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Smart Beauty Has A New Look

July 2015

Warm summer greetings to you!

I hope these summer days have been bringing you some of those awesome kind of moments you envision when you are stuck in the winter blues.

It took some time to make this happen, but I have done a big website makeover. Since my last blog I have been studying graphic design and I thought I'd take a little of what I've learned to upgrade my own site.

When you visit, I want you to relax and enjoy beauty of all kinds... including this west coast beach scene (close to home for me).

If you have a moment, I would love to hear from you on my Facebook page.


New Year's Wish

January 2013

I wish you all an amazing 2013 and wish to thank you for your kind support. Every like, comment, thumbs up, follower, etc. keeps me encouraged that I'm on the right track.

A very sincere Happy New Year!

Getting The Smokey Eye Party Perfect

Lots of versions of the smokey eye these days, here are the key design elements of the original.

Continue reading "Getting The Smokey Eye Party Perfect"

Holiday Makeup Look : A Classic Beauty

Every year this holiday makeup look is back in the favorites for it's gorgeous bold lines and festive bright lips, always perfect for party season.

Continue reading "Holiday Makeup Look : A Classic Beauty"

Best Summer Makeup

Find out what some of the very best summer makeup and beauty products are perfect for this season.

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My Summer 2012 Makeup & Beauty Shortlist

June 20th, 2012

Here it is, just in time... my summer makeup and beauty favorites for 2012. I am so excited to bring your attention to this shortlist of fabulous, fresh, look good, and even feel good beauty products just in time for the official start of the summer (Summer Solstice 7:09 PM, June 20th, 2012 in the Northern Hemisphere).

It's time to enjoy longer daylight hours, more fun and activities packed into each day, lighter clothes and the overall feeling of greater freedom.

Lots of beauty adjustments are made in the summer for both aesthetic and healthy reasons. Clothing isn't the only thing we start shed when temperatures start to rise, and we start clocking more hours outdoors.

For both aesthetic and healthy reasons, summer makeup gets lighter, and it tends to be more sheer. So our skin really needs to be at its best. More than any other season it is important to keep up a healthy skin care routine with:

  • cleansing (with hot temperatures skin is more prone to clogged pores from sweat, makeup, pollution, etc.)
  • exfoliation (helping this natural process along will avoid dull looking skin, blemishes and allow for greater absorption, and therefore greater effectiveness, of other important skin care measures)
  • hydration (lighter weight usually in a summer climate)
  • protection from UV rays (effective, safe ingredients that provide broad spectrum uv protection - visit my webpage for a quick sun protection refresher)

So with our skin's health in check, we can bring on coveted summer beauty elements like sun kissed skin (the safe way of course via sunless tanners), beautiful sheer radiant makeup, shiny glossy carefree hair, polished nails, and captivating summer fragrances...
All covered, by the way, on my Best Of Summer Makeup & Beauty Shorlist!

Continue reading "My Summer 2012 Makeup & Beauty Shortlist"

Captivating Summer Fragrances

Summer fragrances may be the most powerful beauty step you can make.

Continue reading "Captivating Summer Fragrances"

Anti Aging Self Tanner: No Fuss Beautiful Color

Your quest for an easy to use anti aging self tanner with beautiful, believable color results is over.

Continue reading "Anti Aging Self Tanner: No Fuss Beautiful Color"

Fun In The Sun

May 23rd, 2012

Designer sunglasses this season are soooo playful and expressive. They are just begging us to go hang out in the sun.

I just peaked at the styles making the top of the list (according to British Vogue), and fell in love with some of the printed styles (there are lots of retro and over sized styles in this top line up too). I am loving Valentino's lace print, Dolce & Gabanna's blue leopard print, and Mui Mui's cat's eye tortoise shell frames...

(Check out the top 25 designer styles at my facebook page sunglasses post...)

Ah but alas, before I empty my wallet (which I would), it would be a good idea to ensure that the lenses provide the proper sun protection.

As you 'make hay while the sun shines', don't forget how important it is to protect your eyes too. Yes, you've got your fedora and sunscreen on, but your eyes are also very vulnerable to ultra violet light.

Get the low down on your shades of choice before you make a purchase (designer wear $$$ hurts enough without adding 'useless protection' to their specs:-)

Do those spectacular specs you are about to buy have broad spectrum protection? What about ideal lens color, frame shape and fit?

Here's a quick link to buying tips for sunglasses.


If you found this article helpful, like me on Facebook, and/or leave a comment. Thanks!

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Orange Is The Answer...

May 2012

"Something orange" is the answer to many of life's style dilemmas but especially in 2012, as the style trends reveal.

