Natural Beauty Makeup Style

The Look Of "Born With It" Beauty

A description like 'masterful' or 'strategic' may be a little unexpected when you think of natural beauty makeup style. It looks so casual, and effortless. Remember Maybelline's famous tag line;

"...Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Maybelline".

The truth is, for most of us, the allusive features of 'natural beauty' does involve some makeup strategy;)

The Look

I call this look Natural Beauty Chic. The ideals of natural beauty are stylized and given a big boost with the help of makeup and some other types of cosmetic products.

The resulting style seems effortless, cool, pretty and the makeup is difficult to detect.  The complexion is fresh, radiant (maybe sun-kissed), even toned.  The eyes are bright, and defined.  The lips are dewy and full.  The hair is healthy, shiny and not overly coiffed. 

Where have you seen this natural beauty makeup style?  Everywhere!  Fashion ads for Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Banana Republic, Chloe, to name a few.  It is also the look of choice for the famous Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and Victoria Secrets Catalogue.

Models and actresses with this 'go to' look?  Jennifer Aniston, Lucy Lui, Sienna Miller, Gwyneth Paltrow and "über" models Gisele Bündchen, Angela Lindvall and Liya Kebede.

Natural Beauty Makeup Style, Key Points, Makeup & Tools

image of modern glamour makeup stylesDetail from image Fashion's Top Makeup Styles.

FRESH FACE image of arrow even, dewy complexion, flush in the cheeks, possibly sun kissed.

BRIGHT DEFINED EYES image of arrowlong, lush dark lashes, low key definition to the upper and lower lids, close to the lash lines.

  • earthy neutral tone eye shadows, that compliment both your eye color and skin tone
  • pencil eye liner; dark brown or black, and flesh colored
  • black or black/brown mascara

FULL LIPS image of arrownatural looking lip color, strong natural lip line

  • lip pencil neutral nude
  • lip color sheer natural looking rose, berry, earthy mauve (no sparkle)

natural beauty illustrationIllustration:©

  • eye lash curler
  • small angled eye liner brush
  • medium eye shadow brush
  • blush/bronzer brush
  • powder brush

EFFORTLESS MAKEUP LOOK image of arrowearth tone, neutral and natural makeup color palette

Natural Beauty Makeup Style


Before you start the makeup phase, make sure skin is hydrated.  Start with a light weight moisturizer if your skin is normal to dry.



FOUNDATION - If foundation is a must for you, choose as light a foundation formulation as possible.  If minor evening out is needed, try a tinted moisturizer.   Apply in small increments blending well.  Apply with finger tips or foundation brush, depending how much you need to apply, and finish with finger tips to blend, smooth and work into skin.

A good foundation option? TRY Elizabeth Arden Bare Perfection Flawless Finish Foundation SPF 8 for very lightweight natural finish.

A good tinted moisturizer? Try Smashbox Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer. Luminous is a very sheer shade that I have used and love. Generally this product is sheer, light weight, oil-free and offers and SPF 15 (see below.

CONCEALER -Cover blemishes and under eye circles.  Ensure a good skin tone match.

TRY Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage.  Two shades will allow mixing for the perfect match.

POWDER -Lightly dust face with translucent powder to diminish excess shine, set makeup applied and provide working base for makeup to come.



For natural beauty makeup style, place face color, blush and optional bronzer, in zones that are naturally flushed and sun kissed.  Also, try to color match your own 'flush' color (pinch your cheeks if you don't know).

Place along the cheek, starting at the apple and sweeping (powder) or blending (stain or cream) in a circular patting motion, toward the temple.  The strongest deposit of color is central, and dissipates as you move outward.



Replicate a "sun kiss" look by lightly swept along cheek top, bridge of nose, and above brows.  *Experiment to meet needs of your own facial structure and the way your face  seems to pick up sun.

important note graphicFor more tips on how to recreate sun kissed.

Looking for an easy to use bronzer?  TRY Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder.  It creates a beautiful, natural looking sun kissed feel .

For one of the best natural dewy sheer finish blushes around, TRY Tarte Cheek Stain.  There are many shades to choose from.  Stick to something that resembles your own natural flush or try this universally flattering plum shade called blushing bride



If you use shadow, which I suggest to experience the full effect of this eye makeup strategy, make sure your color choices are earthy light to medium tones (ideally matte, but a touch of satin shimmer is okay- it's all up to you) and not too dark and contrasting against your skin tone.

  1. Using medium eyeshadow brush, place and blend light earth tone shade eyeshadow from upper lash line into under brow bone.
  2. Medium shade of same color family blended from upper lash line and into crease.
  3. Blend upper lid well. 
  4. Take angled fine eye liner brush, and sweep medium shade under lower lash line.

If you are looking for a palette of  related neutrals, Cargo has both a cool and warm  eyeshadow  multi palette.

apple tip graphicIn this natural beauty makeup style, blending is especially important since the idea here having eye definition while still looking natural



Take your well sharpened black or dark brown eye pencil and place short little angled strokes between the lashes, tight to the lash line.  This is a great technique because it eliminates those annoying gaps between lash and pencil line.

  1. Starting at outer upper lash line corner, place short angled pencil strokes between individual lashes base.
  2. Use this technique till you reach the top of the natural arc line you see with open eye.
  3. Blend and soften strokes with angled eye liner brush sweeping right along upper lash line.
  4. Optional- line the inner rim of lower lid ( the waterline) with a flesh colored pencil to brighten white of the eye.


Be sure to use a good eyelash curler to make the eyes as large and wide open as possible. (Apply shadow and liner eye makeup first, then curl and apply mascara).



Two coats of black, or black/brown mascara that is non clumpy, non flaky and keeps the look of naturally tapering lash tips. Use very sparingly on lower lashes and pinch off with thumb and fore finger, too much length (you'll figure it out when you try it).

TRY this great inexpensive mascara for natural looking (but  longer and bigger) lashes  called L'Oreal Lash Out Lengthening and Separating Mascara, Black or Black/brown.  Bobbi Brown No Smudge Mascara is a great formulation that lengthens and defines (without too much volume).



Natural beauty makeup style brows are definitely not overly coiffed, but that doesn't mean, skip the grooming.  Symmetrical, balanced and shaped to proper scale for your face (refer to 'eyebrow rules of thumb' #6 in eye makeup tips).



  1. Start with a lip primer to moisten and protect the lips (lip balm works).
  2. Line lips with a shade as close to natural lip color as possible. 
    Soften the line with lip brush.
  3. Fill lips with a sheer lip shade, a natural shade lipstick matte finish or a nude earthy gloss. ( The idea here is that the shade works well and isn't gooey or sparkley.)

TRY Laura Mercier Lip Pencil Natural Lips for a good match to your natural lip or Cargo The Reverse Lip Liner, for those who want to create more full lips, and also prevent bleeding of color.

TRY Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Balm.  I personally use this sheer natural looking lip color in "graped up".


word on the natural beauty makeup style.

The natural beauty makeup style look is very meticulous, so attention to detail is an important part of the strategy.   Go beyond the makeup to other great cosmetic helpers to brighten your smile, add shine to your hair, finish your nails (Nude polish on short, slightly squared nails) and put together style (casual but chic).

Having the right products and tools are critical to the success of any look you try, and it holds especially true for Natural Beauty Chic. For some of the above mentioned products for this look and more great ideas, go to my Best Makeup Products Shortlist.

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