder that creates a finish to that effect.

The first two gorgeous effects, proven products that come to mind are Benefit Cosmetics High Beam High Beam 0.45 oz and Dior Diorskin Shimmer Star Rose Diamond 0.35 oz. Highbeam you can blend right into your foundation or moisturizer for an all over glow or spot place for highlight effects. Dior skin is a powder format you sweep over forehead, temple cheeks chin (pretty much wherever you want the glow:-).

number 3 graphic Holiday Makeup Look Application

apple tip graphic HOLIDAY MAKEUP LOOK TIP Clean Polished Finish

This holiday makeup look needs to be polished and that means taking extra measures to ensure a tidy precision application. I find the most practical way of avoiding a lot of shadow dust under your eye, is by folding a tissue, placing and holding the folded edge right under lower lash line.

Eyeshadow really does take a backseat to the drama of the black liner, however, it is an important backdrop to the design of the line.


Take your medium head eyeshadow brush, your eyeshadow of choice (metallic gold or nude satin), gather the pigment on your brush, and tap off the excess. Then sweep in the upper lid zone of lash line. to brow, blending well to just under the brow bone.


Use your luminizing product and give the out third under your brow an added touch.


The original look is absolutely bare (no shadow or liner , however, you can opt to take your nude or metallic shadow and sweep from outer to inner corner for an eye opening, beautiful effect).

number 4 graphic Holiday Makeup Look Application

There are a number of ways to create this cat eye holiday makeup look, but first you need to choose your medium. Fine liner brush and black gel liner (more forgiving for newbies OR shaky hands) OR black liquid liner (purist approach, original method).

apple tip graphic HOLIDAY MAKEUP LOOK TIP Practice Makes Perfect

Before your big event, give this lining technique a few trys... it will be worth it to avoid the frustration of mistakes the night of.

Option #1 Traditional Cat Eye Makeup Style Technique :

traditional cat eye illustrationObjective - Creating a tight, fluid line.
1. Take your brush, begin at the inner corner of your eye, and begin a very tight sweep along your upper lash line.

NOTE: A lighter touch will keep the line thin, as you apply pressure, the line will thick

2. The objective is to not only create a tight fluid looking sweep of black along your lash line., but also create a line that gradually thickens, notably thicker as the line continues from the center, outward.

3. The 'kick', 'flick' or 'tail' begins at the outer corner extending with a curl upwards. The shape and scale of this curl are really up to you.

In light of recent lining styles of graphic proportions, I say go "big" with your holiday makeup look this season, or stay home! I am just kidding of course:-)

Option #2 Graphic Cat Eye :

graphic eye liner illustration

Basically the finished shape is scaled up and retains a fluid tapering line.

apple tip graphicF.Y.I. I have heard that this is a helpful technique for beginners. Map out the desired line shape with a black pencil to create a guide, and then they go over the pencil line with the liquid or gel liner.

number 5 graphicHoliday Makeup Look Application

If you are going to use false lashes, apply them first. Gently curl the false lashes too using your eyelash curler.

Curl your eyelashes CAREFULLY with an eyelash curler.

apple tip graphic HOLIDAY MAKEUP LOOK TIP

A great technique for a more a natural round curl comes from Billy B top pro makeup artist:

Position the curler close to your upper lash line base and GENTLEY squeeze. Then release and slide the curler to a mid lash position and GENTLEY squeeze. Voila! A big round bend.

Take a volume oriented black mascara and start at your eyelash tips, angling the mascara wand to paint the tips of as many as you can.

Then dip your wand into the tube again and begin your application, gripping the base of your lashes with your mascara wand in a horizontal position.

Pull the wand through your lashes, all the way through your tips, using a wiggling motion. This motion helps grip as many lashes as possible for a maximum mascara application.

Repeat to desired finish.

apple tip graphicIt's best to work your lashes as you go, separating and placing them etc. while they are wet and malleable. Then use a lash comb or brush (or recycle and clean a wand from a finished mascara) to finish off.

number 6 graphic Holiday Makeup Look Application
QTip Clean Up

With a QTip clean up mascara specs, missed eyeshadow dust, out of zone shadow placement (avoid winged eyes for the softer smokey eye look) and that stuff that collects in the corner of your eyes.

number 7 graphic Holiday Makeup Look Application


We have a soft neutral glow, however, if you would like a touch more color, consider a soft, light handed sweep of rose or coral.

Using a blush brush, gather color and then sweep along cheek starting and moving outward toward the ear (the color will be strongest at the start and dissipate moving out).

number 8 graphic Holiday Makeup Look Application

This the other main feature element for this bold and bright holiday makeup look. Look for a long wearing formulation of lipstick and consider a lip primer to prep your lips (or try a lip balm which can offer similar properties of locking in hydration and creating a smooth base for your lip color.

Grab your nude lip liner or one matching your lip color choice, ensure that it is sharp for a precision application, and line your lips. For some lip lining strategies click here.

apple tip graphicWith holiday season parties and gatherings of any kind, there is a lot of kissing and eating SO bring your lip makeup for reapplications (they will be inevitable).

apple contour graphicLast Word on this holiday makeup look...

Polish and precision are a big part of any makeup application, but with the extra bold nature of this holiday makeup look, you will want to ensure this. Giving your cat eye and lip look a trial run ahead of the events, is a really good idea:-)

Happy Holidays!

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