Here are just a few of the nagging questions this color provides a solid answer to:

  • I'm so last minute, what would be a great gift idea for my mom...?
  • I really need a lift,what might a little shopping therapy find?
  • What cool trendy color nail polish am I going to go with for my mani/pedi?
  • What will really make my blue eyes pop?
  • What color would give my complexion a boost?
  • What's my 'go to' accessory color this spring?
  • What color of fruits and veggies will really boost my antioxidant intake?
  • See what I mean?...

Of all the great new spring color palettes; pastels, brights, whites, metallic, graphic prints, color blocking etc., if you could only pick one color that you new would have a future, orange would be it.

At least the sisters, moms, girlfriends, that I know, chatted most about orange this spring, and they still are (you might even say they have a bit of a crush:-).

orange graphic for blog

And of course this makes perfect sense...When using orange, artists and designers intend on provoking emotions of excitement, happiness, energy, and fun. (thank you Psychology of Color lectures).

Shades of orange this spring included a gorgeous tangerine and it came in many forms from lipstick to leather. Sephora launched its partnership with famous color design authority, Pantone, with their first 'Color Of The Year' as tangerine tango.

Essie carries forward orange into their Spring 2012 Nail Polish Line Up "Poppy.Razzi" with two bright neon shades of orange; action (light) and bazooka.

Tarte's LipSurgence natural lip tint includes spirited (orange-red) and joy(peach).

It's definitely not too late to pick up on the orange vibe... summer's coming!


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Spring Makeup Trends Report 2012

April 2012

What is in the spring makeup report?
Options, options and yes, more style options.

The runaway makeup looks on the runways this spring were the NUDE Face and the NATURAL Face ...

Yes, it's true. The two most popular makeup looks at Spring Fashion Weeks London, Paris, New York, and Milan were 'non-makeup' looks. Beauty has been stripped down to its essence, and...
could still benefit from a little makeup.


You will understand what I mean in my report on Spring MakeupTrends 2012.

NUDE and NATURAL too bare for you?

As I said, you have options.

Another very popular spring makeup style direction had a pretty VINTAGE feel inspired by feminine fashion detailing of the 50's and 60's. This retro feel was the design focus of quite a few big name fashion houses; Louis Vuitton, Prada, Diane Von Furstenburg,Chanel, Christian Dior, and more.

If you are not feeling that retro inspiration there is still one more strong makeup trend...
BOLD, GRAPHIC, dramatic eye makeup just might be the fresh spin to your spring makeup, you've been looking for. Bold emphasis, bold colors, and bold lines.

Beauty F.Y.I.: Sephora recently brought their new partnership with Pantone (long time color science authority for all in the field of design) to our attention, launching a special collection this spring and a new service. Sephora Collections now offer a way to personalize makeup color trends, to perfectly compliment your unique skin tone and coloring.

You have likely already caught a glimpse of some the hot colorsof this spring. Try some out and see how to make this spring's makeup colors work for you. Start with 'Color Of The Year' TangerineTango.


Continue reading "Spring Makeup Trends Report 2012"

Get Your Spring Beauty On

April 2012

Wow, spring has officially sprung. Finally that bright yellow thing in the sky is sharing it's warmth. Yeah!

Gotta love the spring.
Renewed energy levels, shedding layers, longer daylight hours... all good.
Not quite in this mode?
Here is a page that will help you out of hibernation and get your spring underway.


P.S. Get on track this spring with a mini beauty style lift, guaranteed to take your lacklustre complexion to fresh faced, vibrant.

Celebrity Makeup Tips : Listen Up

Celebrity makeup tips are worth their weight in gold. If you are someone that likes quality and performance beauty products, find out why you shoud give their tips some serious attention.

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Natural Beauty Makeup Style

Natural Beauty Makeup Style is a strategic application that gives you that prized look of'born with it' natural beauty.

Continue reading "Natural Beauty Makeup Style"

Ten Spring Beauty "Do's" That Will Put A Spring In Your Step

Spring beauty do's will pull you out of the grumps, get you looking good, feeling good and put a smile on your face.

Continue reading "Ten Spring Beauty "Do's" That Will Put A Spring In Your Step"

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Spring 2018

Happy Spring 2018!

I would like to let all of you know how much I appreciate your support:) Please enjoy this west coast beach sunset as you soak up the beauty info. Grab some quick makeup tips or give your look a complete overhaul.

Something beautiful is on your horizon.



Yasmin, Editor

P.S. Visit my Facebook and Twitter pages. I'd love to hear from you.

P.S. The mystery girl strolling the beach? My sister Sarah, who has been my "go to" model over the years. Thanks Sis!



    Healthy Beauty Inside and Out.

    Get 2018 off to a healthy start with a smart, 3D beauty regime that takes care of you, inside and out;)

  • 2018 Spring Fresh Beauty
    DIY will bring you a fresh perspective.

    Sometimes getting back to some basics about makeup and style choices, will bring you a fresh perspective. This DIY makeover guide will be sure to help you express your best!




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