Makeup Vanity Furniture

A Little Advice On Making Quality Choices

Finding high quality makeup vanity furniture is not an easy task,... especially on line.  You really have to do some digging to come up with pieces that are designed well
AND built well. 

There is no doubt they are an awesome, luxurious experience to introduce to your bedroom or bathroom.  A more organized beauty regime environment with comfort will help you get you the best results possible.

The ideal scenario for a vanity set includes details like aesthetically pleasing, with comfort and reasonable storage. Some sets have only a counter top, where others have a multitude of drawers to neatly sort everything from makeup, makeup brushes, hair accessories, nail grooming tools to perfume etc.

When considering pieces, note the materials used; metal, hardwood, veneered fiberboard, fabric covering stools and benches, where it is made etc.   Also remember dimensions needed for what is called the "knee hole" which is where you tuck your legs from your seat.  You have likely heard of the saying "the quality is in the details..."

If you are looking for something really grand, you can head to Neiman Marcus and view their Vanities.  There is one called Claudia Mirrored Vanity" and one called Amelie, both are spectacular. If you find the pricing a little out of your budget, you can try and look for a copy that has some of the important design features like a hardwood frame, multiple drawers, and central storage.

After digging around on line, there were many furniture sites and resources that sold vanity furniture... however, only a handful of furniture makers who really tried to build with both quality and mid-range price points in mind.

Names to watch for in makeup vanity furniture with aesthetic design, quality assembly and fair prices are furniture makers Powell, Thomasville, Coaster and Williams Sonoma Home.

In particular Powell's Antique Black Vanity, Mirror and Bench is a very nice classic style set.


  • Crafted In MDF And Solid Wood
  • Five Working Curved Drawers With Raised Frame
  • Graceful Square Tapered Legs
  • Rectangular Bench With Squared Tapered Legs
  • Bench Thickly Upholstered In Beige Fabric, 63% Cotton And 37% Polyester

Finish: Antique Black With Sand Thru Terra Cotta
Vanity: 43"(W) x 19¼"(D) x 54"(H)
Bench: 20½"(W) x 14½"(D) x 18¼"(H)"

Some other places you can visit on line, and browse makeup vanity furniture to compare details and price points are Pottery Barn, Sears and Target.

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