Makeup For Green Eyes

Yes, Plums Are Plum Perfect

Eye makeup for green eyes is at it's highest, most brilliant impact in plum purple shades.  You know it's true, but do you know why it's true?  If you take a little walk down memory lane, and back to high school art class and color theory, you will recall the color wheel.

Colors directly opposite one another on the color wheel are called complimentary and placed beside one another, will create the strongest and most dramatic impact.  On the color wheel, the compliment in this case is red.  So, in terms of human eye colors,  green eyes work better with a 'split compliment' which is red- violet (PLUM shades), and red-orange (COPPER shades).

Plum Hues Are Perfect Makeup For Green Eyes...

In terms of high impact eye makeup products for green eyes, take these adjacent colors to red on the color wheel, and think in terms of gorgeous plums, violets, grays, browns, apricots, coppers and golds.

photo green eyesThis Look?

This fair skinned, green eyed beauty is working in the ideal split compliment for her green eyes and her generally cool tone.

A quick breakdown of this makeup for green eyes look:

1.  Sheer foundation, just enough to even out skin tone but still allow sense of skin.
2. Pale pink blush to apples of cheeks.
3. Black or dark plum eye pencil lining upper lash line's outer two thirds.
4. Sweep horizontally with smudge brush tight to eye lash base line to soften line.
5. Using medium eye shadow brush, sweep plum eye shadow between lash line and crease. Use smaller eye brush or smudge brush and sweep under lower lash line's outer two thirds.
6. Take paler shade of plum or mauve, overlapping crease and blending into brow bone. Use smaller eye brush to sweep below lash line from inner corner and over lapping outer two thirds.
7. Curl lashes and apply black or black/brown mascara.
8. Lips, sheer pink gloss.

More ideas...

In the color strip below you will find a few shades to help you visualize the hues of eye makeup for green eyes that will make them their most vibrant.

Green on green?

Like blue on blue eyes, green is not the first shade I would pick to really enhance green eyes. It can look good but needs to be a very particular shade in order to flatter your unique shade. I have blue eyes and I find, when a put jewel tone blues on, they diminish the blue power of the color of blue I have, and really what then stands out dramatically, is the blue makeup and not my eyes.

However, muted or gray blue shadows can look nice (my eyes are still not as powerful a blue as when I wear earthy yellow- beige tones). So unless you have spectacularly true green eyes, stick to earthy green tones like mossy green or loden.

If you are looking for some quick pick multi shadow palettes for green eyes try Smashbox Eye Trios. NARS Eye Shadow Duos also have some beautiful complimentary eyeshadow shade makeup for green eyes (check out 'Earth Angel', or for night time drama 'Brousse') and Eyeliner in browns, black, mossy greens, grays and mascara that is black/ brown or black.  Stila's Convertible Eye Color is a great value combination of duo ended eyeliner and shadow.

Other Makeup For Green Eyes...Cater To Prominent Color Tones

warm red


cool red

In general, face makeup for green eyes, follows the same guidelines as those with green, hazel, brown, gray...consider your skin tone and hair color. They create a sense of warm, cool, or neutral coloring.

Remember, generally, cool toned people have blue undertone and warm toned people have yellow undertone so when you think in terms of color, try to choose colors that work with the prominent tones. ex. reds include berry red and tomato red.

Flattering lip makeup for greens eyes?

When it comes to lips you can definitely go red if your dare (plum and berry shades are nice too-Clinique, in particular, has some gorgeous sheer shades).  Everyone has their own aesthetic when it comes to color so choose what you love and let the above give you a little sense of direction and confidence. 

contour apple graphicLast word on makeup for green eyes...

As for any eye color, makeup for green eyes should consider this little rule of thumb...when creating a dramatic eye, try a lower key mouth.  On the flip side, a dramatic strong mouth, should try a lower key eye (your makeup design will result in high impact style).

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