Holiday Makeup Trends 2012

Finding The Gems In The Extremes

color snowflakesThe holiday makeup trends 2012 are definitely a carry over from the popular styles of the fall and winter 2012 runway shows. The problem is some of you may have just written of the all of the ideas because of their particularly extreme themes.

As Lisa Niven reported in her British Vogue on-line article October 26th, many of the artists "took their cues from the macabre" opting for "otherworldly" over pretty.

Other options? 'Gothic drama', 'dark lips', 'bare lips', 'bright matte lips', 'bleached bows', 'bold dramatic black eye liner', 'bright eyeshadow', gold metallic eye shadow, brown and beige shadows, no blush, extreme blush, extreme big and bold, black liner whether geometric, winged, smudged or otherwise... all seen on the runways for this season, and all rather extreme in their presentation.

The truth is, if you look a little closer, and peel back the extreme styling on good number of looks, you can find some doable, 'real world fit' makeup in the midst o f those theatrical extremes. With a little bit of filtering and a little/a lot of scaling back the bold visual elements, you will discover some beautiful gems hidden in the top Holiday Makeup Trends 2012.

number one graphicHoliday Makeup Trends 2012 Gem
Wine Lips, Bleached Brows, Glowing Skin ...

This extreme runway version was created by well respected and talented, top pro makeup artist, Pat McGrath for Gucci.

"Real World" Filter

Skip the extreme measure of bleached brows and you have a beautiful style with dark wine red lips as the focal point.

  • Replace the bright pastel eyeshadow shade (a coral shade in the photo I saw from the Gucci show) with a warm neutral matte shade. Then dial up your upper lash line definition a touch, with tightly placed, thin black pencil. Soften the lash line by blending the pencil with a small eye liner brush. Finish with a lengthening black mascara for a more natural finish to the lashes.
  • Keep a lower key complexion glow using a luminizer product.
  • For full effect dramatic dark wine color lips, try Yves Saint Laurent ROUGE PUR COUTURE Vernis Glossy Stain 2 Brun Glace 0.20 oz(texture and shine of a gloss with the long wear of stain, shown right).
  • Clinique's cult favorite shade Black Honey would be a gorgeous, more sheer option and comes in multiple lip makeup formulations Almost Lipstick, Superbalm Moisturizing Lip Gloss (qualities include high-gloss, hydrating protection, long lasting) and Black Honey Lip Duo of Almost Lipstick on one end and Long Last Glosswear.

number two graphicHoliday Makeup Trends 2012 Gem
Bold Graphic Black Eyeliner, Neutral Skin Tone, & Bare Mouth ...

Bold lines have been huge this year. Creating an impressive 'cat eye' is child's play compared to some of the artistic lining seen at the Fall/ Winter 2012 shows.

Regardless of the artistic merit, whatever the technique and style, the look has to work for us in our real environments.

I am going to state the obvious and say that most of us will never do the to the extremes of the runway on bold geometric style, HOWEVER, this look is still VERY doable.

"Real World" Filter

YOU can determine the degree of bold and custom fit the liner to you. The shape and look have been displayed many ways, however, it looks something like the above left diagram. Scale it down a little or a lot, it's all up to you and the end result will look fabulous.

Dior 3-COULEURS GLOW Luminous Graphic Eye Palette
-A luminous graphic eye palette featuring
an eye shadow duo, highlighter, and liner

  • Start with nude satin finish eyeshadow like Dior's (right).
  • Scale back both the length and width of the black line, and consider the shape you want.
  • Also you can improve your success by choosing a product with a forgiving nature like MAC's Fluid Gel Liner in Blacktrack and a good fine eyeliner brush OR a small angled eyeliner brush, and a black shadow palette (twisting the angled brush at the outer corner creates a 'kick).
  • If you are trying to create a curvilinear line, practice using liquid or gel liner a few times to perfect the style you are going for.
  • If you are trying to create a straight lined, long triangular shape, again practice it a few times till you achieve a good proportion. I read that a trick to creating that super clean squared off edge was achieved by a QTip and eye makeup remover (Kenzo show with artist Yadim, according to British Vogue writer Lisa Niven.)
  • Create a neutral even skin tone if you wish, but instead of literally a matte bare mouth as appears on the runways, consider a low key nude, or natural looking shade with a dewy finish.

number three graphicHoliday Makeup Trends 2012 Gem
Bright Matte Lips, Bare No Makeup Face ...

This is the pairing of two extremes. For me, bare and bright would require the greatest amount of bold.

"Real World" Filter

When you see what appears to be a bare face void of makeup, what you are really viewing is 'barely there'. Base makeup is being worn at a minimum but still enough to even the skin tone of the model.

There is no eye makeup or blush though, which allows an effective design contrast to the blast of bright color on the lips.

There are lots of fantastic lip colors that will provide the desired bright impact. Check out this high opacity lip makeup called Lip Tar for a bright lip (tons of colors to choose from, 100% vegan, and made with a blend of essential oils).

  • Prime your lips for a smooth lasting finish that also avoids dehydrating them.
  • Line them with the perfect color match. Remember two benefits to lining, the prevention lip color bleed into vertical lines around the mouth, and also strategically shapes lips into balance or greater fullness.

number four graphicHoliday Makeup Trends 2012 Gem
Windswept Cheeks ...

This look, is meant to exaggerate the look of coming in from out of the weather; rosy cheeks, tousled hair, etc...
was seen at Tommy Hilfiger and a number of others. It really is a beautiful look.

"Real World" Filter

You really could take this look almost as is. The problem is if you mimic exactly what you see, it will only ever look like a big, clownish mistake off the runway.

So this is it at it's essence:

  • Classic, pretty eye definition in neutral, matte eyeshadow shades like taupe, beige and brown.
  • Cheek blush is more of a red flush, like one would achieve using Benefit classic cult favorite Benetint Lip & Cheek Stain.
  • Lips also have a red flush to them, but not glossy and dramatic.

Last word on the gems of the holiday makeup trends 2012...
There is quite a range in style directions in the four gems above, which should provide at least one option to try for your next holiday event. Cheers!

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