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You can expect every MAC makeup artist is a well trained, very creative resource to anyone looking to update their makeup style. Communication is the key.

Yes, I know MAC makeup artists are there primarily to sell their product line... of course they are.  HOWEVER, in my experience, the pressure to purchase is pretty low and if you luck into an artist really interested in helping you, you will get a fresh perspective and current style tips.

(*If you cave to the 'pressure' and buy some MAC makeup products, worse things can happen. I am happy to vouch for a lot of their product line.  In most cases, it is of good to excellent quality, performs well, and their price points on the whole are fair.)

Great Things You Can Learn From A MAC Makeup Artist

When it comes to makeup, as you might expect I have some pretty clear cut ideas (especially when it comes to me). But sometimes you just have to let go of what you think , and open your mind up to new ideas.

Luckily I learned not too long ago, that even makeup 'know it alls' can benefit from someone else's objective point of view. How did I learn this?  One of my girlfriends planned a "MAC Makeover Party" as a Christmas gift to her friends.  I thought, this will be fun, but I didn't expect to learn anything new...luckily I was wrong.

So here is what you can take away from a makeup session with a MAC makeup artist:

1.  A Fresh Style

With their training, technique finesse and arsenal of tools and products, a MAC makeup artist can produce pretty much any look.   So you can provide a little direction (mention a look you would like), a lot of direction (define the look completely with a magazine picture or refer to a famous face that wears that particular look as her signature look) or let your mac makeup artist help you from their fresh vantage point and give them a little free reign to cultivate what they think might look good on you.

2.  An introduction to, or assistance on, style techniques, the tools and products you would use.

Yes, this is the underlying premise for the MAC makeup artist but it is at an ingenious level at MAC.  Other companies offer the same idea in many ways, but MAC was really the first to give you the sensation of walking into a 'studio' feel environment and have a 'makeup artist' work with you, one-on-one.

3.  Learn What Products To Choose For Your Needs...

As you experiment with the makeup, there will be makeup formats (cream, powder, liquid), colors (neutrals, earth tones, brights) and tools( foundation brush, powder brush, eyeliner brush etc) that you will need to complete the style you have favored.  If ultimately you buy a few of the items that he or she uses to create that look you like, I would say that is a 'win-win' experience.. 

apple contour graphicLast word on MAC makeup artists...

It is in a MAC makeup artists best interest to serve you to the best of her ability.  That means, try and figure out what you are trying to achieve, find a palette that works for you, choose and show you styles that are reasonable for you to replicate, complete makeup techniques that will look great on you, all while working within your comfort zone. If he or she is successful at meeting your needs, and you like what you see, you will likely be buying MAC makeup products that day.

At the end of our makeup makeover session with our MAC makeup artists almost all of us were very happy with the results, and it made for a fun evening out afterwards (we looked pretty sexy as all of the "looks" were a variation of the ever popular "smoky eye" ). I was actually pleasantly surprised with the results since I would have assumed that this style, especially with black lined inner lids, would have been way too harsh for my coloring BUT hey, I liked it... You can judge for yourself in the photo below.

My MAC Makeover-Steps To A New Look

photo before and after macThe following is a quick, step by step, breakdown of my makeup artist's application on me.

shopping bag graphic1. Evened out my skin tone with a light weight foundation/tint applied and blended with a combination of brush, sponge and fingertips; Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15 NC30 .

2. Covered marks with concealer using concealer brush, blending into skin tone with brush; Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35 Nw25

3. Applied light veil of translucent loose powder with large fluffy brush; Select Sheer/Loose Translucent Powder

4. Worked Creme Blush beginning color focus on apples of cheeks and blending out along cheek bone with brush and finger tips; Blushcreme Ladyblush.

5. Base eye shadow over entire eyelid and under lower lash line as well with medium eye shadow brush; Eye Shadow: Vanilla.

6. Dabbed three small deposits of fluidline liner pigment over upper lid between crease and lash line and began blending from inner to outer corner and up into crease and brow bone. A lot of blending strategy and care here! Eventually working under the lower lash line too. Liner: Fluidline- Rich Ground.

7. Lined upper lid lash line and blended into lid, plus lining inner upper and lower lids. Liner: Eye Kohl-Smolder

8. Multiple coats of rich black mascara on upper and lower lashes.

9. Filled sparse outer brows with Omega Eye Shadow

10. Lined lips and filled in with lip pencil; Lip Pencil: Oak

11. Lipglass applied to lips and final touch to lips; Lustreglass-Love Nectar.

12. Pressed bronzing powder applied with brush across cheek bone and circling lightly under the cheekbone close to temple area.

13. Final touches with cotton swab and a large fluffy powder brush removing any specs and reducing shine.

What did I buy?

Well, I did happen to have a lot of the MAC makeup products already (Select tint, concealer, blushcreme etc). My MAC makeup artist sold me on the versatility of a lot of the newer products, which I probably wouldn't have bought without her informative explanation.

So...I bought the Fluidline Liner-Rich Ground since it was also used as a beautiful creamy shadow,the Lustreglass-Love Nectar for its multi shade dimensional qualities, and the Oak Pencil because the shade worked well with Love Nectar.

If you need a fresh perspective on your makeup style, I really encourage you to hit a MAC makeup counter and get some direction from a makeup artist. You can take a short immediate consultation, make an appointment for the works, or even get a few friends together and have a MAC party (I think the minimum is six people to have a "MAC Makeover Party"). These artists are well trained in the very least, if not talented stylists.

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