How To Apply Blush

Easy Steps To Fresh Radiant Beauty

Learning how to apply blush well, is worth your time and effort.  Arguably the most high impact makeup element in terms of beauty (and where pro makeup artists spend most of there time on models and celebrities), is achieving the look of a great radiant complexion. 

And, if we can set aside the differences between us in makeup styles, I think we can all agree the number one objective to wearing blush is to deliver natural looking color to the cheek, and an overall glow to our complexion. 

The key to getting great results will be in the technique you use in the moment of the application (good placement and blending) and a little pre-application strategy before you actually place it.  Yes, as with anything, a game plan can go a long way and choosing the right products and tools will make a big difference.

Choosing Your Blush

  • Product format choice to suit your skin type, the season, and your style objectives? Cream, powder, stain etc.
  • Color choices? An earthy natural shade to match to your natural flush, a brighter shade and match to your skin tone.
  • End style objectives? A natural flush, minimalistic barely there, sculpted 3D, sun kissed.

Once you map out those details, you can get to the job of actually putting it on.

Placing Your Blush (Keep This In Mind During The Application)

1.  Your face is not a flat, single toned surface... It is multi-planed, with a variety of tones, both flattering (natural flush in your cheek if you're lucky) and unflattering (dark circles of blue under you eyes and the purple on your eyelids). 

 2.  Enhancing your complexion's coloring will be by layering sheer veils of color.  You will be using tones that  both increase ideal color and diminish unflattering coloring.

How To Apply Blush PART I.

1 Make sure your skin has a good moisture level.  Hydrate and moisturize before you add any makeup to your skin (this step applies to everyone except those with very oily skin).

2Even out your skin tone with a light hand.  Foundation and concealer should be used based on need AND as close a match to your skin as possible.  Try to maintain as sheer a quality as possible to your overall foundation application... enough to create even tone but still have a sense of your skin.  Next, use a concealer to deal with dark circles and blemishes.

apple graphicMake sure you get a good skin tone match.  Anything less than 'good', will not only detract from a great makeup application, it will create a distraction.  If needed, a department store cosmetics counter clerk will happily apply a few recommendations to your jawline and you can check them in natural light with a hand held mirror, and make an excellent choice.

How To Apply Blush Part II.

blush diagram1


Before a powder blush application, begin with a large powder brush, and lightly dust your face with loose translucent powder.


Skip dusting cheek zone with translucent  powder.  Begin with clean finger tips placing and blending the color at the apple and along the cheek, toward the outer side cheek.



Add first shade of blush, a more natural looking blush shade close to own skin tone, with large blush brush start at *apple of cheek (area of cheek that protrudes when you smile) sweeping out along cheek bone to hairline, blending well (strength of color should diminish as you move outward).  

Place a small stroke on your forehead and chin, and if you really want youthful, on your nose too... All this creates a balanced placement of color and an even flow to the eye of the observer (not just to patches of color at the cheeks).


Take your vibrant shade and work just the apple of the cheek, blending from the center outward in a circular pattern. Blend into first shade.



Add second shade of blush, a more vibrant shade of pink, peach or coral, depending on your skin tone, in circular shape at *apple of cheek, blending downward into immediate area cheek bone.



Optional. Consider a third shade, like a bronzer, to sweep across the tops of the cheeks, nose, sides of forehead, jaw for that sun kissed 'full on' radiant look.  Or a  highlight product to really give your sculpted style dimension.

Last word on how to apply blush... -REMEMBER to Blend Well. There should be NO detectable transition or line of color.

And, as always in makeup application quality products and great tools will not only make the application easier, they will bring much better results. Here is a short list of best blush products to consider.

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