Natural Beauty Makeup Tips

Fresh Sexy Beauty In Eight Easy Steps

Natural Beauty makeup tips zero in on the natural looking qualities of beauty.  A radiant complexion, bright eyes, dark lashes, fresh lips, healthy teeth, shiny hair etc are all qualities that we associate with what 'natural beauty' looks like.  This makeup is very low key and definitely not fussy.

This style is also a very practical approach to your daily makeup.  Most of us have fairly busy lives, and want something that enhances our looks without too much fuss (the requests for tips on quick, easy makeup from friends and family are endless).

natural beauty photo ©

WANTED:  "A daily makeup routine that is easy, doesn't take too long, and creates a pretty but natural look."

#1 SIMPLE-no complicated procedures or techniques
#2 SHORT- a  10 minute routine is reasonable
#3 EFFECTIVE- it delivers a beautiful, natural look while addressing common concerns (dark circles, blemishes, vibrant complexion)


This step by step guide will help you achieve  natural beauty style with great makeup tips and easy makeup application techniques, from start to finish.  There are optional elements that you can include or take out, depending on the time you have.  It is also a makeup style perfect for teens and bridal makeup.

Natural Beauty Makeup Tips

Start with a clean slate.

Start with a clean slate, meaning makeup application follows your skin care regimen (cleanse, hydrate, protect), for the best and freshest looking results.

Natural Beauty Makeup Tips

Concealer and Foundation

foundation placement photo diagram ©

Continue with your skin. The objective here is to use this type of makeup to create the appearance of an even skin tone and smooth texture.

a) Foundation-*Use a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer (*use bare minimum needed). This allows for freckles and natural coloring to come through.

Product Suggestions

If you need a good:

  • Tinted moisturizer- Try Stila Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer
  • Light Weight sheer Foundation for whole face, try Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation SPF 15.
  • As needed by a zone, Try Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick (unless your skin  is very oily).

For more ideas on foundation makeup go to my Best Makeup Products Shortlist.

apple tip graphicNatural Beauty Makeup Tips...

TECHNIQUE TIP: Using a foundation brush for liquid formulations allows for quick precise application which can then be finished by blending with clean fingers. You can also thin an application by blending with a damp sponge (not wet or you will create streaks).

b) Concealer-Followed by concealer on trouble spots i.e. dark circles in the eye area, broken capillaries around the nose, pimples etc.

If you need a good multi purpose concealer consider award winning Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage-applied with a concealer brush, which can be custom blended for exact skin tone match.

apple tip graphicNatural Beauty Makeup Tips...

PRODUCT CHOICE TIP: Color choice is critical to success of flawless and natural looking. When in doubt, lean toward shades with yellow undertone, as close to natural skin shade as possible.

Natural Beauty Makeup Tips

Cheeks and Face

photo fresh glowing skin©

This makeup step is designed to bring dimension and color into play to generate the appearance of fresh, vibrant, glowing skin .

*NOTE: If your skin is on the oily side, you may prefer powder application here. Therefore, your next step would be, lightly dusting your entire face with translucent loose powder, which would then be followed by the blush step.

If opting for powder, consider

  • NARS Powder Blush- they make excellent, beautifully pigmented powder blush that has an intense range of shades that apply with a natural looking finish. It is a product of choice among makeup artists because of the pigment color and strength (avoid shades with sparkle though).
  • Also, with powder choice, you will need a second shade which can be in the form of a bronzer. There are many great powder duos, including one made by NARS, as well as Lorac Cheek Duo

Otherwise, try using cream blushes for this step (they are particularly effective at creating a dewy, glowing, natural look).


concealer and foundation placement photo diagram©

Using blush is a two color step with the idea of recreating that youthful healthy glow. All face color needs to flow and work in harmony.

Step I

Zones A. and C. Use beige/ brown color (a neutral shade deeper than your own skin tone) grouping to build natural color dimension on your face (not contour). Work along bone of cheek in zone A. toward ear, and on diagonal line of zone C. (refer to diagram).

Step II

In zones A., *B. and *D. Use a shade that resembles your natural flush (when you do really blush) ,most concentrated at the apple of your cheek (the fleshy part that sticks out when you smile) and blending out in a circular motion with your finger pads.
*Zones B. and D. require ONLY a very subtle touch.

apple tip graphicNatural Beauty Makeup Tips...

