Laser Teeth Whitening

Fast, Dramatic, With A Price Tag To Match...

Laser Teeth Whitening is the fastest, most dramatic but also the most expensive route in teeth whitening methods. It also must be performed by a dentist.

Basically, a bleaching gel is applied to your teeth and the whitening properties of that gel are activated by a special light directed on your teeth. Your teeth will be dramatically whiter in a little over an hour. The price for this in office method is in the $1000 -$1500 price range.

A popular system whose name you may recognize because it has been getting a lot of attention is the " Zoom! In Office Whitening System " . According to its makers, Discus Dental, in just over an hour teeth will be on average 6-10 shades whiter. That's pretty impressive.

Is laser teeth whitening the best whitening method available?

It is the best for convenience, speed and dramatic results. Price-wise though, it is the most expensive method.   Keep in mind you can achieve pretty dramatic results using an "in home" bleaching gel and custom fit tray if you have the patience. You will pay significantly less money but it will take anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks, depending on the system you choose. Dentists offer an "At Home" Zoom! Whitening System that can deliver results in three days (Weekender, Night White).

Dentists also offer a number of other brands if you ask. Trusted brand Colgate has a take home professional whitening system which is a less expensive option to the "Zoom" system for example; "Colgate* Visible White* is a visible advance in professional take home whitening, providing fast, safe and effective whitening. Visibly Whiter Teeth in 3 days." (info courtesy Colgate).

An Alternative To Laser Teeth Whitening and Professional Teeth Whitening...

You can also do-it-yourself "At Home" using the systems sold by dental labs to dentists, now direct to the end customer ( just make sure you thoroughly review the product and business operation...look for a seal or check from the better business bureau for example, and a money back guarantee). If your teeth are healthy and don't have extensive dental work, you just might be a good candidate.

A safe bet for an "in home" teeth bleaching kit comes from a highly trusted source, a famous bad-breath dentist named Dr. Katz who now has developed a safe teeth bleaching formulation called Therabrite.

Here are just some of the important considerations you need to be aware of wehn reviewing your teeth bleaching options, that Dr. Katz offers:

  • Excellent product information
  • Expense- Therabrite is less expensive because you make your own tray, with a user friendly mold system he supplies eliminating the travel time to and from a dental lab.
  • Presence of Glycerin- Therabrite is glycerin free and thus removes the teeth sensitivity issue.
  • Percentage of bleaching agent present- Dr.Katz too uses 21% carbamide peroxide bleaching gel for effective results.
  • Flavor - The bleaching gel has a pleasant mint flavor, unlike the other bleaching gels out there.
  • He offers a 30 DAY 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

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