Makeup For Brown Eyes

Options, Options, And More Options

Makeup for brown eyes?...Your options are wide open. You may complain about your eye color (the greatest number of humans have this color as it is a dominant gene) but brown eyed beauties have a lot of options as almost every color group can work for you (taking into consideration shade choice as it works with your skin tone, hair color and your unique iris color of brown).

Super warm skinned beauties, like Beyonce for example, I have seen wear golds, taupes, muted shades of pink and plum, even grays and all have looked gorgeous.

Cool toned very fair, brown eyed, dark brunette beauties like Anne Hathaway have also worn coppery golds and deep smoky plums beautifully...

With so many options, where do you begin?

Personal style, really will be the true starting point in color choices for those with brown eyes.

A great example of this is extreme platinum locked, vintage mod, brown eyed beauty Gwen Stefani. Her trade mark makeup style black liquid liner, neutral, non- shade eye shadow, and dramatic red mouth have made her brand of beauty pretty clear...and hey, it is obviously working for her.

So, what is your beauty style?

Flip through a fashion magazine and with a little more attention to the details, you will quickly observe the endless style and palette options you have.  Start experimenting with the style elements and the palettes you like.  You will definitely be able to pin point something you like.

Just make sure the makeup elements you borrow are customized to enhance your own skin tone and your particular, UNIQUE color of brown in your eyes ( gold flecked, black-brown, hazel-green brown etc).

Great Night Out Makeup For Brown Eyes:

photo brown eyesAre you going out tonight? Consider this dramatic modern glamour look (right).  The model's brown eyes have cool toned, dramatic definition paired with a more natural earthy toned palette of pinks.  The end feel is upscale, chic and still fresh faced.

Quick Breakdown:
1. Sheer foundation, even skin tone.
2. Earthy rose cheek.
3. Nude pink mouth.
4. Mauve pink shadow upper lash line to brow bone, and swept under lower lash line.
5. Dark plum in outer half of crease, shading and blending down to lash line.
6.  Inner rims of eyelid (waterline) lined with black pencil.
7. Black pencil lines upper lash line's outer two thirds (blend well along lash line).
8. Curl eye lashes, coat with black mascara.

Makeup for brown eyes, in general?

Stick to earthy, muted or pastel shades for the most complimentary results.  Bold and bright, can look fabulous sometimes when done well, true.  The problem with strong colors is they can overwhelm your face very easily.  When that happens, its your makeup that gets attention...not you..and out of balance makeup ultimately conceals your own beauty).  If you do opt for strong or bright, use them strategically and make sure you technique is precise.

The above chart is just a small sample palette of gorgeous shades of makeup for brown eyes, in pinks, plums, brown, copper, gold and gray that have worked beautifully on both warm and cool toned brown eyed beauties.

What about your hair color?

If it is a more natural shade (even if its not naturally that shade), muted earthy shades tend to compliment your skin and hair. If your hair color is extreme in its shade (platinum, black, burgundy), likely you have a personal style that supports this bold choice and therefore, you can pull off more bold makeup color and style choices.

Some product suggestions...

If you are looking for eye shadow in multi/palette formats (no brainer groupings) consider these products. Bobbi Brown has beautiful multi shade eyeshadow palettes. Nars Eye Shadow Duos ...their combinations are truly inspiring.

Face makeup should focus on creating a radiant complexion with multi-tonal color for dimensional definition (sculpted look) whether your motivation is sun kissed fresh or nude/ bare. (*There are also face makeup palettes with completely coordinated eye, cheek and lip makeup...Try Bobbi Brown's gorgeous ensembles of color for no brainer gorgeous.

apple contour graphicLast word on makeup for brown eyes?  Makeup for brown eyes little 'rule of thumb'  (actually a general eye makeup design rule), when creating a dramatic eye, combine it with a lower key mouth.  Like wise, a soft low key eye looks fabulous with a bold mouth. 


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