Placement and blending is critical to avoid looking overdone. Using "ring" finger pad and a gentle touch, dot in the center of the correct zone, and then dab in a circular motion around the dot (area of concentration) to blend outward.

Product Suggestions

An excellent cream blush to try with a fantastic range of sheer pigments is Stila Convertible Color, for lips and cheeks.

NARS The Multiple is a very cool multi purpose stick that adds radiance (reflective properties have highlight effect) to eyes, lips, cheeks and body and a highly recommended natural beauty makeup tips product to have in your makeup case. Strategic placement is key to its performance; cheek bones, brown bones, lips etc.

apple tip graphicNatural Beauty Makeup Tips...

Color choice is critical to your success. Think in terms of colors that will work well with your skin tone, and 'err' on the side of natural shades that will enhance and blend into, not stand out on, your skin.


OPTIONAL - In zones A, E, C and very subtly in zone D, when used with a very light touch, it can add that natural sun-kissed glow.

Product Suggestions

Two great powder bronzers to try Guerlain's original Terracotta Moisturizing Bronzing Powder or Guerlain Terracotta Light Bronzing powder for blonde or brunette.

For more ideas on blush and bronzer makeup go to my Best Makeup Products Shortlist.

Natural Beauty Makeup Tips

Facial Powder

If you have used cream application to here, it is time to lightly 'set' the skin makeup with translucent powder, and provide a 'base' for the makeup application to follow.

a) Loose Translucent Powder is the recommended choice. A light dusting, with strategic extra dusting on the eye lids and under the lower lash line. Use with caution. If you have any lines, fine or deep, powder will accentuate them (with key tool: big dome shaped powder makeup brush).

b) Pressed Translucent Powder maybe preferred to really matte out shine, but just keep in mind that too matte is really not all that flattering and definitely not headed in the "glowing" skin direction.

apple tip graphicNatural Beauty Makeup Tips...

Stay away from powders that have too much color. The idea here is translucent and colorless on your skin, that simply acts to diminish shine, set makeup, and provide a good base to continue the next phase of makeup.

For a light weight colorless, loose translucent powder for all skin tones try Shu Uemura (colorless).  You can also try Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed or Loose Powder for excellent translucent, finely milled powder.

Natural Beauty Makeup Tips

The Eyes

The eyes? Clear, defined and bright. Eye makeup should define and bring attention your eyes i.e. their shape, color, lashes etc., not the eye makeup itself.

eye shadow placement diagram©

For that reason, shadow shades should be neutral, earthy, and matte, or satin (not frosted).

Placement in above photo:

  • 1.light neutral shade
  • 2. deeper neutral shade
  • *3.medium shade
  • 4. dark liner
  • 5. brow shape and filling for added definition.

a) Eye Shadow (optional).

DAY TIME- two matte neutral colors ( or satin that's not super shiny) i.e. light beige and a deeper taupe beige.

1.Brush lighter shadow over the upper eyelid including the crease and blend toward brow bone.

2.Brush deeper shadow using more narrow brush or narrow edge of brush, along the crease.

Shadow Under lower lash line is optional. If done subtly, there is soft shape emphasis and eye brightening. If done with prominence, there is definitely more drama depending on the shade's color and width.

3.*Third color for further eye definition-optional. Try shade to set off your eye color or one with satin finish. In the above, ocher was used to set off the model's blue eyes. Brush sparingly over central lid between lash line and crease, blending well to inner and outer corners. Also consider using sparingly under lower lash line to maximize setting off eye color.

Product Suggestions

If you are truly one who has a lot of difficulty choosing shades (and its a great idea even if you don't), consider Cargo Eye Shadow palettes in an earthy shade, complimentary to your eye color. Cargo Color Palette Essential Eye, provides a 'no brainer' approach with written zones of placement right in each color block, for easy application.

NIGHT TIME- Night lighting is much more forgiving with skin than daylight, so makeup can be more experimental and dramatic. The choice is up to you. Neutral colors, can be matte or  satin, adding deeper shadow to the crease and outer eye corners. Highlighting the brow bone with a light shadow for dramatic emphasis.

apple tip graphicNatural Beauty Makeup Tips...

