Makeup Tips For Lips

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Makeup tips for lips covers the basics like lip care, lip makeup application techniques, tips and tricks.  Although our individual preference in beauty and makeup styles range from minimalist to over the top, one thing none of us seem to miss, is the importance of lips.

After all, our mouths get a lot of focus when we are communicating.  Having a nice healthy smile is a very important component of beauty. In fact, in my opinion, it can make or break your appearance.

That is why makeup tips for lips begins with basic care for healthy lips. Have you ever tried to put lipstick on flaky lips? It usually just looks worse. You will then find makeup up tips for lips, makeup tricks for lips and favorite lip stuff.

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Makeup Tips For Lips

Lip Care

First of all, when you consider how to care for your lips, it is helpful to understand their physiological nature.

photo of faceEnvironment can be hard on your lips;
wind, sun, pollution... Photo: Peter Strube

So, with a little research (and the help of A Moment of ScienceĀ® ), I have discovered that the surface of our lips is a mucous membrane and an extension of what coats the insides of our mouths. It is different from our skin in that it does not have a protective layer that retains moisture and our lips do not have oil glands which also assist in retaining moisture. In addition, although lips have some melanin, its presence is much less than found in skin.

What does this mean?

This means that your lips are exceptionally vulnerable to environmental conditions that can diminish their moisture. So, beware of cold, wind, air conditioning and especially sun. Sun exposure not only dries your lips, their reduced melanin increases damage risks from the sun's harmful rays. In addition to the discomfort your feeling, dry, chapped, flaky and sore, they don't look that great either!

So, without further delay,

Makeup Tips For Lips #1 Tip -Protect Your Lips.
To prevent moisture loss and protect your lips, makeup tips for lips recommends using a lip balm to act as a barrier to those environmental conditions.

Lip balms are of a thick waxy nature and have greater staying power than creams. A lip balm will also act to seal in the existing moisture and can, depending on the product, bring moisturizing repair. A moisturizing lip balm with a good SPF covers all the bases.

Here are a few Makeup Tips for Lips Care Product Suggestions:
  • Bobbi Brown Lip Balm SPF 15 -made with wheat germ, olive oil and an SPF 15
  • Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer-world famous lip balm made from 100% natural ingredients with a touch of shimmer
  • Z. Bigatti Re-Storation Lip Pout - intense restorative treatment of moisture, smoothness and volume
  • Philosophy Kiss Me Tonight- intense lip therapy treatment that helps restore dry cracked lips back to their soft rosy selves.

apple tip graphicYou can even make your own lip balm( recipe coming soon)....but make sure you have one of these lip savers around!

Makeup Tips For Lips

Three Great Tips

Your personal beauty style will dictate the type of makeup you wear, however, whether you love a more natural look, neutral nudes and barely there, or vivacious glamour, the technique involved for long wearing makeup on lips, is the same.


PROTECT & CARE for your lips.

No amount of lipstick or sheer tint can disguise dry flaky lips. In fact, things can look worse...So keep your lips healthy and vital (see above).
PLUS most lip balms make great bases for lipstick and provide you with lip protection. Consider this lip conditioner by shu uemura Lip Fix Tube Lip Fix Tube

Makeup Tips for Lips


GIVE your lip makeup serious staying power.

(i) Prime lip area with lip primer, or foundation and set the foundation with a light dusting of loose translucent powder.

(ii) Apply liner first starting with the upper lip outer corner and line edge of lip to the top half. Repeat on the other side starting at the outer corner. Repeat this process for bottom lip. Make sure your lip liner is sharp for a clean precise line.

(iii) Soften pencil lip line with lip brush by gently blending edge.

(iv) Follow with lipstick applied from the tube and blended with the lip brush to smooth and even out.  Cargo Covered Lip Brush shown left.

(v) Blot lips on a tissue (press lips together on a tissue), lightly dusting again and applying more lipstick using lip brush. Follow this with a gentle blot (avoids lipstick on your teeth), and a light dusting.

(vi)*Add gloss or shine *Optional.


DEFINE your lips with liner and increase your lip beauty impact.

My makeup tips for lips has to include this as it is critical to the most important beauty feature on your face (next to your eyes). Defining your lips WILL enhance as well as produce great looking lips, and your own individual beauty style will dictate what lip liner you use.

What works for most of us is a good quality neutral liner that is versatile color-wise. Other wise, choose pencil liner colors that match your lipsticks. For more natural looking lips, use a neutral lip liner that matches your lip's tone or a reverse lip liner and a sheer lipstick or gloss.  Try Cargo The Reverse Lipliner.

Makeup Tips For Lips

A Few Tricks

Four makeup tricks to be exact.  Actually there is nothing particularly tricky about these measures. If you wish you can re-shape your lips with these application techniques, to reduce, increase or bring balance to your lips, when you line and fill in your lips with color.

apple tip graphicRefer to diagrams below which address four issues; thin lips, uneven lips, full lips and bow.

diagram for lips full diagram for lips thin
diagram for lips uneven diagram for lips bow

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