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Twelve Must Have Odds N' Ends

There are certain makeup tools, cosmetic contraptions, and accessories specially designed to perform very specific tasks that one can simply not do without.

Their handy presence in our beauty 'arsenal' dramatically improve the end result and temper our patience as we attempt certain application techniques. In short they are 'must have' beauty tools.

Below is a small but potent collection of 'must have' makeup tools and accessories that TRULY can make all the difference.

12 Must Have Makeup Tools & Accessories...

1.Lets start this collection out right with a MAGNIFICATION MIRROR. Why? You would be amazed (and horrified) at what you can miss, when just leaning over your vanity to get a closer look in the mirror. A magnified view will help you spot streaks, makeup dust, etc. and apply with MUCH greater precision. 
TRY Conair Chrome Double Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror.

For more on finding your best makeup mirror, click here.

2.These WEDGE SHAPE SPONGES are an excellent texture for applying and blending foundation, cream blush and other wet/ cream makeup. Their shape and variety of edges allow you to place product in small or angled places as well as larger surface planes. Easy to clean and long lasting.

TRY Sephora Wedge Sponges In A Case.

3.Two hole diameters PENCIL SHARPENER maintain the fine to sharp point on your eye liner and lip pencils, skinny to chunky diameter, the key to precise lines and great technique.

It doesn't have to the best, but it needs to be good; NARS brand pencil sharpener shown above. Look for a good one that will sharpen not chew up the wood and the makeup.

4.Brows that are well shaped, and groomed (not to be confused with over plucked but in balance with your facial features) make a big difference to the overall impact of ones face, let alone their eye makeup. My preference for brows are TWEEZERS with an angle-to-point. This allows for a range in grip on a variety of levels of hair thickness. Retrieve stragglers daily.

TRY award winning Tweezerman Slant Tweezer.

5.Clear EYELASH/ BROW MASCARA is an excellent finishing touch to keep those brows in place since for some of us, brow hairs can be unruly and not particularly attractive.

There are many brands of clear mascara to choose from, here is one; Sephora Lash & Eyebrow Clear Mascara.

6.If you are unhappy with your brow shaping finesse, consider using an EYEBROW STENCIL to shape your brows. Professionals use them so why can't you? Good brows are a must. They really can make or break your look. Choose a shape and size that flatters your facial proportions. Get some assistance from a few trusted (and stylish) friends.
TRY Paula Dorf Brow Stencil Kit if you are starting from scratch otherwise Anastasia has good stencils too.

7.Whether your a minimalist or a diva, you don't want to miss out on the mega eye opening, lash extending impact of an EYELASH CURLER. At the top of the pro's lists is the award winning Shu Uemura's Eyelash Curler. There are many designs out there, don't assume if they look the same, they will work the same... Reading reviews is a good starting point.

Here is some more, helpful information about choosing an eyelash curler.

8.LASH PLACEMENT KIT.... Another contraption for eyelashes? If you like wearing false lashes but find you are 'all thumbs', this is a must have foolproof makeup tool (they can be very tricky to do well); Japonesque Brand Lash Placement Kit.

9.Everyone who wears eye makeup must have a proper EYE MAKEUP REMOVER... A good makeup remover will save you significant wear and tear on your poor delicate eye area.

TRY Lancome's Bifacil Gentle Eye Makeup Remover or L'oreal's Gentle Eye Makeup Remover .

10.Yes QTIPS... these little durable cotton swabs won't fleece out with a lot of rubbing, gently remove smudges, 'smoke out an eye' in a pinch, apply and remove eye makeup with precision.....not to mention all the other little things they do unrelated to cosmetics.

11. For removing larger amounts of makeup with, removing excess makeup, blending, removing nail polish... durable COTTON PADS. They don't need to be Sephora, but they need to be just the right absorbency to hold liquid but not so absorbent that they use too much product per use.

12.If you are on the go, eating meals away from home.... especially business related OR future related, you must pack a purse size DENTAL HYGIENE KIT; toothbrush, paste and floss. 

Sephora has a handy purse sized set.
(I think we would be horrified to know how many times we have smiled our biggest and brightest smile...with food wedged between our teeth.)

Last word on makeup tools...

Something to think about:

PRO - Their expertise and/or efficiency cannot be duplicated (not easily in most cases) and when you have them, you are amazed at just how helpful they are do meeting your need.

CON - Sometimes their expense, lack of versatility, and lack of obvious use, can keep them out your cosmetic collection. Don't make the mistake of being too frugal when it comes to very specific makeup tools because you will often find them irreplaceable and wishing you had picked one up, when you saw it last.

apple tips graphic Makeup Tools Travel Tip:
Do yourself a big favor! For your next trip, take the time it takes (not that much actually) and fill these excellent, travel friendly bottles with your can't do with out cosmetics and enjoy the ease of packing them; night cream, day cream, makeup remover, favorite shampoo and conditioner, etc.... Ever noticed how bulky all your cosmetics can be?

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