Skin tone flattering colors are important BUT blending is critical. As with most blending, there should be no identifiable line where eye shadow stops or starts, whether that's shadow to skin, or one shadow into another.

b) Eyeliner (optional)


Upper lash line (4. in diagram above) - Start with an eye pencil with these qualities: soft lead, sharply pointed, dark natural color. Then line the upper lash line, starting at the outer corner of the eye, and moving in short tiny strokes, side by side, towards the top of the eye, AS CLOSE TO THE LASH LINE AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE! The idea here is to create a thicker looking upper set of lashes, and to merge your line with the natural line of the lashes. If you opt to continue down the curve, to the inner corner of the eye, use the point of the liner, to create a very fine line.

Product Suggestions

Consider easy gliding Clinique Quickliner For Eyes with smudging tool on other end.

Then take an eye makeup brush with a small, angled, firm bristled edge to gently soften and blend the pencil line, towards the lash line.

Lower lash line- Using a light neutral color (light brown or taupe), that creates more of a shadow tone effect, line under the lower lashes from the outer corner, to the inner corner. This can be accomplished with pencil or shadow. Changing the thickness of the line will create different effects, so experiment since the nature of your individual appearance will dictate what compliments your eyes. For example, I start thin and close to the lash line at the outside, and then thicken the line at the center point, and thin it again by the time I reach the inner corner.

Once again, use an eye makeup brush, to blend and soften the appearance of the line. Depending on the preferred line thickness, use either a fine thin edged brush, or thicker medium eye makeup brush size edge.

apple tip graphicNatural Beauty Makeup Tips...

DO BLEND to soften the harsh lines.

Night time-Heavier application to both upper and lower lash lines can be done to achieve more definition and drama.

c) Eye Lash Curler- *Natural beauty makeup tips 'must have'. Using this tool makes a huge difference. It opens the eye to not only have the eye seem larger, it will also create more of a presence of eyelashes.

apple tip graphicNatural Beauty Makeup Tips...

Make sure you do this carefully, BEFORE THE MASCARA, with a sponge edged eyelash curler.

Looking directly into the mirror, maneuver the open curler towards the base of your upper lashes. Close gently to the point of a slight pull, NOT tug, on your eyelashes. Count to three and gently open and maneuver away from the eye.

Product Suggestions

Tweezerman ProCurl Eye Lash Curler - Rose Gold produces a top notch eye lash curler.

d) Mascara

I don't think mascara is optional on the upper lashes. It makes such a difference on everyone and it doesn't have to be thick and heavy.

I think black is best for almost everyone, unless you are exceptionally fair (use black/brown). Also brush choice will be determined by your eye lash length and thickness. Use a thick long bristled mascara wand if your eyelashes are short and sparse for optimal mascara formula application, and a smaller less dense bristled wand for optimal mascara formula application to longer, thicker eyelashes.

Product Suggestions

Your eyelashes will determine the best wand/formulation in mascara. For your consideration Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara

Mascara Application:

1. Start at the base of your lashes and wiggle the wand slightly to have the mascara bristles grip and coat as many lashes as possible, as the wand wiggles up, towards the tips. Wiggling the wand slightly may sound strange, but it works. You may have to experiment a couple of times, but once you get the hang of it, you will maximize your lash potential.

2. Don't put too many coats on. Doing the preceding well, twice, plus reworking the outer eye corner lashes, is really enough.

3. Be strategic in how much you apply, if you apply, to your lower lashes. Holding the wand vertically will allow more precision placement, and a stroke by stroke assessment of how much looks good to you.

4. Definitely finish with a brush to separate lashes and remove any clumps.

For more ideas on eye makeup go to my Best Makeup Products Shortlist.

Natural Beauty Makeup Tips

The Eyebrows

Eyebrows (5. on above diagram)- Don't overlook the importance of grooming the eyebrows. Whether you want the look of natural or groomed, they need to be shaped to frame the eyes and help balance your face, strays kept in check, and brushed into place.

To define, fill out sparse or over plucked brows, use a fine tip sharp eyebrow pencil that matches your brow color and carefully stroke short lines where needed. Use a brush to soften lines and assist blend into natural brow.

Or try an eyebrow kit like Anastasia Brow Kits which include basic tools with stencils, tweezers, scissors to much more, depending on your needs.

Product Suggestions

There are lots of products to meet your special needs. Anastasia is a specialist in eye brow makeup products, and Tweezerman, of coarse, has great tweezers (plus a whole lot more).

