Want Make Up Tips That Deliver Big Results?

Try A Plan.  Seriously!

Right about now you are thinking, "really, a plan?"  Can't make up tips just be simple little pointers you collect over time? 

Well, yes they can if you don't mind "inching your way"  towards your hoped for beauty results.  If you really want 'big' makeup results now, you will need to put some thought and planning into it.

(Hey, this is what people do when they are serious about pursuing great results.  Are you serious? )

This plan will your blueprint, your guide, your North Star , your guide and filter for all the makeup advice you will ever navigate through.  (Actually, this plan advice is the ultimate make up tip because of the time and money you will save skipping extraneous info and products, because you will be SO CLEAR about what you want and need).

Sound like it might be worth the effort after all?  Great!  Grab a note pad and let's get going, step by step below.

Make Up Tips Master Style Plan Step 1:  Put Together Your  'Big Picture' Idea

What do you want makeup to do for you?  Your answer may range from purely functional to expressing your huge, creative personality.  Also, you may have a few looks you want to work on for a variety of events.

Fashion magazines are a great place to start to put together the look and feel of your makeup 'Master Plan'.

Take a closer look at the makeup of the magazine images as you browse.  Tear out or fold the corners of, or ad a 'sticky note", (whatever will allow quick reference a little later), to the images that really resonate with how you want your makeup to look. 

On that sticky note etc., write in a couple of words what you like about the makeup; words/ like "glamorous", "smoky eye makeup", "soft pink lips", "gray tones shadows" will be helpful in compiling what you want to see in the makeup styles you wear.

Also, finding words that accurately describe what you want makeup wise, will be a great help to cosmetic counter staff down the road when you are tracking down products;  i.e. Tarte Cheek Stain "Achieve a healthy, natural glow with our award-winning gel cheek stains" OR Dior "Diorshow Mascara gives lashes a triple-shot of glamor,...".

Here is a break down of top makeup styles you will find in fashion magazines to help you define your own style interests.

Another way to get some creative ideas flowing is to visit your favorite cosmetic counter and get some help from their makeup specialist (like you can get from a MAC Makeup Artist).

Make Up Tips Master Style Plan Step 2:  Get Specific About Your Own Features

Knowing the details of the visual nature of your face is a very practical thing to understand as you customize design elements of the style you like, to your own face.  This is what will make the style work on you.

master plan graphicAssessing facial features is square one for makeup makeovers by beauty professionals.  The difference in this situation is that you are the author of the style goals, not someone else. 

Some details of facial features that will be helpful to know:

  • Face shape; round, square, long, oval, heart shaped etc.? Complexion and overall skin tone; warm, cool or neutral? Skin issues to deal with such as rosacea, acne, hyper-pigmentation?
  • Eyes; what shades of blue, green and brown?
  • Eye placement; deep set, shallow set, wide set, set closely together?
  • Eyes shape; Narrow, almond, round etc. ?
  • Lips; full, thin, or perhaps even asymmetrical (upper and lower different).
  • Unusual or extremely prominent feature(s)?

Once you know your facial features, it will be time to 'show' your facial features.

Make Up Tips Master Style Plan Step 3:  Learn How To Showcase Your Features

What is showcasing exactly?  The display of something, especially to it's advantage (thank you free online dictionary website). 

In this step you will be learning how to showcase your facial features to their advantage with the use of makeup techniques, placement, color and products.  And, at the same time you will also be merging the makeup with the design elements of the style you like.

Don't worry, there may be a bit of a learning curve ahead but you will have the 'know how' and, with a little practice, you will start to see incredible results you can build on.

How can you showcase your own features?  Here is some helpful information for showcasing eyes, lips and face shape.  What choice in makeup colors will help in the enhancement of your overall coloring, as well as the showcasing of your blue eyes, your green eyes, or your brown eyes.

A good starting point in makeup application for anyone, is to learn the  basic steps to great makeup.  You also will really benefit from  makeup techniques details that take your results from okay to awesome, that professional artists use.

Be patient.  I promise you practice and patience in the art of showcasing will pay off. 

Make up tips quote by Bobbi Brown

Make Up Tips Master Style Plan Step 4:  Check For Design Balance

At this stage you will need to take a step back, view the makeup design  as a whole and consider it's balance.  Visual balance is the key principal to any attractive design. That includes the feeling of harmony and flow among the elements used to create the design.  Extremes in color, quantity, styling can diminish both the visual harmony and the flow.

Design With A Single Focal Point?

Avoiding design extremes doesn't mean you can't draw a lot of attention to a single feature, it just means there still needs to be an over all feeling of balance.  An example might be your eyes as the single focal point of your makeup style.  If you choose dramatic  eye makeup, you should ensure the rest of your face is not too minimal.  A subtle mouth, and a radiant complexion would help support the dramatic eyes. 

Design With Two Focal Points?

I also would not have two dramatic focal points.  You create competition between the two and that is definitely the opposite of harmony.  For example, dramatic eyes and a very dramatic mouth will create two strong visual focal points that will not only compete with one another, they will seem harsh in terms of beauty style.

A great make up style example of a single feature focal point is the Smokey Eyes Look.  The eye makeup is almost  always paired with a lower key mouth.  Another example is the dramatic red mouth.  Bold lip color is most beautiful with softer, neutral colored eye makeup.

If you have features that bother you and you feel overly dominate your face, there are corrective makeup techniques  that can help you bring greater balance to the overall look of your makeup.

Make Up Tips Master Style Plan Step 5:  Go Beyond The Makeup

Physical beauty has a lot of elements.  Make up is just one of those elements.  If you really want to make the best beauty impact you can make, you will need to take a master plan approach to your whole physical appearance; hair, fashion, accessories etc..

Make Up Tips Quote By Viviene Westwood

make up tips master plan summaryLast word on your Make Up Tips Master Plan...

Make Up Tips And Overall Beauty, Master Style Plan

sarah at beachAll of your beauty elements should be built on these key ideas.

#1 Flattering

Ideally, your style choices need to compliment you, from from your hair style down to your shoe style. 

#2 Authentic

Your style choices need to flow with your personality and be a believable extension of you as a person.  'Step up" your style but don't be out of step with yourself.

#3 Have Synergy

Coordinating all the visual elements should create a synergy, where you experience results greater than the sum total of the elements (what you might call 'a little star power').

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