Makeup For Blue Eyes

Tried And True For Brighter Blues...

When it comes to makeup for blue eyes, or any eye color for that matter, there are no hard and fast rules...but there are definitely color choices that feature blue with more impact.

We all have our own beauty aesthetic and colors we gravitate towards. What looks fabulous to me, might not impact you to the same degree. However, if you are someone with the goal of accentuating your features to their greatest strength, I would say consider this strategy.

Take a trip back to high school art class.  There is a term you probably vaguely recall from high school art class color theory; 'complimentary color'...if you recall, complimentary colors are directly across from one another on the color wheel; yellow-violet, green-red, blue-orange... AND when complimentary colors are next to one another they are perceived at their brightest and most dramatic hue, plus have a natural harmony.

Great Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes...

photo blue eyes

There are certainly many more shade variations of the above colors, but this is the ball park...ranging from neutral beiges with yellow undertone, to apricot, rich saturated ocher and copper, to earthy rich dark browns.

Simple, fresh makeup for blue eyes, daytime look (Photo):
Neutral beige-yellow-eye lid from lash line to brow bone, , rich ocher-lash line into crease and under lower lashes (like the shade below fourth from the left), dark taupe-tightly lined outer 2/3 under lower lash line using an angled brush, black eye liner pencil-upper lash line outer 2/3 tightly lined, sheer natural rose pink shade-cheeks and lips.

Other Makeup For Blue Eyes...Catering To Prominent Color Tones

In General, the same guidelines for blue eyes apply, as those with green, hazel, brown, gray...consider your skin tone and hair color. They create a sense of warm, cool, or neutral coloring.

Remember, generally, cool toned people have blue undertone and warm toned people have yellow undertone so when you think in terms of color, try to choose colors that work with the prominent tones. ex. reds include berry red and tomato red.

warm red


cool red

Not sure if you are warm, cool or neutral?

The quickest test is by looking at the under side of your wrists. If your veins appear more green, you are warm toned, if your veins appear more blue, you are cool toned. So, which red is for you? If you are cool toned, definitely the berry red, if you are neutral toned you can where both, if you are very warm toned, definitely warm red.

Other Color Option Makeup For Blue Eyes...

Jewel Tones?

I am not a big fan of bright blue tones, or jewel tones on blue eyes (emerald green, peacock blue) although there are a variety of pro artist opinions both in favor and not (and it certainly has made its way in and out of beauty style trends). For me though, unless you have unbelievable brilliant blues, the jewel tones can actually overwhelm your blue eyes (the opposite of enhancing your blues to their maximum impact).

You ultimately notice the makeup before you notice the eyes... and it should be the reverse. Makeup for blue eyes should bring attention to the beautiful nature of your shade of blue.

Muted Tones?

Try Smoky Blues and Purples...

I do love smoky blues or dark blues for dramatic definition. Some pinks, plums and violets, can be gorgeous just watch their red element ...or you will bring out red purple tones in your skin, especially those with cool skin tones. Most of us can safely opt for smoky, muted tones (what I call earthy tones).

You can also combine smoky blues, purples and plums with neutrals....what do you know, lots of options to get your blues brighter.

Flattering color choices for lips and cheeks?

Bright or muted shades can look great and likely your style and color favorites will lead the way. If you are warm skin toned coral shades on lips and cheeks can really brighten blue eyes ( the orange undertone compliments both blue and warm skin tones). Pink, Rose, Berry, and Mauves are a better options for those with cool skin toned and will flatter and brighten blue.

apple contour graphicLast word on makeup for blue eyes...

Some product suggestions?

Neutral Beige/ Yellows/ Golds/ Coppers/ Browns

Some great budget friendly options to experiment with are Sonia Kashuk EyeShadow Quad in Showstoppers with black mascara, for a nightime look and for daytime (mostly matte shadows) Sonia Kashuk Eye Shadow Quad-Four Your Eyes Only with black-brown mascara ( both at Target).

When you are ready to commit to great quality, beautiful wearing product...

MAC has beautiful shades sold in individual pots; omega, rice paper, shroom, ocher, warming trend, satin taupe, are just a few eye shadows to consider (inspired top palette chart above).

Cargo and Smashbox have some great shades in a multi palette format that can make shade combinations really easy. Nars Eye Shadow Duos are gorgeous, richly pigmented duos with an exotic flare that will inspire you.

Don't forget high quality tools for application ease, precision and polish. A medium eye shadow brush, is a multi tasking must.

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