Natural Beauty Makeup Tips

The Lips

The mouth and lips are extremely important. They, like the eyes, are the focus of communication with others and positive aesthetics, definitely enhance communication power.

a) Lip Liner

Lip liner is optional but I would highly advise it unless you have strong natural lip color. It creates both a strong lip line and lip shape.  For the most natural option, choose one that resembles your own lip color with a slightly brown undertone. 

Product Suggestions

NARS Lipliner pencil in Borneo (soft brown with a hint of pink- natural looking shade on most lips).

apple tip graphicNatural Beauty Makeup Tips...

Lining your lips well can be tricky business. How you hold the pencil and the angle of the pencil lead on your lips will change the thickness of the line, potentially creating the look of imbalance. It is best to follow your natural line as closely as possible, and line in a symmetrical manner i.e. If you start at right outer corner on lower lip, line to center of lower lip and then start again, at left outer corner of lower lip and line to center point where you left off.

b) Lipstick

Lipstick brings that finishing touch to makeup and sets off the palette of colors used. Whether they are neutral and subtle, or bright and energetic, they are completing and enhancing a particular makeup style.  For a natural looking finish, choose a color that closely resembles your own natural color.  Some shade of earthy rose is usually a great option for most.

Product Suggestions

Ecco Bella Flowercolor Lipstick

Plant based ingredients that is dye free an petroleum free; "A lipstick that thinks it"s a lip balm. The cleanest, safest, prettiest lipstick for those who love lipstick."

An alternative to lipstick, is a sheer tint.  This one by NARS called Pure Sheer Lip Treatmentcomes with an SPF 15, in six gorgeous shades, with these properties: moisturizing wild mango butter, vitamin E, Polar Berries and Acai Oil add antioxidants.

Although easiest to apply straight from the tube, I find lipstick application is most accurate and smooth when you use a lip brush (also great for blending several shades).

Using a lip brush, soften lip liner edges with the tip edge of the brush and then small strokes, apply tube color to your lips.

apple tip graphicNatural Beauty Makeup Tips...

Lipstick with staying power. When it comes to lipstick application, put on a single layer that gives good coverage and then carefully rub your upper and lower lips together. Follow this by taking a kleenex and gently pressing your lips together in a biting fashion. Then take your translucent powder and lightly dust for staying power. Add an additional light lipstick layer and gently press lips together to ensure a smooth, even, creamy finish. Add a clear gloss over this.

For a really natural color finish, apply a clear lip balm to lips, before the lipstick application.

For more ideas on great lip makeup go to my Best Makeup Products Shortlist.

Natural Beauty Makeup Tips

The Finishing Touches

apple tip graphicNatural Beauty Makeup Tips...

Using a Q-tip, check the inner corners of your eyes for mascara or makeup, and also, check the eye area for speckles or residual eye shadow dust.

Using a kleenex, gently stroke facial areas with excess powder or color, to soften the appearance of the makeup and create an overall impression of balance.

Natural beauty makeup tips is a great guide for overall good makeup application, especially for that 'natural beauty chic'.  However, to really deliver this look 'in spades' will require attention to details beyond the makeup.

Want to have convincing natural beauty?
Don't forget the other important attributes; Vibrant glowing skin, fresh lips, white teeth, bright eyes, shiny hair, manicured nails ...

Vibrant Glowing Skin:  Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel  (two formulations; Sensitive Skin or Full Strength), depending on your skin type, once a week. It is a natural organic product that gets both rave reviews from customers and a lot of love from beauty editors.  I have personally used this product and give it a big 'thumbs up'.  My sister's skin has been transformed from dull to dewy looking.

Fresh Lips: Philosophy Kiss Me..."works on contact to soften roughness, relieve dryness and soothe seriously dry lips. this luxurious lip treatment helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, adds shape and definition, and restores a healthy rosy appearance".

White Teeth: There are many ways to get this done (and many price points).  However you go about it, read customer testimonials to be assured that your efforts will deliver results, because this measure is well worth your time.  If your teeth are sensitive, consider Crest 3D Whitestrips for Sensitive Teeth

Bright Eyes:  *Visine (*When you need it)

Shiny Hair: MASON Pearson Bristle Brush has an established reputation for high quality, good brushes; "Brushing the hair cleans and polishes it and stimulates the scalp all at once. And brushing is a wonderful conditioning treatment as it not only distributes oil along the entire hair shaft but gets rid of any scaly particles as well. "

Manicured Nails: Short-medium length, well groomed with clear, natural pale shade or French manicure. Check out the Lippman Collection and their beautiful shades.

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