How To Put On Makeup

With A Little Star Power

Learning how to put on makeup, that resembles your favorite star's style is very doable. You can pick out the palette to match the colors worn and you can learn the makeup technique used to create the eye makeup style etc., and you will have something that technically resembles the look.

But there is more to it than that...

First of all, yes skilled makeup application and good product choices go a very long way in packing some beauty 'punch'.

However, that attention getting high impact beauty, the kind that has got your attention, is a result of more than a great makeup application.

That really high impact delivery that you see on celebrities and models, whether on screen or on the pages of magazines, is created by a collaboration of great design choices that are all working well together;

  • fashion choices; apparel and accessories
  • colors
  • textures
  • hair style
  • makeup styling

All brought to life by an individual's personality.

What is really generating that beauty impact from the celebrity who's beauty and style you admire, is SYNERGY. Elements that work well together create chemistry, something called synergy, and 'star power' is fueled by synergy.

I. How To Create Some Serious Design Synergy For Yourself

Grab some inspiration.

image of magazines A good magazine picture of the style you admire is a really helpful tool for figuring out exactly what you like about it. The fact that you like it is a great start, because you will also feel good in it.

Understand The Big Picture Of The Beauty Style

Consider all the elements to the beauty design whole.  They are all working together to contribute to that high impact beauty style that has got your attention.  As you consider each element from head to toe, custom fit them to your own unique features.

Elements, besides how to put on makeup, that build your beauty style;
  • hair style, length, color- take the style idea but consider your face shape, hair type, and coloring as you fit the style idea to you.
  • fashion; clothing style, color palette, texture, fit can all be adjusted to suit you and still keep the overall style feel
  • personality- be yourself always... you will bring these style choices to life, and they will only generate synergy if you stay true to who you are.


II. How To Put On Makeup And Create A Little Star Power

Step 1

Analyze the overall makeup look.

  • MAKEUP STYLE - Fresh, minimal, casual, notable, heavy,?... Does it have a distinguishable look? Vintage glamour or edgey, etc.?
  • PALETTE - Are the colors vivid, bright, earthy, very neutral?...
  • EYE MAKEUP- Light, low key, polished, dramatic?...
  • BROWS - Very groomed, natural shape, full?...
  • CHEEKS - bare, natural flush, sun kissed, color?...
  • LIPS- nude, natural looking color, bold?....

Need some help identifying the makeup style?   Top makeup styles  is a great resource on this site for not only figuring out what the makeup style might be, but also how to put on makeup for it, step by step.

Step 2

Breakdown the "MIX" of makeup details.

  • FOUNDATION- light, sheer, medium, full coverage
    dewy glow?- liquid illuminizer to mix into foundation, or spot place highlights to create shimmer
    sun kissed?- bronzer makeup or sunless tanning lotion
  • BLUSH -earthy, fresh, bright
  • EYE MAKEUP - a strong element to the overall makeup style and important to get right.   You should able to identify the types of products used.
  • BROW SHAPING tweezers, pencil, powder, gel
  • LIPSTICK- cream, frost, sheer, gloss
Step 3

Fit the makeup "MIX", to you.

how to apply eye makeup noteRemember:  You are taking the style in concept, but custom fitting the elements of the design to you.

Palette- When it comes to choosing shades of color, make sure they flatter your own coloring. If the style you are inspired by uses earthy natural  tones in the eye makeup palette,  choose an 'earthy' tone  that works for you. If the blush shade is a 'bright', make sure you choose a 'bright' that works for you complexion.

Style Techniques- Based on your own unique set of features, you will need to make some adjustments to makeup application methods and placements flattering to your features.

Last word on how to put on makeup with a little star power...

How well you choose the design elements of your entire look will be the key to how much chemistry they have and the beauty synergy you generate.

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